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To this user in the last thread, unfortunately it is a high poly mesh that cannot be made with sliders. This is what happens when you pull her face data.

I'll reply with an image when I do a full rip onto my character in just a moment as well.

>he doesn't know about bell maidens

This is what happened when I directly pulled her face to my character instead of just trying to copy sliders.

Thanks for the info, some of these sound fun. Got anything for Pyro or is that a one size fits all type of thing where there's just not much room to level up differently?

How would you make co-op in Souls games more challenging? Should bosses gain 10x their normal HP?

Can somebody tell me how much damage a 40STR/40INT Manus Catalyst R2 does on another player



What else is there to really do in the rat covenant after filling up all the lockstone holes in the areas you defend? There are not that many I know of outside of here that I don't have filled up yet.

torture poor souls who wander into your funhouses.

damn, thanks for trying. really disappointed though I've never played BB but it looks like BB has higher mesh faces for player characters like some of the npcs do in DS3.

Post QTs

>phantoms have a chunk of their health taken off
>and half of their estus uses
>Invaders lose their souls in the spot where they died
Not even getting into the absolute shitshow that is the build and weapon balance in this game. How the hell did they screw it up this much this many games in? Figured they would have had this shit locked in by now.


>>Invaders lose their souls in the spot where they died
Fucking hate that shit

>tfw typed out several builds with huge descriptions/justifications but accidentally deleted the tab

going to kms

doing a tl;dr version, just ask questions if you want more details

pure pyro: pick pyro and gimp vigand endurance until you can get: 30 attunement, 40 intelligence, and 40 faith

quality pyro: pick pyro then gimp vig and endurance until you get 25 str, 25 dex, 30 fai, 30 int.

good build for omnicasters, but miracles and sorceries will be vastly weaker than pyromancies, so use the other schools of magic for their utilities such as healing

An EXTREMELY fun, but EXTREMELY difficult build to use is something like what PvPSkillz shows here in this video around 17:34: youtube.com/watch?v=12CM5GEXOFw&t=2s

The mixups are fun and limitless, and that build is extremely satisfying to play.




> but miracles and sorceries will be vastly weaker than pyromancies
At 40 INT + 40 FAI, Crystal Chime is the second most powerful sorcery and miracle catalyst in the game.

The only problem will be that the highest-damaging spells (CSS, White Dragon Breath, Sunlight Spear) require 45+ of the stat. Still have access to plenty of decent spells though.

the two lines proceeding the "quality pyro" build, are intended for the quality pyro build

pure pyro is self-explanatory. chuck fireballs until you win or die

health gain doesn't do shit, bosses just need to re-target more often

>70 STR
>Not 40 END when you're using a UGS

let your memes come true, user

just go 39 vig 66 strength 10 dex 25 vit and FOURTY END

FUGS needs end more than any other weapon in any souls game besides powerstanced avelyns. Fucking eats it for breakfast.

you gain literally no damage by putting 4 extra points into strength

>invaders also get fuck all for souls from killing host

After that one scythe post in the last thread I realized it was probably fair to rate the PKGS along with the Great Scythe. Also edited some text and resized some images to fit better. This will probably be the last version of the tier list until the next balance patch.

>Greatsword of Judgment
>Sword wave goes for the shins instead of the torso
As funny as the idea is that's really annoying.
Otherwise this is a fun sword.

what level should i be for ng+ invasions and pvp? it seems as though as soon as i go above sl80 everything dries up. what ng/location should i be sl125?

You should only free aim unlocked when doing the WA beam as with the MLGS R2s. For some reason when locked on it aims downward and only the legs of players right in front of you.

If you want to do NG+ pvp anywhere from 100 to 120 is fine for arena and RSS duels. If you want to do invasions don't go beyond 80 unless you want to do exclusively Painted World, Grand Archives or post-Pontiff invasions.

okay, thank you. time to trim my mugenmonkey build back to sl80. i'll post it here when i'm done.

>still only two weapons in top tier

why isn't dark sword up there? it's still the best SS and R1 machine

Add bosses that can attack multiple targets at once without turning their back to another.

Dark souls AI is (probably) coded very similar to Armored Core AI, where it basically tries to maintain a fixed distance and then has constant turn tracking to face whatever target is in front of it, then switch target priority based on whomever is closer.

A lot of boss problems would mostly be solved by giving them wide sweeping attacks whenever someone got behind them, as well as giving them more attacks that hit multiple times /wider areas to deal with multiple people.

DS2. Its my first time using greatswords. I chose to use Pursuers greatsword. What stats should I focus on?


rate please

50 int 50 faith 50 atn

Dark Sword is not top-tier still for many a reason:

>Slightly more stamina consumption compared to standard straight swords
>AR nerfs gives it slightly less AR than a Broadsword at 40/40 and the Sunlight Straight Sword at 40/40/16
>terrible R2s that aren't godlike Straight Sword pokes
>also a terrible WA that isn't Stance

It still has respectable AR and the third longest straight sword range but it doesn't have enough going for it otherwise to move it to top. Anyone who says the Dark Sword is that OP now needs to stop repeating launch release memes.

does that mean 40/40/16 battery is at least partially-eligible for top-tier?

or does the lack of a combat-usable weaponart kinda make it suck?

I feel like there's an overwhelmingly dense population of high tier weapons solely because the meta isn't very well defined yet, so there's not much distinction between 'situationally high tier' and actually high tier.

DS2 had a lot of high tier weapons until later versions when it was realized that counter modifiers were actually a lot more abusable than poise for trading, so hammers took a nosedive in their usefulness.

Why do you want to make it more challenging?Isn't the point of co-op helping the player beat a boss he keeps dying too? If it just became harder most of the people wouldn't bother using humanity and summoning help. On the other hand it would be more fun for players that already beat that boss.


I don't think this will best suit my needs.

>tfw bosses don't have co-op exclusive mechanics

The SSS needing slightly more stats then the standard quality build without really benefiting from that FAI otherwise makes it lower, and the WA does lower it as well especially since its affects are nerfed in PvP. Straight Sword Stance is absolutely amazing and any SS that lacks it is worse for it.

For me there's a lot of high-tier weapons because there's a huge amount of weapons in 3 currently that are terrific with the only thing separating them from others in their class being a few minor stats like AR, range, speed and rarely moveset.

>DS2 had a lot of high tier weapons until later versions when it was realized that counter modifiers were actually a lot more abusable than poise for trading, so hammers took a nosedive in their usefulness.

The problem is there is nothing similar in 3 due to the relative lack of depth. The 'meta' in 3 for lack of a better term is punishing whiffs with your own attack and trading blows with HA weapons until one side runs out of patience being a passive asshole. Counter modifiers played a big part in 2 but there's nothing to add to 3s mechanics beyond the still very simplistic HA system that needlessly obfuscates a lot of numbers.

Put Great Scythe lower

it blows solely because it's a piece of shit compared to every other one

40 strength by the look of it, though it might have the same moveset as the Greatsword, but I don't remember.

There's only a 20 AR difference between it and the Corvian on a 40/40 Refined plus a slight loss of range, it's not that much worse despite being made obsolete by it.

That's the thing though. Pontiff reaches near its AR with only ONE stat investment, and Corvian totally invalidates it.


I agree on both those points but it doesn't make the Great Scythe on its own worse. It still has all the benefits of the basic Reaper moveset post buffs with acceptable AR. It's literally just a 'slightly' worse Corvian so I'm fine where it is.

Scythe guy who posted in the last thread here.

Great Scythe is KILL YOURSELF tier because it has no advantages over any other scythe at all. It's not a BAD weapon, there's just no reason to use it. Throwing it in shit tier would be retarded because it's not shit, just worse than every other scythe.


I wish this game was more open and had alternative ways of crossing the map

Something along the lines of a US > CotD

Grand archives not being locked, maybe have a grand archives to abyss watcher travel, demon ruin skip to yhorm, or some shit like that

I just really hate how monotonous the PVE experience becomes, I enjoyed going through dark souls 1 several times because of the fluidity of the map

DS3 is just so boss gated, it's tiring, your only real choice in the game is if you're gonna go fuck aldritch or yhorm first

>DS3 is just so boss gated, it's tiring, your only real choice in the game is if you're gonna go fuck aldritch or yhorm first

do the dragons on the cliff near boletaria only stay asleep if you got there without dying once?

I didn't play this game for a few days and I turned into worthless shit.

They completely disappear after you open the gate to Phalanx iirc

Same here, friend

No idea how people do those no hit runs at sl 1 in ng + 7

Just finished up on my sl 100 solo vs twin princes on ng + 7 and that shit was not fucking fun

Can't imagine not using any estus or getting hit

has anyone done sl1 NG+7 without getting hit?
or do you mean just healing in bossfights?

>no seperate footwear slot so you can wear firekeeper footwraps with slave knight leggings

why live?

So has anyone got an idea on how Zullie started swapping character/NPC animations? I've been digging around trying to see how the animations are called but every time I try to have an animation override it just swaps back to the one it was doing and keeps on doing that.

No one will even know what I am talking about or how to begin most likely, but it's better than asking on the CE forums

If only zullie was still here...

it would probably be just like wearing slave knight leggings. and you could try to put one of them in the hair slot

I just wanna know how to get that halfsword grip by swapping the hold pose or something

Halfsword grip?

You mean holding a GS like a spear?

Yeah. Can you use it on UGS like the Zwei? Figure it would look pretty tight.

Animation swapping has been PRETTY difficult since every weapon has it's own animation sequence for everything. I have found stuff through random testing though.

(although Zullie had found some of them prior, but they've gotten updated with new effects such as in the webm)

>forced summoning if you want to see the boss' entire moveset
Maybe in the boss' NG+ form also used these moves or something.

Or maybe some bosses could summon invaders to help them LGK style if the player brings a phantom to the fight.

What do you think he is looking at?

He's watching all the players get twinked.

Why does every /dsg/ player always have trash fashion in DS1

People complaining about 3 phantoms in DS3:
DeS had this too so when you gush butthurt towards ds3 and claim it's gone casual shet up you pcuck cunts and go play the first game of the series.

>tfw you know there are demons around here but you got lost in some tower
>tfw you just want to make Gwyn proud
>tfw your entire body was burnt away and you're just a soul eternally bound to charred black armor filled only with ashes but your feet still hurt

I just tried looking as edgy as possible for my bleed build. Did it work?

either the knight shield or he's trying to locate the bkh knight in darkroot
in ds1 it was possible. assuming it works similarly, you can switch hold pose to a spear, but the hand will move towards the grip for any attack. what you want is to switch a 2h attack of the sword to a 2h attack of a spear. in ds1 you couldn't change individual moves, it was either the whole moveset (or if the weapon you're mimicking had some special/unique moves, just those moves). you could for example do a pretty decent job halfswording in ds1 if you changed the special moveset of a gs to sk spear

>kill someone and their phantom
>get invited to a "Git gud, casul!" Steam group
I thought by killing a 2v1 I would be better than the host?

how many throwing knives would it take to remove dragon in dark souls 1 where you can hit its tail under the bridge?

i went on the wiki page for tears of denial and all i saw was tears from people butthurt about it in the comments

Which i found funny when i remembered how second chance was 100x worse

It takes something like 30 arrows provided you don't miss any so it would take a LOT of throwing knives.

>salty faggots in charge of rational thinking
it's fanmail, be proud


I once had a guy invite me to a group he created after I killed him and his 2 fuckphantoms 3 times in a row calling me a cheater, I sent him an invite to a git gud group and he deleted his group a minute or two after

I was proud of that.

Got Demon's Greataxe from the second boss I've fought
this is going to be unwieldable for a long time, isn't it?

>46 STR
Yes, unless you pump all your points into STR right off the bat (which is what I would do).

/dsg/ pls spoonfeed me the best dex weapons to use

Finally starting DaS3 after getting souls fatigue from playing BB too much a while back

to use for pure DEX builds*

i enjoy the silent relationships of souls

>aldrich faithful invasion
>2nd guy shows up
>we look for the host all over
>i end up finding him and start fighting him on the ledge
>spooky ledge fight ensues
>2nd guy shows up with a bow
>he lands a headshot and the host stumbles off the ledge to his death

forgot the rest
>hours later in grand archives
>i get invaded by the bow dude
>he finds me and collapses
>i emote back to him
>he jumps off the rooftop

Odd question to ask here but does anyone have a HQ rip/vector for SoC's helmet from the collector's box

Using any decent, free image editing software, you can easily make a stencil of the helmet from the image you posted.

Just use an easy marking/wand too man, Photoshop is like 35 years old dude, get with the times.

rate my fashion souls

I have a story too.

>summon Death for coop
>face is actually modeled as close to a skull as he could
>is a pretty cool guy but ends up dying to Heysel
>be afk later in Cathedral, posting here
>get invaded by the same guy in Cleansing chapel without noticing
>he patiently waits for me to come back
>we both bow
>have a really nice and lengthy duel despite my flame arc'd claymore taking 70% of his HP in each hit

stinky smegma/10

How did you all like For Honor beta?

The game seemed like a wet dream for a souls pvp player to me.

I didn't get an invitation

How's the Moonlight after the last patch? It seems to swing a little faster but that might just be me.

sign up for the january beta user

Did anyone ever figure out what the deal with Dark Firelink was?

Also I'm replaying the game for the first time and god damn 3 has some fucking great atmosphere. Lothric Castle is a huge pain in the ass, but the aesthetic of it is top tier.