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1st for boner reset raid

Running three nightfalls. Need one.


2/3 For Nightfall

One more for 3x nightfall

One needed for a Nightfall.

What the fuck

everyone has a designated butt-buddy it seems.

reset raid bois


>all these NF's to join and complete
>right when i leave for work

Anyone need NF? I don't have a mic if that's okay

what is your psn


did I do good?

Need 1 more if you're in

>mfw Bob


Might as well use a longbow lolol

im in, hopping on destiny, i need to grab my weekly bounties real quick

jut git gud


John Cena

Still need one more for NF

I just started a new character, what's the fastest way to level 40? Light level doesn't matter since my other 2 characters are light level 400

Do the story


Do and complete bounties


Anyone on PS4 who hasn't run 3 NFs yet?

>no Icebreaker this week either

guess what else?

2 slots Nightfall.

You haven't made your Reddit gold quota this month, come see me in my office.


Any ornaments do anything extra? Hawkmoon's Moonglow makes the feathers light up, and MIDA's Spec Ops changes the scope color. Anything else?



dead orbit is shit

The Rose of Corruption for the Thorn adds some Hive runes that appear on the side whenever you fire it.

>HCR are still allowed to exist on primary weapons

They better fire whoever came up with that idea.


Anyone for nightfalls in a few ?

please let the sequel come out on PC so I can stop using my gf's shitty ps4

We here ar HQ have read your comments and desires and would like to assure you that Destiny 2 will not be coming to the PC as it opens up the possibility of hackers and MKB shenanigans. We feel that its predecessor was made for and around console style gameplay and since we're basing Destiny 2 off its predecessor it would obviously make sense to also build it on and around console gameplay.

*which is why we're proud to announce that Destiny 2 will be coming to Nintendo Switch

pretty sure bungie devs are redditors who wouldn't waste their time on a shitty chinese cartoon BBS full of faggots and weebs.

We'd absolutely love to have a partnership with Nintendo! Sadly their new system doesn't quite have the oomph needed and they refuse to omit obscene demands of quality control in all contracts offered.

>Xe doesn't know

We here at HQ have been doing some research over the years and it turns out that the vast majority of Reddit's, and it's fine citizen's, information more often then not comes straight from here! So we thought it best to go straight to the source so to say.

HCR should be an intrinsic perk of every primary. No need to waste a perfectly good slot where range/stability perks go.

NF NF NF NF NF NF NF?????????????

Heroics for the book?????????????


shard that shit senpai. if it doesnt hit the range cap for hand cannons its hot garbage.

>expecting me to believe inter would post non anime girls
who is this

its ya girl Cherry




>isn't a thing

Why is doggo sad?

Because don didn't defend it yesterday.

Because it's an outward houndâ„¢

But it wasn't being attacked.

>Lightweight, Braced frame, HCR

Im about to fucking kys myself here. This isn't funny anymore

"When did i defend my doggo?"

I think that was more an explanation than a defense.

Defending yourself again?
Do we have to go back to you're DonThyDoggo and you're defending yourself?

I'm not a doggo

You are DonThyDoggo. Now stop abusing yourself.

Nightfall x3?


Anyone want to do 3x nf?

i will do 1x after i do shadow thief new version for bounty

Cool inv whenever

sent, i'll brb in a min then start it.

1 space for NF

-upgraded to Donna

2 min

>all these NF's being run
>have to fix my car instead
>won't get to play until later tonight
>the NF/Raid rush will be dead by then


Anyone else doing the NF?

That's a downgrade you pleb.

I would but then the economical, personal, and social obligations i have would go unfinished.

Don't be sexist.

Fite me.

Bring it, Broseidon!


You've crossed the line.

Nah bitch. I [pic related].

Anyone for an NF on PS4?



Wew lass, that's terrible.

Don't talk to me or my miniskirt ever again.

Fuck off, she looks like she actually weighs more than me.

I hope you realize that's a man wearing a breastplate.

I don't want to know and I don't want to care.

The WhoreStore sold out of Hot Ginger early this holiday season.

me on the left

Don't you have better things to do?

1 more for NF