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Shadowverse is a class-based collectible card game akin to Hearthstone /hsg/.
The next expansion, Rise of Bahamut, will be released on December 29th.

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1st for ding dong

this meta is so retarded
dec 29th when

me in the center

Luna is _______


>tfw the enemy player emote spams before beating your seraph craft
They always assume I'm mad


>trash oto
>make her the alt legendary

>Not Tsubaki


The other lego is Seiba

Need a concede lads

Saber when?

Fucking called it.

She is still a big deal when using Castle

in a typical game you'll need at least two otos to even trigger it
you don't play that many units after turn 3, at least not enough to trigger 15 cds

dumb frogposter
Tsubaki is perfect as she is

There's only like 3 candidates for alt art anyway


What are the 5 golds that comes with it?


Thanks user.

Did any other class get as much shafted as dragon in the new expansion? 90% of the new cards are discard supports, a deck that's currently sitting at a 20% winrate and might not even work post expansion. What justifies fucking over the rest of the dragon decks?

Dragonewt, Frontguard, Alwida and Latham

Problem with Memes in the Sky is that you NEED it by turn 3

fixed that for you, pretendweeb

I don't understand... Are they reprinting Otomeme with a different art or what ?

Latham, Awilda, Frontguard General, White Paladin, Charlotte.

I hope the memes trump the tryhards cone the expansion.
I want Hags to go extinct.

Castle is a joke, it's not even remotely reliable and it's heavily telegraphed.
If you don't get it on turn 3 and then have two otohimes in hand it's a dead card.
Even if you do it could be interrupted, warded off or otohime might simply be a a suboptimal play on a turn it triggers

Prebuilt/starter deck will have alt art for 1 leggo

STFU faggot, Discard Dragon is god's chosen archetype. We WILL dominate the world!

Pretty good I guess


> Starter deck
Wait what ? I don't remember getting a starter deck

They are selling those soon for each class. 500 crystal and 750 for subsequent purchase.

A-as you command, Otohime-sama

I dunno, it seems like a card that will get enemy nervous and doesn't cost much to put on the field. I don't see it's value in storming with Otohime on turn 6 but rather in having it activate on turn 7-8 in ok scenario, ending the game if it lasts longer than anticipated or simply making an enemy waste amulet removal on it.

Does anyone have a Control Shadow list?


because people who already own otomeme will buy this for her feetpussy

aurelia doesn't have a fanbase of her own since she's just a saber clone

Thanks for the info user

Kinda wish they had reprinted it though, would have been fun otomeme'ing my opponents 6 times per game

Release stream happening on 27th

Fixed that for you, pretendweeb.

I'm looking forward to the Dragonman memes and them talking about how OP their cards are.

>erika has the best glasses
As expected of best girl.

Only 9 more days for megamemes.

tfw my cardfu didn't get an alternate artwork. FUCK YOU CYGAMES

I don't see how he's wrong

>3DPD edition
Ew, no thanks.
Arisa is only cute when she's 2d.

>three loud bitches screeching in japanese: the stream

Let's just look at the card.
So let's say you play it on turn 3.
Now say you want to pop it on turn 8.
You'll have CD-1 from turns 4,5,6,7,8 so you just need to play 10 followers to pop it.
Now the high roll of course is having it be on CD:4 and then playing otohime, so you end up with storm otohime, 3 storm bodyguards, and a normal bodyguard.

So this means you actually only need to play 6 followers between turns 4 and 8.

Turn 4: Floral Fencer or Amelia is 1-3
Turn 5: Aurelia is 1, Albert is 1, Monika is 2
Turn 6: Otohime is 4, Alwidas is 2, Tsubaki is 1.
Now by turn 6 you've gotten 3 reductions from turns, and if you're solely playing on curve then you're looking at 3-8 reductions, meaning you could have it on 4 by turn 7 for an otohime blast.
Turn 7: Frontguard General 1-2

So going strictly on curve you're looking at a bare minimum of 4 + 4 = 8, so a CD of 7, so it won't be ready on turn 8.
However all you need to do is summon 6 minions over 4 turns, so you just need to do two minions twice over 4 turns. For the 'shits minions everywhere' class that isn't hard at all, but gives you a turn 8 wincon.
If you don't get it out on turn 3, then yeah it'll come out later, but it will definitely help you win against decks that might actually drag you past turn 9 in that case.

Only faggots use nippon-shiki.

this game would be a hundred times better if it could detect deck archetypes and not let you play mirrors

deb8 me

This is pretty fine, the Festival Otohime artwork actually has less focus on Otohime overall. Her feet are slightly less wonky, but only slightly.

Seems like another prebuilt I can skip.

Faggot, mirrors are the most skillful matchup in the game. Your decks are basically the same so it usually comes down to who play better, of course luck is always a big factor but it's way more fair than hard counter shit like Shadow vs Haven.

you won't get a normal bodyguard. Otohime will go down, summon 4 guards, one can't fit so is banished, then the amulet pops and vanishes. So you will only have 3 guards.

No need to be salty, EOP-kun.

>of course luck is always a big factor
it almost always is THE biggest factor, there's nothing more retarded than mid sword mirrors



Does anyone knows how many cards will be released?

Who's that guy in the picture? Don't tell me it's Gelt again?

Why you keep doing this?
If you are going to post crops, at least add source in file name

Luck is a bigger factor than skill imo.
Whoever draws a better curve/answers wins.


He mean quickblader or something else like vanguard because after the 15 cooldown the amulet dissapear and you can put 1 more fellower.

So do the nips though.

Oh, I see.

>Enkidu never...

Can Dirtrune really compete in RoB with just Pascale? Having no clear win condition worries me.

Seems like you have to drop Pascale and run PtP to have any success with it.

Need Concede

that was quick

Dragon Knight Zahar.

There's a certain irony in the fact that Otohime is in fact a magical Sea Dragon, but is in Swordcraft instead of Dragoncraft.

I wonder where this guy will end up. He's a Dragon Knight, emphasis on Dragon, but also a Dragon Knight, emphasis on Knight.


>So let's say you don't have Castle on turn 3
It's looks like a fun deck and ima try it actually for the keks but i expect to win 1 out of 10 games with castle instead of just conventional means

Just run both, but ptp dirtrune still loses out to dedicated ptp decks unless you carry altered fate, but if you're going to do that you might as well make a dedicated ptp rune deck based off spellboost instead.

It's still pretty much the same as the old art.


Nips use literally whatever. They even mix and match sometimes because they can't into romaji.

On a primarily English speaking board, you should stick with hepburn, or don't romanize at all.

Worse base art but evo is better.

>original card has better unevolved art
>but alt art card has better evolve art
Wat do?

>Special guest
Please let it be Sugita.

Have both

Hmm, her art seems a bit off in these for some reason. The first one is literally the same pose as the original and the foreshortening in the evolved picture is off even if it places a distinct focus on the thighs.

Maybe if it's animated so animated Coco and Mimi, but nah otherwise.

Will it?
It depends on how summons are done. If it sees that there are X spaces left and summons until they are all full, or if it just summons until one is put in the extra banish zone. Because if it's the latter shouldn't the 4th guard be summoned?

Since things are summoned one at a time, after each summon the countdown should decrease.
Thus if it starts at 4
Otohime knocks it down to 3
Guard 1 is summoned and knocks it down to 2
Guard 2 is summoned and knocks it down to 1
Guard 3 is summoned and knocks it down to 0
Then the Amulet should pop, and there would be one free space left, so a final Guard would be summoned.
Then it tries to summon a Guard, but the slots are full so it stops summoning them.

I could be 100% wrong, but I dunno, it seems logical.

are they updating doggos art?
the old face was pretty bad

Here is the pre-built shadow dick.

Need concede, help

honestly tempest/howl/breath/cerb is a pretty nice deal if you don't have them

I'm talking about IME input though. No one types shi, they just type si when using IME. Just like tsu and tu, they just type in tu cause it's faster.

>normal Cerberus


>been holding off on the third Cerb, Mordecai, LotF, and Death's Breath because of autism
>this deck

Instant buy for me.

This is honestly great for new players to blow their dosh on. All the core cards are there.

Why don't Forest get a card that has Bane? I mean, every other class have it.

A wasted Ceridwen when I already have 3 bothers my autism a bit but I'd still easily prioritize this if I planned on buying any.

Does Dragon have a bane card?

Dragon has no banes i think.

I don't remember Haven, Rune and Dragon had bane

I think it will be 3+Otohime, because with Wildfang Dragonewt, I think if you discard your hand with Altered Fate you don't do one discard then damage, but whole discard then multiple instances of one damage (although it's been a few months since I've seen this so I could be very, very wrong). I guess we'll see when it releases since they could also change how that works.