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Lulu is best girl edition

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Anyone got the screencap about the lore of the Yordles now?


xth for breast waifu

secondary xth for HEAVY AND METAL

third xth for ONE MORE GRAVE


fifth xth for THE MIGHT OF LOKFAR

>Plaing JG
>Ryze mid keeps dying
>"Ryze just play safe i'll gank in a minute"
>"Let me be clear, Don't tell me how to play..."
>11 seconds later
>An ally has been slain

i want to TICKLE riven!

>pay shekels for this only so you can ruin it with ketchup


I wanna cuddle Jinx
Lore updates when?

I want to parry her third Q and slap her ass until she cries.

>implying is ruined

Lulu is cute!

I want to SNIFF Riven

Lulu is a slut, OP.

Is Gangplank a balanced champion?

Why are nunu players such gods?
>whole team is fucking bad
>everyone is raging at each other
>Nunu is foreign but also a silent warrior
>says nothing all games
>we're like 8 kills to their 23
>Nunu finally speaks
>"I carry now"
>proceeds to say nothing else and carry the fuck out of our team
>tanks their whole team no problem
>gets off perfect ults every time
>uses the Nunu-bot skin and spams laugh every kill
>never dies
>we win

I love you, you korean motherfucker. Nunu=god

yeah, since the changes to armor pen

Best girl
Best pillow
Best wife!

of course not hahahah

the only balanced champion on LoL is Orianna

the rest is either utter garbage or disgustingly OP

xth for jubilee is a better waifu than any league girl

>Being this jealous

Probably one of the most balanced champions in the game

>your taste

Southpark got so shit lol

didnt know it still exists

I want to massage Janna's ears!

I want to tune Sona's instrument!

I want to sharpen and polish Camille's legswords!

I want to bake cupcakes for Cait's yordle snap traps!

I want to groom Valor for Quinn!

I want to properly clean and lubricate Miss Fortune's firearms!

I want to care for and groom Sejuani's Bristle!

I want to give Riven a place to sleep!

I want to buy Ashe a Mathews compound bow because she is thin and lithe and it's probably hard for her to be constantly drawing a longbow!

I want to trim Tayliah's eyebrows because she's actually pretty cute!

I want to wash Kalista's feet and then buy her some shoes because she always walks around barefoot and that's dangerous!

I want to buy Vayne a nice silver necklace but then have her melt it down for more Silver Bolts because she has no concept of affection or novelty!

I want to provide psycohtherapy for Jinx!

I want to attend Karma's yoga class!

I want to practice fencing with Fiora!

I want to clean Kayle's armor and help her put it on like a squire!

I want to spray water into the air with the sprinklers and Lux can shoot light through it to make a rainbow!

I want to make a big swimming pool in my backyard so Nami can be comfortable!

I want to make a greenhouse with Zyra!

I want to watch the sunrise with Leona!

Jubilee? user Marvel is killing all mutants no one caresabout your waifu Kamala is the new popular one

Are we really starting to post non-League related waifus now? Because if so, I'm going to start doing the same. So stop it now unless you want me to gush on about how perfect my non-League husbandos are.

it so terrible that every game is about how well your jungler can do

I want to watch the moonrise with Diana!

I want to shear Soraka when her coat gets too long!

I want to give Morgana a cook book so she can stop burning her cookies at her bakery!

I want to teach Ahri about being human and be there to remind her to stop eating people's souls!

I want to box with Vi and teach her some Judo because it might be useful to her!

I want to advocate for half-dragon citizenship and half-human rights in Demacia for Shyvanna!

I want to oil Orianna's joints!

I want to play Hide n' Go Seek with LeBlanc!

I want to groom Nidalee in cat form!

I want to eat a popsicle with Lissandra!

I want to protect Lulu from pedophiles on Veeky Forums!

I want to go treasure hunting with Sivir and be on her archeological crew!

I want to play dodgeball with Syndra!

I want to go bladesurfing with Irelia!

I want to make smokebombs with Akali!

I want to go spelunking with Rek'Sai!

pls stop

fuck kamala

all roles matter
its just top and jg are easiest to carry from

only jungle matters

Marvel is going to push her forever, but at least she has some character that dosen't is just being muslim, now Miles that guy is just black spiderman

the better monkey

Lulu is the sweetest angel!

tfw our monkey has been shit for 3 years soon to be 4

im about to get 30$in rp i hope i dont buy more anytime soon,managed to be almost 3 years without giving them shekels

Anyone? It's the one where it turns out they're basically just invisible leprechauns that you need magic to see or whatever.

Think of a champion.
Got it?
That champion is now the protagonist of their own video game. Give it a genre and a basic plot line. How fucked are your sales?

I thought the new lore said that they get their powers from the void or something?

what the fuck are you smoking?
he's still viable

literally chimping yourself by playing him

Maybe? That's part of why I'm asking for the screencap. That, and a friend of mine has an interest in Yordles.

>generic JRPG ala Tales.
>is secretly a harem game with a myriad of love interests.
I'd play it.

Your """"""friend"""""" has an interest, right. Just admit that you're a furry. This is a safe place.

>I want to trim Tayliah's eyebrows because she's actually pretty cute!
Still need a nose job.
>I want to wash Kalista's feet and then buy her some shoes because she always walks around barefoot and that's dangerous!
She'll refuse and stink them anyway.
>I want to teach Ahri about being human and be there to remind her to stop eating people's souls!
Just kill her.

>sun wukong is supposed to be the gratest fighter in the whole world
>can be killed

No, really, I want to show it to a friend of mine to see how he'll react. He got pissed when Riot turned Yordles into tiny little Tolkien-esque elves.


stealth a la theif and and splinter cell

You have to travel the world eliminating certain targets to make shure balance in the world is preserved for better or worse

i would play it.

>This didn't happen

>stealth a la theif and and splinter cell
How do you hide the giant glowing sword that follows you?

hey league toddlers
can your game do THIS?
clips.twitch tv/sing_sing/DistinctVultureBigBrother

>literally has a giant sword
>not a hack n slash
>final boss is zed

>not on youtube

no ty

still waiting on pizza girl sivir

It would be a borderlands style third person shooter. I'd be down for some Platinum games tier crazyness (because I'm a massive platinum games dick sucker, they can do wrong in my eyes)


forgot about that, lets petend this is pre rework shen.

>tfw you're such a good support that your team actually admits you won them the game and not the epic dashy assassins

My gems aren't merely outrageous

here u go babby

>when the enemy ADC steps out of position for a nanosecond

>vayne takes every trade and gets shit on
>go oom healing the dumb bitch so they can't just all in her
>they do all in her because she gets hit by yet another hook, not enough mana to keep her alive but I get Cait and get out while Vayne dies
>starts ranting about how I shouldn't be using q because I wasted the mana and it was my fault she died
Why do they insist on being the stereotype?

>hashinshin legit going bot after he is 0/2 and says 'im not going top because of that fucking champion' (graves who presumably ganked him twice)

let's get him banned ribbit!!

I want Lissandra to ENTOMB my dick with her tits

>Watching league streams

lol retard


Basically a souls game
You have to wander around runeterra to slay beasts and people of different kinds to acquire their essence to strengthen your army in order to destroy the shadow isles. Void beasts, dragons, sea serpents and krakens in bilgewater, abominations of zaun, freljodian trolls and ancient watchers, all that stuff.

You have a skill tree where you can invest souls to make your journey easier, you can gather different weapons and armory, (even items from league itself) also you team up with ryze and bard, which enables fast travel and companions.

When you've gathered enough souls, you go to the shadow isles, kill mordekaiser, destroy the isles and seeing that your job is done, embrace the sweet release of death, leading to a bittersweet ending.

I want Lissandra to Helya Upskirts

sometimes nidalees kill the big wolf and take his place. Annies used to put their Tibberses at red to bait shit junglers. dotafag BTFO

>expecting anything good from vayne mains
>literally anything resembling competence at all

>Yorick's game is just Bejeweled, but instead of jewels it's different types of ghouls


>4 minute queues in silver at 7pm


hardly anything new

I was getting worried I was the only one who ever played that absolutely outrageous gem of a champion.

They're trying to find 9 people as retarded as you it takes time.

>being silver
i knew /lolg/ is shit at this game but come on

im good player just stuck in elo hell

Five fun facts about Shyvana!
1. She's a dragon!
2. She's a mage!
3. Very fertile!
4. Makes for a good body pillow during winter!
5. RAWR!!!

>tfw playing the husbando untilts you

not bad


>when lissandra ults you

>yasuo has to walk around behind our t2 topside turret because he's zoned by fed enemy panth
>Mf is still near inhibitor and on her way
>Malphite engages with ult solo, losing us the game

Why? Why couldnt you have waited 3 more seconds for the carries to arrive?

>raka shouldn't use her q
ADCs are literally retarded do they even know how q and w interact with her passive. I almost refuse to w if I haven't landed a q first.

With the regen I can out trade a lot of supports at level 1 that think they auto win. It's always fun seeing a Karma trying to get autos in when I just q and get all the hp back but put all my damage on them.

The Vayne was retarded though I abandoned her and followed around my Leblanc :3c

>tfw i've never been asked for source on my crops
Feels bad man.

I'm just assuming your Grey. Ayy, someone uploaded Talon x Ezreal porn on Pixiv.

>Post Elise
Get out of here.

when does the suffering end

five facts about whoever draws that shit
1) he's shit
2) nothing else to be said


I think I saw it, is it the black n white one with three pages?

>Bronze 3
Pfffthahahaha. Oh you're serious? Oh, okay. PFFFTHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA.

>ivern finished his jungle item before 40 minutes



>bronze 3

>I think I saw it, is it the black n white one with three pages?

>posting Ganassa


go 5/5 in placements :^)

It's a Vayne at least, you have to be super retarded to not win the game with her if she gets to the point where she has 3 items

>Vayne/Lee/Syndra/Viktor/Yasuo/Lee left unbanned
>The enemy team takes 2 of those
>Win min 30+ no matter what

I love to play against people who start the game 0/4 yet can 1v3 with easy because "m-muh late".

$200 to gold V.