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SFV Season 2 and Akuma launch today

Darkstalkers is a good series

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s2 download takin fuqqin forever QQ


lol wtf

sfv sucks lmaoooo

play kof

KEN BROS..... [email protected]

>20 posts early

>Alex mains right now

wuz capcom ever good?

Final fight 2 is a good game

They added some fun combos and juggles, but the neutral still doesn't feel like Street Fighter to me.

It's way too slow and stubby.



sfv sucks lol

kill yourself

I'm sure he sucks on paper but he still alright on game terms, i can feel it

i was more concerned that it was using my pc as a node to push patches to other computers. bandwidth is expensive in the us.d

ur not a ken bro ur just a sad anitneet who i would stomp to death if i could get away with it


Ruby Heart
BB Hood
Dr Wily

I think Capcom will add a shitload more characters into Infinite than SF5 because it's hard to reach bloat in a game like Marvel. We're getting everyone eventually.

>Player 2 still can't rematch or go back to Character Select screen. This is the only fighting game out there to have players do a thumbs up gesture to confirm a rematch
>The loading times are still awfully long. ~25 seconds offline, up to 50 seconds online. There's nothing in SFV that requires so much processing power that makes the loading screens this long.
Regional (for Lounges) and League based (for Casual and Ranked) matchmaking filters have not been ever implemented. What if I don't want to be limited to my region only?
>The netcode is still very much hit or miss. You can get a 5-bar connection but have rollbacks. Or you can have a 3-bar connection but be perfectly fine. The game should also tell you the delay to your opponent in milliseconds prior to accepting a match via fight request
>The battle lounge search is still broken. Connection quality and the opponent flags still don't show up, even after multiple search refreshes. The battle lounges themselves can also be improved with actual text chat, voice chat, and having multiple matches at the same time. Other games do it, no excuse for SFV not to
>Survival Mode is a waste of time and nerves. KOFXIV has multiple colors unlocked right off the bat (and is adding more). GGXrd unlocks additional colors for you after completing the Episode and Arcade modes (as well as more can be unlocked via Fishing). SFV requires you either to spend several hours of a shitty grind, or pay up in Fight Money/Real Money to unlock the colors immediately. And no, Season Pass is not the solution
>The game still doesn't automatically save your Training and Matchmaking preferences. I don't have to be required to spend some additional time after the initial game launch to set up who I want to be matched up against


sfv ken is the shittiest ken

I have a gun lol

where the fuck you live? is this a west coast thing?

remember that SFV is still a good game despite some balancing misteps, they still have time to fix it before 2017 CPT begins

I think they looked at 3S with the overall slow walkspeeds and really fast dashes and thought to make it like that while making normals shorter.

S2 sounds like it's going to be very ham.


Is this autism?

>they still have time to fix it before 2017 CPT begins
They won't though.

>hating on curiously attractive fish men

so why did they randomly change the input for necalli's command throw from punches to kicks?
whats the fucking point


Her and Cyke are my absolute most wanted chars above all

I want to dagger trap people with spiral

I want to optic blast niggas and slam them on the fucking ground with cyke

actually, many games are doing free dlc now. charging us for more characters is ridiculous, quite frankly.

>Laura can combo at most after vtrigger overhead
>people go crazy
>Necalli can combo in cr.hp with his plus on block overhead midscreen
>nobody says anything

Don't feed into the hype laura isn't as good as everybody is making her sound

it's a not big city thing. I know midwest ISPs can still get away with it because there are monopolies.

>They won't though

They'll certainly fix some game breaking things though.

I heard it was to stop auto correct DPs or something.

Better question is why V reversals still overlap with charge inputs.

dante and ibuki

I really want him in too but I doubt it will happen because of Midnight Bliss

should i buy season 2 pass or an espresso machine?

Does this still work


Yeah unless you're ArcSys and are only gonna release like 3 or 4.

Dr doom

Anyone melty, cummy blasterz, USF4 EU


the fat sumo bloke or spider lady from iron fist

lets play SFV instead

>someone beats you once and pops off at the end with a ki-charge
>play them again and win
>they get off ranked
Why not stay and get those easy points if I'm so free that you gotta pop-off like that? I'm trash but you lose to me once and run? Get the fuck outta here kid.



Twist Barrage (6+HP to HP):
>Hitbox startup has been changed 18F to 17F
>In-air combo limit has been relaxed

what does relaxed in air combo limit mean?

No but thanks for asking

That was a joke, there's no way to play SFV right now you dumbfuck.

brick never had a way to play sf5 in the first place, thats the real joke

these are cute



is Brick a trap?

Ok thanks for replying

Reminder that mvci will save the fgc

bring back ruby heart

combos into ex fireball

I think it sucks but maybe theres something there

so when can we play

kof has nice girls


In about 3 hours, give or take.

Yeah but of course 3s had parries to offset the strong offense

>street fighter 4
>a bunch of costumes for a bunch of characters, sometimes themed

>Street Fighter V™
>ONE costume for ONE character
>themed packs


can you not just wake up with a crouching button

>dsp won't be playing sfv

broski pls why u do this

Since you can't play SFV it's the best time to play me in a fighting game! What are you waiting for?

what do you feel about nitro blasters?
back on ps4 i dropped it day 1 when i fought someone who knew what they were doing.
combos got a bit silly with the assists i think

Do you enjoy using broken characters?

Why doesn't anyone at locals want to be my friend...?

I never buy these costumes in any games because I find them pointless but if I have to guess I think it's where Capcom makes most of their money.

Whats a good PC fighting game I should buy while I wait for Tekken 7?

>linking me to your twitter when you could have easily made a WebM and posted it here

I am disappoint


Guilty Gear

Is this a Jojo's reference?

There are a few possibilities

1. You're so bad nobody likes to see you playing.
2. You smell bad and/or ugly.
3. You're disrespectful even if you don't realize it.
4. You play kusoge almost exclusively.

how people can stand to play sim is such a mystery to me he's so damn slow

>S2 sounds like it's going to be very ham.

Very ham indeed.

we sentinel now

That's not on PC

Based Smashdiapers putting in the work when their dev barely gives a shit

>or ugly.
Get out of the closet. You'll become happier.

what a dishonest trash kusoge character

Name 5 better final boss themes

Combos can go very high with resources

but from what I've seen it looks fine. This combo takes burst (1 per round), full meter and 2 assists that have 50+ seconds charge times, and it also means you can't use assists for neutral, making things sage, pressure etc if you want to pull it off.

Anyway, game seems fine but I haven't played much because not many people play and the netcode is typical anime shit which makes it impossible for me to really want to try or care.

Yeah I forgot about that.

TTT2 is another good choice.

>1. You're so bad nobody likes to see you playing.
I am trying to get better.
>2. You smell bad and/or ugly.
I shower at least 4 times a week.
>3. You're disrespectful even if you don't realize it.
I don't act rude.
>4. You play kusoge almost exclusively.
I play Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Skull Girls. I only won't touch trash like Smash and SF.

we full flightmode now

well the way he worded that it means the person smells ugly, not looks ugly

wait, is season 2 out on PS4 already?

He could do HP DP since it's throw invincible now and hit the Mika.

But yeah, SFV neutral sucks. That's just not the best example.

Tell that to Cosmo

>I shower at least 4 times a week.

TTT2 isnt on PC man