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first for GAY

>Lang & Koga together
>but now they're all grown up

Where has the time gone?


New lang looks a lot better
He just need better haircut

What gimmick should the next free field have? The less you control your character the better.

And you, years gone by and you still walk around in your underwear

There will be a weather condition in it that turns the sky red and spawns 24 gel wulfs that stay until the weather changes again.

Stealth segments.

Use of terrain to your advantage

I don't see any underwear in that picture.

>actually wanting to play artificial content twice over rofl
>actually wanting to play an artificial game
>actually wanting to artificially shitpost about an artificial game that is an artificial piece of artificial entertainment on an artificial board/site dedicated to an artificial form of cartoons from an artificial foreign country while on artificial constructs such as time in this artificial simulation we are in known as life

How's the cater


Can I artificially avatarfag my character

It's only artificial

Define artificial content.
Could you also do it without memes?

He's doing okay

>I'll just keep reposting the same obnoxious image while having nothing meaningful to say

im lonely

First for partner harem

>i'll just keep posting the same post complaining about a shitpost that can easily be ignored but i'm too much of a pussywhipped crybaby bitch


fuck off spic

wow so hard

Come play with me

Ok Lilith

Nice try but no cigar

Ok Clover

That's not Lilith, you're speaking with his tulpa.

why wont the other avatarfags and anons just report and ignore lilith again? it was working so well last week

Hi Lilith, heres a (you)

So how stupid are the Mother collect files going to be? They're basically going to be stronger Austeres, so would Sega make them just as tedious to obtain?

i would ask a friend to get him banned from pso2 but he has morals

>Trying to get someone you don't like banned because you caught feelings by them


Any rough idea how long maintenance will last?

ok guys

i haven't spent money all boost week

i haven't bought an AC lobby action in a YEAR

what's the BEST la to get per pound of meseta?

the usual 6 hours, unless the devs say otherwise

I to shall post my artificial character AND artificial music before I rest my artificial physical body and allow my consciousness to escape this artificial 3rd dimensional construct and travel the astral planes in hopes of experiencing the TRUE lasagaverse only to wake up the next day continuing this artificial experience. soundcloud.com/1-n-f-1-n-1-t-1-corp/teardrops


i want to see him banned because hes a literal parasite

even if someone did try to get him banned sega wouldnt do shit to him


Everyone should get it. Not even joking. Would be perfect for your flat newearl.

Drift is fine too

Vo performance 2

Will pso2g buy tea/patty dance la?

Kitty needs to switch to indoor formula. Chubby kitties are fine but fat kitties are unhealthy.

41 m and overly girly

36 m and I don't like the dance

16 m but inferior to the ORIGINAL /la console

solus do you have any other costume that is not zelsius?
something that does not resemble a battle attire at least


276「PRポーズ」 to idle with?
225「プレゼントボックス」 to hide in?

the former i would rank around the same as emilia
no to the latter


Ara ara

I'd rail the fuck out of this if you didn't type like a 12 year old.
Oh well, at least you're still good for a fap.




Nice hat

Find another slut and have them use kayleth's char file.

Mother cluster field bosses when?

This looked like two men from the thumbnail. I can't be the only one who thought this.


have you done YOUR part supporting POS2 with TEN THOUSAND star gems?

It's that time of week again guys. Post a screenshot from the last week. post a screenshot from 1, 2 3, or 4 years ago to the day (not time)




>tfw all the pics i took up until a few months ago is in old pc
>haven't transferred them yet

That's 8 months, not 1-4 years.

This is 4 years.

Only started playing last year, so here

Christmas soon.

What are you getting your team mates / friends?

Excuse me, Miss, but you seem to have doughnuts for ears.

i dont have premium so i cant get my friends anything.

>got all of my friends gifts
>know I won't get any in return

Did you know you can take screenshots in this game?

Did you know you can hide your units?

Wanted to get older pics but there all on an old hard drive and I don't feel like getting it.

And yet you're still an annoying attentionwhore constantly vying for it to the point of being insufferable after your last fiasco.


m8 how often do I even post my characters anymore
I'm wearing the trip for the sole purpose of being filtered by others.

I love how huge and pointless banish arrow''s range is. I broke a crate at the end of that line from that point with it.

I hugged you once in the shop area, hope you were afk or didn't mind

did someone mention hugs

is it time

jesus christ


cute but why so serious?

nice tits

you too


hug rappy time?

Remember when the only thing we had to worry about was a crippling existential crisis and not our community falling apart never to recover?

my hdd with old pics is dead, too bad.

so ill just pick a random one thats oldest from the new hdd (early this year, or late last year i cant remember)

>mfw normal bow shots can go that far if you account for the arc
>mfw you can't actually do shit with it because LOL DISTANCE DECAY and LOL MOB RENDER DISTANCE LIMIT
>mfw banish is the only other thing that can go that far and travel time would render it unusable anyway
>mfw I have no face

Which graphic options would you guys recommend to turn off for better visuals?

good times

is that you kazami

Why are fighters held in high regard when deadly circle 0 spam is the second easiest way of getting a lv20 effort ring?

I die a lot as FOTE
Is PP really that important? You run out super quick because it's useless without the PP regen to go with it.
Should I HP extend or something?

Because FI/HU is the highest single target DPS in the game right now.


>that unit
>that PP

you are like a little baby. watch this:

FO/TE is one of the classes that needs a deep PP pool the most, yes.
Practice boss patterns and learn to avoid damage instead. If you aren't using one already then get a Talis and practice with that. A Rod is just asking to get fucked up on a lot of fights and using Zondeel might as well be suicide.

>fire talis
>50 inventory slots
lol, is this the fabled shitter fo/te with a single skill tree I keep hearing about?