PlayStation Vita General 2942 - Carryover Edition

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>Toukiden 2 Demo now available in North America,launches March 17 in Europe

>Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception ‘Haku’ trailer,two launch day DLC characters

>Full Throttle Remastered Launches for on April 18

>Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII with Power-Up Kit announced

>Blue Reflection ‘Kei Narimiya’ character trailer

>YU-NO New trailer

>Ray Gigant limited run physical edition announced

>Toukiden 2 Knives trailer

>Chain Chronicle V To Terminate Service For PS Vita In Japan On May 12

>World of Final Fantasy patch 1.03 launches March 23

>Compile Heart to announce new Vita-exclusive RPG soon



>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Updates

>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List


Why are we still here?



For the Unis


For Migu

>Stella didn't make it.

Why does everyone call Firis a potato?

I didn't think Jannu poster would still be here

So I fucked up and bought a Vita TV because when I made the order there was no news of a Pc port of DR V3 for the NA launch. Then I saw they are porting ultra despair girls as well. To justify my purchase I might as well get some games.

Here is my list of games.

Stiens gate and Zero
Samurai warriors 4 empire
Psycho pass
Soul Sacrifice
Grand Kingdom
Freedom Wars

Any other recommendations?

I plan to get Persona and Front mission, but not getting War of the lions because the psp emulation works better than the handheld version and fixes the slow downs during spell graphics. Can also mod it.

>She will be forgotten by the world she saves.
>Every timelines she steps in to drive back the Oni.
>Every time the Oni is driven back her friends forget her existence.
>Every time until her cold body can no longer move.

i miss you guys

I am on the final floor of Lost Dimensions. What level should my part be at to make the final boss not complete hell? I'm at level 35 all around and just grinding to collect the top weapons now. Rip George, Agito, Yoko, Himeno

Also unrelated but,
>tfw no JRPG where you play as a Shota protagonist and end up marring a beautiful Christmas cake.

I personally love Ray Gigant, Muramasa Rebirth, and Stranger of Sword City Rebirth. You should also give Toukiden a Try.

>>Soul Sacrifice
Get Soul Sacrifice Delta instead of the vanilla game.

It has everything in it and more.


>tfw no JRPG where you play as a Shota protagonist and end up marring a beautiful Christmas cake.
Have you played Shadow Hearts 3?

Toukiden is a monster hunter esq game right?
I liked Dragons Dogma but I think that is the extent of my enjoyment for monster hunting.


I'd replace grand kingdom and psycho pass with something else, but I don't know what you have or like.
Dungeon travelers 2? there's a demo to try out.
Kiwami/toukiden2 ? there are demos available

No, but I'll have to look into it now

I love cocoa so much

Monster hunting games are real fun co-op. They're practically multiplayer games, I reckon you've been playing them solo.

Tales of Hearts R
Demon Gaze
Disgaea 4
Muramasa+Genroku legends

Why were you watching a stream, user?

Unless you really dislike console shooters you might enjoy Killzone Mercenary. IMO it's the best Killzone, I just recently got into playing its multiplayer mode and it's loads of fun, user.

I was streaming it with a friend on Skype at the time

How much goddamn hp does Kyubi have? I've been hacking away at it for 15 solid minutes.

Where can you find this? I don't see it on amazon

I saw a review for Grand kingdom and thought it was alright, and I heard psycho pass game was good. And I really enjoyed the first season of the the anime.

So I am assuming multiplayer for Toukiden is alive. And seeing as people mentioned the sequel, I give that demo a try.

I was never much of a fan for Disgaea except for Prinnies because I love penguins. I am going to assume I don't need to play the last 3 to enjoy the 4th.

Fuck it, why not.

I hope you both enjoyed it.

Vitagen has two Jannu posters.

One consistently says very little.
One behaves a little bit more differently with words.
There is also a third Jannu poster who keeps saying "Slay the Gay!", but that's a third Jannu poster from FGO general.

Of course, Gochiusa is a very cute anime, and it's even better with a friend

I wish I had a friend

It's digital only, you have to buy it on the PSN Store


It's nice sometimes

me on the left

I'll be your friend user, we can play Freedom Wars and watch anime together

Indeed it is; watching the New Year livestream was nice, though it broke down halfway through S2.

It's digital-only I'm afraid.

But it's a very well made game. One of the pearls of the Vita, and the story telling is very good, and well polished.

If you want someone to play with I can always play. Though unlike the other Co-op games, this one sort of needs 3 players to be fun.

Ya'll are lying to him
He can get SSD physically in english in from asian stores

>Freedom Wars

I suppose he can. But then he won't get online pass.

Which is sort of critical in a co-op game.
Playing with a 4 player team and coordinating synergizing spells together is a completely different experience than playing with a.i.

You can find the English Asian version on ebay, but it's a bit expensive.

1-5 Continue Valkyrie Drive
6-9 Play something else
0 End it all

I'm waiting.


Whats up with all the zeroes lately


user fucking DIES

rip in peace


No, user. Please, reconsider.

It doesn't need to end like this

Press F to pay respects lads


Any anons planning on getting Toukiden 2 when it comes out? Already trying the demo and loving it so far.

I'm certain you lived a good life. We shall all remember you.


Live stream it

Sorry I'll get back to it soon. I was just more in the mood for some GE2RB.

nah, it's releasing too close to ZE Nonary Games and P5 for me to get it at launch

Persona 5 will surely be released this time right

>So I am assuming multiplayer for Toukiden is alive.
Ignore the vanilla version of first game. Kiwami has everything the first game has, and more.

But everybody will migrate to Toukiden 2 I think. There will only be a few players staying behind in Kiwami after 2 launches.

But yes get the demo for 2 and try it out.
I personally recommend knife weapon, they are super new player friendly.
And from what I have observed, new players don't know how to Sword Gouge properly, so they get a kind of bad 1st impression when using swords.

considering how reviewers have their copy, and someone got a copy from a Amazon seller already, yes

I'm getting it.


Is the vita dead yet? Or just some developers


>Toukiden 2 Demo
Today is a good day to be vitagen.

Anyone gonna start sharing your slayerfu builds from the Toukiden 2 Character Creator? We have a week to perfect them.

I feel bad for people who missed out of Soul Sacrifice Co-op 3-4 years back.
It was loads of fun when the team configured the team spells to work out together.

Me and another would always do the Time stop spells, while other players would wreck the stunned Oni.

Nowadays if you try to Co-op in open rooms, I'm guessing you will just meet a lot of chinese plays who friendly-fires with Stonefist all day long.

I want to commit a crime

Yeah it's going to be hard to make them since the creator seems pretty in depth. Also making a male character because toukiden male armor tends to look better than the female armor.


There won't be a Toukiden 2 Kiwami will there?

There will be, you shouldn't be surprised at hunting game revisions. But whether or not it'll be on the vita is another matter.

100% probability there will be.

An user told me one or two of the Kiwami Onis were spared away in Toukiden 2, probably for reintroduction in 2 Kiwami.

Discord is the best

My GE is the cutest.

Toukiden would be so extremely good if you made the Mitama spells more configurable.

Take inspiration from Soul Sacrifice or something.
Let a few of the Mitama types reconfigure bigger library of spells, like growing trees for buffing fruits, more long range artillery spells, or more summoning spells, etc.

Jesus. What a semon demon slut.


I enjoyed playing toukiden and I even got the plats for Aod and Kiwami on vita, and i hate to say it but toukiden 2 isn't looking so good on vita

>dark skin
Bet every hole isn't enough

Doesn't it look the same as Kiwami at least?

What should I buy first? Moe Chronicle, DT2, or Monpiece? Or do I just go for the cheapest first?

I lack the skills for hunting games, buying a PSP and MHFU when /v/ played it all those years ago was a terrible mistake. Mostly MH, the PSP was fun.


Pls accept my real name request nyonmyan.

DT2, or Moe Chronicles if you want something easier

Seriously, wait for a sale on monpiece, it happens often enough

Wait for a Monpiece sale, try DT2 demo, if you really like that then get the game first, if you find it so-so then go for Moe Chronicle first.

Physical copies, friends. I mean I'll play the demos, but I enjoy card games and crawlers. The added titillation is just a bonus. I'll see in two months.

Also user Monpiece just came out on steam. You might want to download a "demo" to see if you like it. I like card battlers a lot but Monpiece isn't worth like $20

Monpiece doesn't have a physical copy in English user.
DT2 is pretty expensive last I checked unless if you lucked out and your local gamestop still has a used copy.
Moe Chronicle isn't terrible pricewise but you have to wait for it to ship since the English version is only available in the Asian English version.

Hunting games don't take a lot of skill though.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is autistic.
You just need to play and grind with some friends.



Best goddess

You're nyonmyan right?