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アラド戦記 – Arad Senki
던파 – Deonpa

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is a cute friendly Witch!

Is the pipe she's holding for weed?

It's her strawberry vape pipe

I want to do strawberry vape dabs with a Miko and get super stoned!






It's called a Kiseru!

Can Vanguard lancer participate in endgame pve content

with full 90 epics and savior

Is this game still fun? I remember playing dfo way back when femslayer was announced.

>tfw exp curve jump from 85 to 86 onwards

Are you for fucking real? I cant even capsule these?

You can use the event capsules.
Its really not that bad, just a few days of scenarios.

>wind boy in pvp

I don't know if I like this or not. He has a godly 6 sec poke (twister) and some decent skill otgs, an "infinite" x standing and an "infinite" dash x otg. Definitely the kind of class that can throw out a lot of skills that can actually hit and can follow up on for combos.

Sonic move has very disappointing hit stun and it sucks that it only has 2 charges. Definitely a mobility-only skill, unless you're really good at pinpointing where your opponent will be because mashing sonic move towards your opponent is an easy counter for them.

Eye of the storm not having super armor is a little scary to use, but its pull range is so wide it almost doesn't matter. You'd lose a trade with pbaoe super armors though, so that's an issue.

Wind boy's focus on movespeed basically means he's going to mostly be the master of running around and poking and getting some combos out of it. With twister and maybe even water ball, it would be easy knocking people down and pulling them with head wind to start an otg. Can counter quick rebound with relentless biting wind too.

My main issues with him is his wonky xxxz juggle which sometimes fails if you cast your launch too soon, and his beggar-combo playstyle doesn't really suit my preference. In all, from the first impression he's got a pretty solid kit, nothing glaringly missing or wrong with it. Only time will tell how he fares once neople lets him in pvp.

If you do it properly it's incredibly easy with these events going on. I'm only at Grandine scenarios and already 87.

whats worse blood mage or vanguard

blood mage

vanguard is actually pretty strong

Im gonna make both

love my cute little mage boy though

Deus Vult when?!

Anyone want to party up for OV?

>all that saracen removal
>all that cleansing fire
>that soundtrack
would crusade with/10

Yes, but what do the tiers say hmm?

I'd play and love her anyway

>Yes, but what do the tiers say hmm?
More crusader than sader.

First post decides which of the new mage types I go as.


does male ice mages get new basic attacks like blood mage, or do they just shoot boring orbs

>Arad Senki was behind DFOG for the longest time while DFOG is still behind CDNF
>They suddenly got Male Mage's 2nd Awakening before either CDNF and DFOG

what the fuck?

Getting endgame gear (full epics) will take about the same funding on a good class and a bad one, the only difference being how much use they make of them. Even a trash wheelchair class like skirmisher can run hellmodes, which is all you need to get endgame gear.



Blood mage.


now that arad senki, CDNF and us are all around the same patches, I guess the gooks can decide to give anyone the go ahead first

>I guess the gooks can decide to give CDNF or Arad Senki the go ahead first while DFOG gets more filler

fixed that for you

Okay so I'm slowly but surely getting to level 90.

The mobs suddenly got beefier and can actually kill me now.

What's the optimal gear progression from here? stick with Magic shit till 90 epics?

If you're doing scenarios can I party with you

You can either buy a dirt cheap leg weapon or starting to work on whatever OV set your class uses.

Yes of course. I'm still only at Time Square though.

What's a leg weapon? I'm a newfag.

make a scenario party and ill join you

Legendary. From the auction house. Cheap ones are usually ~4 million gold, not all cheap ones are very good though.

Alright made a party now.

Thanks! Looks like a great start to gearing up.

oh no some ranger joined you and you thought it was me

could you exit to town so i could join

Sorry about that user, I thought you were that ranger dude.

Thanks for the help!

Does anyone know what the deal is with corruption (the blood mage grab with the teeth)?

Sometimes the graphic is huge, and presumably gives a way bigger aoe. Other times it's really small?

There's nothing in the tooltip about it, I figured it was maybe a back-attack thing, but that didn't give any kind of consistent results.

I don't have my awakening yet, so no Abandon.

i think it just scales with how many mobs are caught within range of the skill

I heard corruption's size actually scales with the skill level but isn't listed in the tooltip.

Size scales with the size of the monster you attack

Is the new dnf patch actually up or not yet?
If so how much did they reduce the cost of transferring ebins?

It's not up yet. Maintenance hasn't even started yet and its a 7 hour maintenance as well.

I want Brendan Fraser to join neople global

So cute. I want a Nyarly to princess carry.

>bootleg mecha priest

Is this game going to die? I want to come back to actually try raiding.

No game lasts forever.

Yes but not anytime soon.

The developers themselves handling it instead of a shitty publisher, game will die prob in 2 years

our version will probably die at some point

chink and gook versions will live for years to come just from all the money spent over there


how do i get fmages to not run away when I try to afk with them?

take a bath

mecha avatars for dfog NEVER

how do i get lucky

convert fmage cuteness into luck by hanging out with them


>selling names for dead classes

Remember, if your set isn't radiant gold it belongs in the disassembler.


Does Miko have the biggest boobs out of all the F.priests?
She's so stacked!

She's the cutest no matter how her knockers compare to the others.

I don't care if Miko is F tier compared to other stronger classes. I'm going to main her on day one anyways because she's kawaii!

You're totally right user! It's like completely unfair to the other girls to compare her perfection to Miko's!

Does dfo have active RP communities?

erp with afk fmages in town

Do I just whisper naughty things to them even if they don't respond?

just stand really close to them

I need fpriest.

We all do.

>have pandemonium and time gate scenarios I want to share
>three whores raping my internet with netflix

>not throttling it

I like throttling whores.

be my gf

Why do fmages wear the duck and snowman costumes? They are very uncute.

>hold the boss with offering
>party members stop using skills and just x attack it
>they start using skills again after it's free

Is there a word for this phenomenon

Why do people play fmages? They are very uncute.

Yea, it's called retardation. Some people think they need to 'take turns' when using their skills especially awakenings. Pisses me off.

>he doesn't know about hold chaining

>implying that's what the other poster was talking about

But hold chaining is optimal and it could easily be interpreted by a new player as "taking turns"

>implying new players even have the ability to critically think

Cuckbook players don't think at all

Last night I played at work night shift and I forgot to do something and someone died.

Don't play DFO if you are retarded like me.

reminder to don't give up break you're fate


If you main swift master you're gonna have to deal with THIS when 2nds come out.


>low definition

low definition gay


high definition gay