lets say you found a card with some serious cash on it and it's not blocked .
how can you empty it without beeing tracked

thought about buying B and the laundury it through a shady website then send it to your account.

all from a remote IP and different emails etc

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You could probably go to the ATM and just hide your face. Repeat as much as you feel safely possible.

but how do you know the pin

Well you could also buy a bunch of crap on amazon and flip it.

idea is to try and empty it fully.

and I think amazon gift cards cand be tracked, especially if you get 10-20k in cards

thats why i was trying to get creative by laundering Bitcoins with it

hes working with the fbi, damn rat

Buy some expensive shit and flip it.
Use an Amazon locker or some other address that cant be connected to you.

>lets say you found a card with some serious cash on it and it's not blocked .
if you can see the balance you can withdraw it.
unless you just stole your mommas card.

Don't steal, faggot

Besides, most sensible people block their cards if they lose them so it won't work anyway

If you mess up and get caught you'll probably do a couple years in prison.

Gift cards can be easely tracked, and selling them then cashing in still a bad deal as it leaves a paper trail.

also when you buy expensive shit someone at the specific adress has to sign for it... that is if the specific store actually delivers the item, some items such as watches etc dont get delivered

Some actual imagination would be great.

>OP hits the jackpot but is too uncreative a bastard to cash in

here's what I thought about
installing a Windows on a new USB then accesing TOR through new IP and internet access maybe a cafe across town
create a 2 new emails ( remember to buy 2 new SIM cards as emais these days always ask for a number)

buy as many bitcoins as possible and then launder them through bitlaunder.com

then send them back to the secondary email adress to be converted into tangible clean cash.

remember to not make the emails in any way similar same goes with passwords, hitting your head on the keyboard works great.

Buy shrooms or lsd
Wait a couple weeks
Resell lsd/Shrooms via moneybram

>send them back to the secondary email adress
what the flying fuck?


buy B->goes email ->launderer-> email 2->bank account

it would be absolutley idiotic to send them back to the same email you bought them first with... wtf would be the point in laundering them

Selling a large amount of Bitcoin is going to redflag you without reasonable income to back it up

>all this work to buy bitcoins off moms credit card

OP why not just work?

that's the easy to take care of...
I'm a hypothetical art dealer and i have lots of anonymous clients.

It's a hypothetical.
no one is scamming lol

Good cover.

art is worth as much as you are willing to pay for it

credit cards have ways to prevent carding. most if not all credit cards use AVS and the websites themselves check if you're actually in that state or city when using the card online.

give it back jamal

You could hypothetically make a payment to me and I'll refund the erroneous transaction less 20% for the trouble.