Why do girls like mustangs?

Everytime I see one its always some 40 yr old secretary or a puertorican.

What makes mustangs so attractive to foreigners and women? Thought it was america's sports car.

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Mustangs are supposed to be everyones sports car. Whether you're a boomer, boyracer, mom, race driver, poser, etc, there is a Mustang for you.

Why does it bother you?

The mustang has always been a girls car.
Its always been a low displacement baby v8 and it always will be.


They're stupid

Girls love cock, people who like mustangs love cock

therefore girls like mustangs

50 years of effective marketing.
Mustangs were among the first cars marketed at women.


can confirm

"Everything you could ask for on a secretaries salary"

Well, there you have it the official coupe of a 60's secretary.

Can someone tell me if the Camaro has ever been marketed to women?

It's the "me too!" car

Basket ball American women love to drive the 5th gen Camaros

because OP is a dickhead who didnt fact-check
>because mustang was marketed at women from day one.
mustuangs are attractive to foreigners. because in a lot of places (anywhere outside USA and canada and mexico), the mustang is/was a expensive car to: buy, bring in, register, and maintain the parts may be cheap in the USA BUT if you have a 70s car n\they arent as they have to be imported. so sometimes taxes and duties which means A LOT of official greasy palms and red tape. no you cant always get everything with ebay or craiglist...

No, it's drenched in testosterone. I doubt even 1% of Camaro owners are female.

you sir own a v6 auto catfish, and work at home depot.

Women love iPhones yet you retards buy those phones as well

it's always some fat bitch whose head barely makes it above the steering wheel. I wish they had an idea of how fucking stupid they look while driving one.

Wow, wasn't expecting Veeky Forums to agree that the mustang community/owners is cancer.

Camaro community is legit tho

>America's sports car
Everyone knows that title will forever be owned by the Corvette.

This is true

legit white trash and boomer faggots

Well I mean any community will sounds bad with over generalization.

Women, Mexicans and 17 year olds make up the mustang community.

I'm talking about the 5th and 6th gen, wont lie tho the 5th gen does attract alot of dindus, but everyone enjoys em nonetheless, but yea 3rd and 4th gen are very trailer parky cars...

>I will keep the "helpless-female" look by shifting manually only when I'm driving alone. All other times I will let the SelectShift work automatically.

They had tiptronic in 1967?

Newer, v6, automatics are for women who want to look fancy and think they're cute.

I'd kill for a foxbody GT in good condition tho, seriously my dream fucking car.

More so Nissan sedans. Altima, Maxima, etc.

Foxbody GT is a dream car? Just buy one and fix it up. They are like $2000 on CL lol

I plan too one day.

For now I've got a POS car pay,net I have to make that saps all my money. Needed a 'respectable' car I could take clients around in, decided I hated my fucking life and quit. No longer need the car, no longer make the kind of money to justify it, can't afford to eat the loss to get rid of it since I'm upside down in finance.

Every time I drive it I honestly wish someone would wreck into me and total the POS. All I want to do is get another project car, but I can't,,, sometimes I just wanna cry user

Just an FYI...
87-93 5.0 GT and LX are virtually identical.
LX is listed as an "LX sport"
Only difference is the body kit.
>same engine
>same exhaust
>same limited slip differential
Even the wiring harness is the same. GT has foglights. If you pull the LX light switch and replace it with the GT headlight/foglight combo switch- the plug for the foglight portion is in the dash. The pigtails to plug into the lights are hanging behind the bumper.
BTW, you posted a pic of an LX.

Can confirm

Thanks man, I had no idea.