Really makes you think

Really makes you think

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WTF I love "her" now

>you have to drive an American car to run for congress

fuck off back to retards

>thinks tesla actually made a roadster and believes the concept made production
>running for congress
>believes that the viper is an unwieldy extreme muscle car, despite the fact the ACR track package exists

Clearly these types of people are who we want influencing our country.

>people in stone houses shouldn't throw stones
>people in glass houses shouldn't throw glass

>Trump owns nothing but high end Italian super cars
>he's president of the United States of America

>republicans this stupid
what a surprise

Isn't she related to Anita Sarkeesian the feminist group who wanted to stop sexism in games or something because she or her cronies believed that because people were against her or her group that they must not want women in gaming because manchildren see it as some uber secret club?

She's right I guess
Wrong. She also fucking spelled it wrong
Wrong but i suppose she couldn't drive it even if she liked it

Does America make small sports cars...?

What is our MR2, miata or 240sx?

We had the solstice but that died with Pontiac and we had the Neon SRT.

if only pontiac were back maybe we could have something like that again.

Yeah, the closest thing I have to an American sports car is a RS neon with a 2.4l swap... It's a ton of fun, but I kind of had to make it.

That's not a she...that's a man...


But that's literally what it says. You can't replace two different words with one word.

>Brianna Wu
>running for congress
That'll be the fucking day.

The reason is our roads are entirely different from other roads. They are big wide open straights. They are great for large powerful cars.

Solstice was pgood. Also Saturn Sky.

>The Fiesta ST is not a thing
Mentally ill and retarded.

i cant take this woman seriously after she said sexualizing tanks is wrong

>thinks tesla actually made a roadster and believes the concept made production

>shitposter trying to defend Veeky Forums
pure gold, that ban really got you shook huh

>in lieu of handling
>lists Camaro, Viper, and Corvette
>All above average handling American sports cars

>They are great for large powerful cars.
>highest speed limit in the entire country is a single 85 mph toll highway in Texas



>>All above average handling American sports cars

Well, saying it is good handling for an american sports car is like saying the Huracan is cheap for a lamborghini

not much of an achievement

>in lieu of handling
bitch has never driven on track
btw what does "she" drives?


Not an argument.

She's restoring a classic 2001 Audi TT


I just looked this up because I had no idea what this was. This is the funniest thing I've read in weeks. The fact that people got this serious over video games is hilarious, thank you user.

>saying it is good handling for an american
But he literally didn't. are we reading the same comment?


Even on Veeky Forums i can't escape this loon

some chinese lady thought about getting a tesla in 2008?
i don't get it what's that suppose to make me think about.


whatever desu. But (s)he said

>“More anti-feminist filth from game industry. Tank-dating simulators objectify tanks, reducing them to sexual objects.”

which is very funny to me

Okay so from what I can gather this person is transgendered man, has no political background, is running for congress, and knows nothing about cars? Sounds like a he/she will win.

>Mexican built cars with American logos are not a thing
Mentally ill and retarded.


Also, that lighting looks retarded as fuck. Fitting for someone like her.

>put led lighting that wasnt there originally
this trannies coming with new word definitions everyday, like the time they said you didnt need to had a vagina to be a woman

Gamergay wasn't really about video games per se. Think of it as a training run for the meme war of 2016.

Trump is president. So...

Damn, sick burn Hillary. This will surely be the end of Trumps campaign.

Seriously though, i'm pretty sure that's the first time Trump has tweeted something intelligent.

So are we just gonna act like the Saturn sky never existed?

I don't think ST trims are built in Mexico. special trims of cars are usually built in one factory for the region.

>she couldn't drive it
This is more correct than you know, considering she doesn't have a licence afaik

Who is this slut?

>posts focus
All USDM fiestas are made in Mexico

Some American internet celebrity I think. I know boards like /v/ at one point had daily threads about "her". If "she" can run for congress you got a good chance. You should run, I'd vote for you. Make Nissan Great Again.

Brianna Wu, an engineer and video game developer who is now running for Congress

Fiero, Foxbody, Crossfire (ugh)

>implying they're not right
Name an American-made competitor to the Miata. Small sports cars just aren't something American companies have ever made. That niche was always left to imports to fill.

>you always need to be at the top end

>so what tranny you gonna drop in that thing?
>Uhhhh... excuse me what did you JUST say?
>What tranny ar-
>STOP you fucking transphobic piece of shit I can't even right now!

>this tranny needs a rebuild

why don't you guys pass a law stating that media personalities cannot become politicans

this might be the only way to save america

Been thinking of getting one for 10 years but don't think it's long term viable


maybe in another few decades it will prove itself to him

Ronald Reagan the actor was my favorite POTUS

that will be abused to kick out almost every politician, since they're all media personalities at this point. and the moment someone is running for office that can be accused of becoming a media personality.

It's the best handling road car America has ever built. (Insert "low bar" joke here).
Also why would you be following a feminist hack?

Obama wasn't. Clinton wasn't, JFK wasn't

I don't think you understood my point. elections make all candidates media personalities.


which C. is the real C.?
>someone is lying on the internet

You're saying that as though it ever was about gaming.
It was always about social justice. Sarkeesian said so herself.

I am not a dumb neolib, so reagan can't be my fav president

Everyone is C.

>following the speed limit


just kidding I love Bernie Sanders

Liking Trump was a dank meme
Hating Brian is also a dank meme

He will never get into office

this is true

socialism is about worker ownership of the means of production, not liberal mental diseases

Socialism is stupid, as a liberal, you're retarded.

What board am I on? This is blue, but it's not /g/... and yet here is Brianna Wu.


>as a liberal
sorry, opinion disregarded

Classical liberal. The idea of "free shit" became less appealing once I started making more money and realized 30 percent of my paycheck goes to either government inadequacy or is just held there in the form of a 0 interest loan known as a tax return

>classical liberal
sorry, opinion disregarded again

I get you drive a gm :^) how's it going keeping oil INSIDE the engine bb

Sorry, I do not arguee with liberals

>being on Veeky Forums
>not knowing about gamergate until now
how is this possible
I both envy and pity you

>I'm it's an argument when you get BTFO from the start
Classic gm fangirls, always the same...

>If he doesn't know cars, he must not know politics!

Ameritard voters, everybody.

>dyes her hair blonde
>forgets to dye her eyebrows

Can someone inform this dumb liberal that I won't reply to him please

The Focus RS

who the semen demon

Last roadsters made for america were the solstice and sky. I'd like to get a sky redline one day. The price has stayed steady at around 11k. If I got an NA, it'd be the 2.4 solstice and you can find those around 7k.

Ferd needs a coupe/roadster. A little rwd 1.6 ecoboost would definitely sell.

I saw a Solstice GXP a few days ago, spewing smoke as it merged onto the interstate. it's easy to get extra power out of them with a tune, but don't trust a used one without a thorough inspection.

If you don't lurk popular boards, most of the cancerous shit doesn't get to you.

WTF!? I hate Trump now!

Too bad the Solstice was just an Opel.

I thought the Opel was mid engined

did the USA get the telstar tx5? parents used to own one and it was a fun little turbo car.

It was an Opel based on a modified Y-body (Corvette) that wasn't even built in Germany at all or ever?

The opel was actually a pontiac

I'm not sure where people get the idea that it was the other way around, but afaik Opel had no hand in the Kappa platform.