Post the first car you ever owned. What model was it? How much did it cost? How long did you have it for...

Post the first car you ever owned. What model was it? How much did it cost? How long did you have it for? How does it compare to subsequent cars? Any memories with it that stand out?

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>Tis a Silver Ford Sportka

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Blazer s10 4.3V 4x4
A little over a year.
It was fun to beat on but my mid 2000's fwd shitbox is better as a DD.
Hundreds of redlines a day and 5 hours of hooning and off roading a day was fun too.

>First car ever owned
Toyota Sienna
>How much did it cost?
Free, my dad and I shared it
>How long did you have it?
I think we had it for about 2 years before we got into an accident and it was totalled.
>How does it compare?
Great for space, shitty for everything else
>Stand out memories?
Yea all the ones were I would drive around my football buddies and myself to anywhere we needed because of all the room.

>first car
1994 Toyota Sedan
it was 5 years old at the time and I paid 900 bucks for it, which for a 17 year old is a lot of money.
>how long did you have it for
3 years until I just had to admit defeat. It was a real shitbox.
>how does it compare to subsequent cars
I've learned to hold out and invest in superior cars since then. It is easily the worst car I've ever owned.
>any memories that stand out
I hit a kid on a skateboard in my neighborhood once. I wasn't going very fast but I thought I hurt him really badly. He got up, said sorry (it was definitely his fault) and got back on his board. I also drove to San Jose from Phoenix by myself (no friends) on the last day of high school. Didn't tell anybody, just did it. Dad was pissed when I got back but it was worth it.

07 3 door yaris, $5000, 6 years and counting
it's a boring, falling apart, piece of shit due to vandalism and me not giving a shit,
but it costs next to nothing to keep and is reliable as hell so it's a perfect winter and work beater and i will hold onto it until it's no longer cheap and reliable

I lived in a Jewish area so I loved beating Audis at the light and scions on the mountain roads.

'91 Mazda Miata
I had it for three days

I haven't stalled it on a public road yet

>black 96 Prelude Si (non-vtec) with an automatic
>paid about 100 dollars for it
>owned it for 8 years
>the engine screamed in such a satisfying way compared to the miata I own now
>jumping the car in the abandoned psychiatric center at the crest of a hill, doing 125mph on concrete in the rain

$5k for a 91????

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It's in really nice shape and completely stock

1987 Ford Mustang notch back.
>ugliest yellow ever. clear coat left years ago.
>previous owner dropped a 5.0 in it(was a 2.3) and only swapped the gear box. stock tires, brakes, diff, ect.
>previous owner blew the head gaskets getting it stuck in mud.
>rust errywhere
>water in gas tank
>door gaskets leaked seats ruined

I learned so much from that car. Bought it as a heap for $100. Rebuilt the engine, changed fluids, new clutch, used tank, interior and seats from a salvage some guy was parting out in the penny pincher. got all the door and trunk seals off the salvage to.

It was a beat to hell piece of shit that I fixed up and hooned around the county with when I was in high school. Every car I've had after it has been an upgrade, but none yielded the same feeling of freedom one gets from their first car.

I actually was able to directly reapply some of what I learned from working on it later. My third car was a '91 Mustang GT 25th. Got it w/ no motor or gearbox and decided to go with a 351c. Best worst idea ever.

1985 Dodge 600es
$1500 in 1993
Sold for $300 in 2002 when the ECM finally gave out completely
It was a good car and I wish I'd understood more about turbochargers back then as I do now. I would probably have considered buying another if it had ever been available in manual
Tons of memories of course, lots of smoking weed and getting BJs on warm summer nights

1992 Chevy Lumina z34

I miss the car, but I didn't miss the $250 a month insurance. lol

>I loved beating off Audi drivers in the mountains

>first car
27 and still have yet to own one but I did drive my moms car to get my license and have driven it maybe 10!times since. It's a minivan, honestly not sure of the brand.
no idea
>how long did you have it for
She's had it for 11 years.
>how does it compare to subsequent cars
I actually drove my younger brother's car the other day, it was a sedan and it felt like a smoother ride
>any memories that stand out
I ran a red my first time ever on the main road. In general, I remember how exhilirating it was to drive when I was first learning, and thinking how great it would be to be able to take quiet drives once I moved out, got a job and my own car (none of which I did).

This board is torture, honestly.


>never owned a car
>younger brother owns a car

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>Post the first car you ever owned. What model was it?
2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV
>How much did it cost?
Don't know, got it as a graduation present from my rich grandfather
>How long did you have it for?
Still have it actually though I don't drive it that much anymore
>How does it compare to subsequent cars?
I've owned objectively better cars since but this one will always have a special place in my heart
>Any memories with it that stand out?
Driving from Spokane to Austin that first summer. Fun as hell, although spent a ton on gas.

What is stopping you from getting a job, buying a car and movin out?

1999 Mustang V6 5-speed. I bought it with 85k in June of 2007 bone stock needing tires, a window motor, and brakes for $1800. I replaced the window motor and did all 4 pads and rotors (just to learn how to do them) and then got the wheels, tires, and headlights with ~500 miles on them from some kid who was in deep shit for stealing his dads credit card lol. I paid $750 for everything. I traded the car in September with 93k and got $6500 for it somehow.

oh also I bought this car in downtown Milwaukee and lived in Madison. I had never driven a manual in my life so getting out of the city was fun but by the time I made the 90 mile journey home I had it down pretty well. but I was a weenie and didn't want to drive it in the snow so I traded it for a 2005 Celica GT-S.

1985 Ford EXP (5-speed, power-nothing, no A/C) but in a different, uglier color. 0-60 in less than an hour but outstanding MPG, especially for a high-school kid in the 80's who drove all the time. I still kinda miss it, though. You never fall out of love with your first car...

>I think we had it for about 2 years before I got into an accident

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Ford Tempo Sport GL 2-door. It made a whopping 100 HP and was pigfat, but man I had some great times in that car. Was also a manual so I learned how to drive the right way. I eventually traded it in on a Festiva (why) but I'll always have a spot in my heart for that Tempo.

>First car ever owned
you already know it i shill it enough
>How much did it cost?
after my sister got it and decided she didn't want to learn stick it sat for years and i inherited it
>How long did you have it?
got it whenever it first sat
started driving it last year
still have it
>How does it compare?
my only car so i don't know but ive driven all the cars owned by family members and i honestly like driving mine the most even though theirs are newer and faster and "nicer". probably because im used to it or because i keep it cleaner than any of them do or maybe because its the only stick ive driven. they all drive automatics
>any memories that stand out
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>first car i ever owned
1991 nissan 240sx coupe in black
>how much did it cost?
$2500 in 2001 from the origional owner
>how long did you have it for?
Still have it, so 16 years now
>how does it compare to subsequent cars?
Its my benchmark for how pigfat and unispiring most cars drive.
>any memories that stand out?
Going balls deep into a turbo motor swap when i was 17 and it actually worked

>1994 Silverado C1500
>4 years
Thing was a fucking brick in every regard. Wasn't very fast, but it could not be killed. I miss that piece of shit.

>What model was it?
91 nissan stanza
>How much did it cost? How long did you have it for?
$1100, still have it
>How does it compare to subsequent cars?
>Any memories with it that stand out?
switched the grille and headlights out and fucked in it

>What model was it?
Fiat Panda 999cc (1st gen)
>How much did it cost?
400€ including winter tires and a full tank
>How long did you have it for?
6 months
>How does it compare to subsequent cars?
>Any memories with it that stand out?
The lack of everything (power steering, traction control, airbags, doors thicker than paper, stereo, AC) made it a ton of fun.
You had to use a choke in the winter, often go full throttle to keep up with traffic, and cornering at normal traffic speeds was frightening on its thin motorcycle tires
At some point the window wouldn't close without stopping, so I always drove with open windows
Then the brakes failed downhill and only the engine and the emergency brake saved me
That's when I had it crushed
I never took a picture and regret that deeply


Nissan Stagea RS4
5.2k NZD
A year
No car I ever own will suck gas like that prostitute could. I am to blame for the fuel crisis in the future.
Only painful memories concerning the condition it parted my ownership in. I think it was the last bone-stock, full-option RS4 left in NZ and I got it for a fucking bargain.

>2000 Volvo S80 2.9
>to me, free - grandfather bought it for me when I graduated from highschool
>finally got rid of it last December, timing belt snapped on the highway
>16.5 years
>comfy as hell, for some reason modern cars couldn't quite nail it for me - replaced it with a 2016 TLX which is nice and all but not quite the same
>proposed to my wife in it

What year model? The one that shares r33/r34 bits?

1966 Volvo L3314N

About $3500, sold it for a bit over $5000 a few months later as it then had new tires, a few fixed issues and new shocks

Its... well, you can probably understand that its uncomparable

Technically I had my Cherokee first, but first car I bought myself was an 89 240sx with a s14 ka swap with cams and forged internals but no turbo (P.O. wanted to keep it for his car). Paid 2k in 2011.
Still have it but it is torn down to just the shell currently. Stole all of the good parts to put on my s13 vert summer day cruiser car. Plan to get it going again with a better motor after I get the vert done and redo all the suspension on its shell.
It was the most fun vehicle in my small group of high school friends so we used to pile into it then go tear around the IL/MO back roads all night in the summer. Never wrecked or spun surprisingly, but a wheel did fall off as I came to a stop once not even 10 minutes after some spirited driving topping around 120ish. Probably the closest I had come to dying.

WCN34, yeah. Unfortunately it was the series 1 RB25DET, but I didn't own it long enough to do any moneying aside from filling the tank every single week.

1998 v6 passat 2.8 5speed manuel 218k miles
$1650 cash
Bought it after the first couple months I had my first job. Sold it a year later around 235k miles for $800 with some body damage
Honestly the best car ive had to date, fastest car ive had to date aswell I miss that thing

I've only owned two cars. I still have the first, owned the second for 2 weeks before I sold it.

Anyways, here's my first

>2009 Honda Civic Ex-l sedan
>My mom bought it brand new for 25k in Monopoly money
>Fast forward to 2016
>Need a car, look on used market for a similar Civic or csx (Acura)
>Mom goes "why not buy my car?"
>Flawless condition, proper maintenance done, top spec minus Navi, leather seats, sunroof, the whole shebang
>Can keep insurance under her, so cheaper for me
>Sells for 9-10k used
>Got it for 6k

I've put 40,000km on it in 14 months since I've owned it. Still running great. Clean as a whistle.

Went on my first date in that car shortly after getting it.

5.3? If so good mpg and reliable motor. But fuck all for power.

1989 Honda Civic and I got it when I turned 16 in 2000, paid $1500 for it. It lasted tell 2003, it blew a head gasket. Despite me only owning it for 3 years, I still have fond memories of the car simply because it was my first car.

>Ford P100
>Cost 5000 dkr, about 750 dollars
>Had it for 3 years. Cops took the numberplates because i hadn't paid the half-yearly registration fee. Sold it to a friend who owned another P100, he chopped it up and used it for parts.
>It had no exhaust pipe. For 3 years i drove around in that piece of shit and all i could hear was brraaaaaaaaaaa. Had no radio either.
>Got t-boned by a shitskin in a nissan sunny. The nissans front was destroyed and it had to be towed. The P100 got a huge dent in the b-pillar, but i was able to drive on. Didn't leave insurance details so i never heard anything about it

2001 Seat Leon 1.6 16S Stella 105hp
something like 7 or 9 months
don't really know, no memories

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>97 Saturn SL1
>100k miles when bought, 180k when junked
>alternator died within first 2 days of ownership leaving me stranded on a logging road in Maine at 2am
>exhaust rusted completely, separated and fell off just before catalytic converter, sounded like a plane taking off when revved to just 2k rpm
>that winter block developed crack in it, would piss coolant until engine warmed up...Maine winters too cold for full warm up at idle
>would seal crack with jb weld, within a month crack would grow again
>joined USMC, parents junked the car as it wasn't worth fixing

Use to share a car with the mother, got kicked out. moved on in live, started working ect.
Still 18, and looking to buy my first car, whats the reliability upkeep cost of a 2010 bmw e90? around 60-70000 miles? worth it as a first car? cost isnt to much of an issue, but dont want it to be outrageously expensive on upkeep. It will be bought cash, so im not leasing it or any of that.

Last car was a 2016 kia sportage 1.7L manual.

>paid $500 for it from my brother
fast forward to 19y/o
>Still broken, needs a new motor
>too broke and lack knowledge to fix it
>sell it for $700
Now at age 23 i have money and knowledge on how I could have fixed it. Regret selling it every day man

>First Car
VW Polo GTI 6n
>How much?
>How long did you have it?
Only for 1 year then sold it again
>How does it compare?
I loved it, 125hp, less then 1000kg and no ESP. Beat much stronger cars on curvy roads
>stand out memories
Racing through the mountainroads at night on the weekends

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94 geo prizm
2 years
it's shit
it couldn't go 40mph without overheating

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>91 Honda Prelude

had to put a quart+ in a week, the radiator blew, the master cylinder had to be replaced, bald tires that would send you into the intersection in the rain. the engine seized the day I graduated high school just as I pulled in the lot to park. Never saw it again after it was towed. A total piece of shit, but I would still get another prelude, something about them thats fun.

99 escort wagon

Lasted a few months only until the trans gave out

Odd part was I was young and it was my first car, when I first got it I washed it, cleaned it out, and wasn't satisfied, I unbolted all the seats, covers, dash and cleaned the whole car up and washed the interior. I used to wrench on cars a lot when I was younger, not so much anymore...

>1998 Subaru Legacy GT
>Still have it, 4.5 years now
>Best in class

My first car was a 1996 Nissan Quest.

Not a terrible first car, by and by. It was big enough to make me learn the car's dimensions quickly, and the torquey-if-underpowered engine made it have enough punch that it wasn't left completely in the dust, but not enough power to get into any real trouble.

Plus it was big enough for me to carry any and all of my friends if we wanted to go somewhere.

The windows started falling off, and we ended up junking it after it barely limped it's way to like 170k miles. Engine was fine, for what it's worth, but the suspension had long since gone, it needed new wheels, a new radiator, a new AC condenser, and a rear window, the sunroof, and the windsheild all had to be replaced. At that cost to get it in good running order again, we just ended up buying an old Merc E300 for about $1000 less than fixing it would have been. (The merc was also a killer deal, and a diesel, which helped depress the price)

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also the brake rotors were badly warped when we did her in.

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>What model was it?
1985 saab 900
>How much did it cost?
>How long did you have it for?
still have it 11 years later and still mostly DD it
>How does it compare to subsequent cars?
It gets bitchy sometimes over small stuff, but never has had anything more serious than having to replace suspension components or a CV boot
>Any memories with it that stand out?
Bought it as a non safety-able shitmobile when I was 15 and completely rebuilt it with my grandfather. I even learned how to fabricate body panels on that thing :')

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What model was it?
>1996 Acura Integra LS
How much did it cost?
> $1,000
How long did you have it for?
> 3-4 months, it was a piece of shit that I couldn't afford to fix at the time
How does it compare to subsequent cars?
> The gas mileage was phenomenal compared to my current car
Any memories with it that stand out?
> I learned how to drive stick in this car, raced multiple other hondas / mitsubishis, as much as the suspension was shot I had a blast driving it.

I would like to buy a GSR or Type-R in the future. Fun little cars.

>94 accord
>owned it for like 6 months before i sold it to my dopehead brother, who fucked it up and not pay me for it
>I had to bail him out after getting the title from him and selling it
>prev. owner was a christian couple who were incredibly good to it but it had 200k+ miles and was about donezo
>replacement is a 92 Bronco, and I like it a lot aside from the shitty broken back window

Any memories?

>I live next to the park in our town and had a friend that lived about 1-2 mile away and the road from his place to mine was one shot across a 4 way uphill
>Was out of gas and in the middle of -10 winter one night at his place
>dies as I go towards the hill
>stop, get it to go again as I go down the hill
>ends up not dying again, I go through the 4 way at 50mph

about 1500€
had it for 2 years and passed it on to my younger sister when i bought my e90
the e90 drives better than MY E36 DOES in almost every way but im still trying to justify buying another one...

most memorable are the dope ass drifts around roundabouts 'we' did and that one time i didnt look and some audi wrecked my door (my fault)

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92 GSI Geo Storm. Had it for like 4 years. Cost $600 and ran until after I sold it with no real work done to it other than normal maintenance. It was a great car.

Mine was a teal color. It was slow but had good mpg.

>Stock Automatic honda del sol 1993 375 000 km
> 3500$ cad
>I had subarus after so the del sol was really reliable
>My freind mike wanted to try the del sol
>Mike is 6'7" 400pound
>We had to remove the top so he can see over the windsheild
>Tires were scraping on mike's side

>1996 Monte Carlo Z34
>hand me down from pops
>But countless $$$ in repairs
>about 9 months
>worse in every aspect except space
>hitting 120mph on 287, driving through the night to my girlfriends house, learning to drive in blizzards, also the first car I drove in

I still miss that car

Buy another one bro. There are lots of mk3 supra's out there that need a good home.

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>> 2006 RX8.
>> Bought May 2013
>> Still running.

>> New shocks. New ignition coils. New brakes. New sparkplugs. Removed cat. Remapped ECU. Oil change/servive every 5-7k.
>> 137k and still humming
>> Rust eating sills. Belly damage from random road-rock at night.

>>Still running. Goes to work. Goes away for the weekend. Goes to trackdays. Goes quick enough. Will pass anything on the road here except for a petrol station.

No surviving pictures exist, this one's from Google...

>First car ever owned
1983 Nissan Sunny
>How much did it cost?
250€ in 2011
>How long did you have it?
For about five months until there was simply too much to fix.
>How does it compare?
Worst bloody thing ever.
>Stand out memories?
The shitbox simply not picking up speed whenever it rained. Especially fun on motorways. RPM's went up but speed did not. Horrible. Once we spraypainted the thing full of bad jokes and drove it around town on a beautiful summer evening. The best memory there is.

All together, it was a dreadful car. But it had like 600k km on the clock and it was almost 30 years old... A summer car it was meant to be and a summer car it was. Rust in pieces, mighty Nigger Harvester.

I love seeing people who occasionally track their dailys

>1999 Mitsubishi Montero Sport LS 2WD
>Over 10 months ago (ever since I got my DL)
>I don't know since I haven't purchased any other vehicle yet, I am planning on moving on from this truck though.
>Being chased by a ghetto rat in a Civic for 2 miles

White '86 MR2. Cost me £2100 and another £1500 to insure it.
Only had it 6 months before I got hit head on while waiting to make a junction.
Second/current car is a 2003 MR2 so they stack up pretty evenly. Gotta say the AW11 is the more comfortable out of them for long drives though.
Besides the crash? Taking a girl out for a drive after a Halloween party and then cruising back to her place through thick fog with Kavinsky's Outrun in the CD player.
Learning to left foot brake and left foot throttle on the 200+ mile motorway journey when I got bored.
On the way back from that holiday we stopped off at the Haynes Motor Museum and going through a village I got a nod off of an E-Type driver.

Was completely outclassed by stripped out hondas. And Imma shite driver.

Alo blew a shock going around the fastest corner on the track, leading to a hideous high-speed aw-shit-were-hitting-the-barrier-at-120kph spin. The sort that really fucks your confidence and makes you not want to go back out and break it because you need to go to work Monday.

Thinking of replacing it with a new Mx-5 because age is not being kind.

1990 Accord LX
Had it for about 3 months until I put it in a ditch and bent the frame, being an idiot at 17 was fun.
It was better than my current car even though it had rust and was older.
Replacing the entire interior with one from another accord is what stands out the most.

should i get this as first car? excuse the language

I love those too, I'd like to own one someday, why was it so expensive? Was this close to it being new?

Hey, my sister has a car just like that!

What a hideous car

>1986 Audi 4000S
>slow 4cyl 3speed auto shitbox
>headlight switch would burn out leaving me with no headlights
>fuel pump failed. bought a new one. that failed. bought another. that failed
>my mom paid $3000 for it
>I owned it for a year until I sold it to buy a Miata
>now I drive a Volvo C30

Kill me. Four years with this thing.

lol what's the story behind that?

'89 325i (E30), Alpine White, completely stock except an M-tech steering wheel
$3,000 (bought it in 2007 before the boom)
3 years
Loved it, drove so nice. Still in the family, would buy it back tomorrow.
Driving to the beach with my gf and cruising up HWY 1, magical.

I bought a 87 944S, with a s2 swap in it when I was 19. I bought it before the price for them skyrocketed for 3.5k and a 600 dollar Jackson guitar as a trade. It had 80k miles when I bought it, lasted me 6 years as a daily driver till the water pump died and I wasn't interested in fixing it. I miss it more than any ex ever though...I watched the kid I sold it to burn up the clutch putting it on the back of a trailer. Made me so sad. I still remember sliding around corners and midnight drives with my third shift bros in their miatas and rx8s

2005 Avalanche LS
Free. My dad bought it new and pawned it off to me when I got my license. Worth 7k now.
Since I was 16
I haven't owned another car but I've driven a few. Feels sluggish, slow, and sloppy handling but it's a truck. It has been reliable as fuck and I do all the work myself on it. No dents no scratches no nothing.
Bed swimming pool, prom, and general asshatery on the road. I drive it like a sports car.

that's a man's vehicle right there