Is leasing a good idea? Just about everyone I know does it but it doesn't seem to make sense to me. Aren't you just renting a car for 3 years? Is there any investment at all?

Leasing is amazing because you'll always have a recent model car. When your lease is up, just get another lease. It's a great deal for safe, fuel-efficient, and reliable modern vehicles.

Cuck's mentality.

>I let other men lease my wife

>Is there any investment at all?
What investment? How old are you? The whole point of leasing is to have a nice modern car on warranty/insurance and not bother with the selling/reselling every so often. Private leasing is usually worse than financing, however b2b leasing allows you to write off tax and save both time and money.

In your analogy leasing would be riding a fresh new virgin girl every week. Step it up, autismo.

I bought a used car with cash and have been driving it for the past 4 years. I intend to drive it several more years as well.

> Cost of leasing a car for 30 years = Buying a car new and keeping it for 30 years

Get real cunt, its way more expensive and you get diminishing returns as newer cars get more and more shitty

>take $80000
>buy luxury car
>drive it into the ground 100k miles later because planned obsolescence and rising costs of repairs
>or spend the money to keep it on the road, and drive it until something important blows up

>take $1000/mo lease (for simplicity's sake: that's all in, tax and whatever) (that'll get you something decent, right?)
>never have to worry about maintenance or such
>it'd be nearly 7 years before you spend as much as 80k
>in that time, invest your money in a diverse, solid portfolio
>maybe even make that $12000/year back in just dividends

It's for people who have money, and are smart with money. Or poorfag filipinos who absolutely have to look like they've got the newest thing on wheels, then putangina they fuck it up because filipinos are stupid shits.

>drive it into the ground at 100k miles
What? Most cars will last easily twice that with no major repairs required. Most people don't drive more than like 10k miles per year so that would be 10 years even to get 100k miles.

so look at it like this

you can lease something, say a 50k car for 500 a month (there is almost always a requirement for something upfront, lets say 5k) for 4 years
so total, you get a car for 4 years by spending $29000
you could buy the same car, a reasonable down payment is ~20% so 10k
financing will run about $700 for 5 years
now you are spending a total of ~43k(depending on interest rate)
at the end of that financing you own the car
lets assume you want a new car every 4-5 years so you will be trading in at the end of every lease or purchase
at the end of the lease you are left with nothing, and you will now have to start from square one
at the end of the purchase you are left with a car that you can now sell
take the amount you sell that car minus your total loan cost and compare it to the lease option
also consider your trade in value is going towards a new car giving you a larger down payment

leasing only makes sense when the depreciation of the car outweighs the costs of purchasing it

It's more expensive if you're too stupid to set up even a small business, yes. Brainlets are forever doomed to wrench their 3k civics.

I would love to lease, but work demands that I rack up 30k miles per year on my vehicles. I don't think there's a realistic lease from anybody for me

You've clearly never bought German.

t. Scotty

With a lease you are basically just paying depreciation on the car.

Basically, lease new cars, finance used cars that will depreciate and pay cash for cars that will hold their value

How do i into tax write offs?

I always lease sports cars because I'm never content. In the past I would buy one, mod it, and get bored of it in a few years. By leasing I get a different car every 3 years. Right now I just leased a Hellcat and I'm enjoying it. It's not for everyone and I still have a side project car that I'm working on.

I don't know why people say "investment" on purchase of car.
Investment of what ? you think you are buying some classic or something ?
If you get tired of car easy and want something new every few years just lease it.

Doesn't matter either way, its only retarded if you are spending more than 10% of gross income on cars and not saving anything for retirement. People that lease cars are typically retarded with money.

Leasing is long term way more expensive due to never getting any of that money back. Looking to "invest" in anything other than a low mileage well-groomed classic / never driven low production car is non-existent, so you're safe to pretty much forget that concept entirely.

If you can afford it, and don't care to keep the car, then do it. You'll pretty much always have the latest/greatest and never worry about repair bills. It's not good for people who are trying to save money, and I feel like that is the biggest misconception because of the low monthly payment they wave in everyone's face. Dealerships make a killing off of it, they rent you a car and then sell it used, they get to double dip from one vehicle. It's made truly for people who can afford to have a never-ending expense to have the best/newest thing. (Or fleet vehicles which doesn't apply to you).

If you're one of those that insists on having new cars that are under warranty, and there is a case to be made for that, then leasing can make sense.

However there are problems. First is that the projected depreciation is actually what occurs. If the car proves to lose value more quickly the lessee is the one who gets fucked. Also if the car runs over the allotted miles for the contract or has damages greater than allowed then the lessee owes the difference.

tl;dr leasing can work out but frequently doesn't

Just buy used you dumb fucks
t. Waiting on the brz to get cheap

then don't fucking buy german
not exactly difficult
there are plenty of Jap and American luxury cars out there that are just as good