came here to post this


fwd = fastest wheel deal

How long will you go with this

>falling for the rong wheel drive meme

noone here is that stupid


My point exactly. That Honda came out of that corner in RWD and crashed immediately. Ran totally fine in FWD the rest of the time.

>m-muh animu

he lost that race tho :^)

newfags can't ガムテープデスマッチ


Do you have the cool vibrations version of this by any chance?


he was entertaining in all 3 races atleast, the ae86 driver was pretty boring compared to Jordan Cox

[Rage Your Dream plays in the distance]

>look up shingo on wikipedia
>piss myself laughing
which one of you did this

Someone in a thread about Running In The 90s lyrics making no sense a few days ago. The Initial D wiki is so dead that nobody bothered fixing it.

>quinton flynn was shingo in the Tokyopop dub


Despite driving a Honda, I cannot accept this; each drivetrain has its own advantages and each are fun to drive.


It was changed back for a bit, does someone keep changing it?