What stops them from making motorcycles?

If its the logo they can always create a seperate "Wing" for it no?

The market is already crowded and brand loyalty is a devious nigger.

Market is also crowded with great cars from toyota so the trust from returning or new bikers with a competitve price tag woud lure new customers its do able desu

A company like honda makes motors for appliances and such, so it's not hard for them to redirect efforts towards motorcycles

Toyota however just makes cars and would have to open an entirely new development team

You assume bikers are like normal people, though.

They're not - they're retarded.

Is that right?

Honda actually started out making motorcycles, and they have a long and rich history of achievements.

Other companies have similar histories and experiences that lend to making a great motorcycle.

Toyota doesn't have any of that. They would be starting new in an already extremely competitive market. It doesn't make any sense for them to do this.

it's weird that despite all of that toyota is worth 3x as much and sells twice as many cars

Damn, thats edgy!

And zero bikes. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

you realize they wouldn't be able to go "HRRMRHRMMR WE'LL JUST SIZE DOWN A CAMRY ENGINE ONTO A BICYCLE FRAME!". R&D for new technologies Toyota has zero experience from, hire engineers in the field, emissions shit, advertise, push to dealerships, and all this for a company that doesn't give a shit about motorcycles. Every single piece of the bikes would be bespoke since there's zero previous line-up. Motorcycles are also an incredibly difficult segment to compete in. Honda's bikes are mostly a passion project that pays for itself and same goes for bmw. They make them for fun and so their bikes don't need to all be success stories. If you don't have a history and tradition, I can't image why on Earth they'd just leap into it. I guess it's not unfeasible for Toyota to, but they probably just don't give a shit.

also Toyota is a public traded stock. this would be a retardedly expensive gag for them to do and would look retarded to investors.

this hondas passion is making great bikes and they just shoe in their cars by making every single one a ff shitbox save for the few that aren't.
Toyota passion project is sneaking in a great drivers car when people least expect it.

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There's a reason nobody likes bikers

Ummmm what? Honda makes great cars. They're not a bike company, they're a engine company. They specialize in engines for various things. They then make engines for products such as bikes, lawnmowers, cars, planes, etc.

Bikefags need to stop pretending they're special. You're not.

>chebby of japan

Why doesn't Ford make motorcycles?

Spoiler: Because it's a car company.

Honda started out making motorised bicycles.
Toyota started out making industrial machinery and cars.

Whgy enter a market you do not give a fuck about?

>>they're a engine company

Not working out too well in F1, is it?

There's so little money in it

Most bike engines stop working with like 50k on the clock, right? Might be cool to see toyota tackle that, but it's stupid

Nah, you'll get at least 100k out of most bikes, if not 200k before you need to open them up.

Two strokes and highly strung four strokes like dirtbikes don't count, obviously.

The reason you don't see loads of bikes with 100k miles is because they get crashed and written off or stolen.

There's a reason nobody likes BMW drivers too

>What stops them from making motorcycles?
toyota is scared of anything rwd after MR2

>emissions shit
bikes are literally exempt from emissions regulations.
and you can pass euro 2/3 without cat, by using modern ecu alone