If a Veeky Forums board was a vehicle

ITT; Veeky Forums boards as vehicles

Rules that simple.

Might as well start off with /k/

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Veeky Forums



That's not a Toyota Hilux

>/k/ is a CUCV
>/pol/ is a kubelwagon
>/a/ is an AE86
>Veeky Forums is a bus
>/x/ is a 1959 Cadillac ambulance
>/lgbt/ is a 1998 beetle
>/r9k/ is a beat up third gen cavalier
>/v/ drives their mom's mini van

>Veeky Forums mercedes

>/g/ prius



If anything /g/ would be something like a 350 powered A-body because that's about as close as you can get to an open-source car.

>or as I like to call it, 350+a body

it's 350/A-body not +




This would make a better /b/


I think a bosozoku car will be a better /b/

Like this?


Make it a convertible and it'd be perfect. Fucking Chads with their shitty sports cars.



I think we can safely assume that /lgbt/ is a miata


absolutamente asqueroso

/g/ would need an open source car
probably some cheap kit car with a laptop integrated into it.

I'd just like to interject for a second. The thing you are referring to as car is in fact GNU/car or as I have taken to calling is GNU plus car


I was thinking more alon these lines
Add a thinkpad with Gentoo and you're set

Nope, that's /jp/.


/g/ is tesla


/g/ would be a fiskar karma with an ls swap and megasquirt ecu


>One of the tiniest cars ever built
>Can't park it completely inside the parking lines
I mad


fuck yeah

Do you really think ponyfags can drive? They're literal low-functioning scum of the earth autists.






RIP ;_;

/g/ has literal circlejerks over Tesla. One would be their car for sure.


>Drive(tm) your new Tesla
>Overtaken by OC'd AMD Poorsche Curryenne
>Exceeds 3.5GB vram as sensors are overpowered by sudden spike in heatmap
>Crash into the Poorsche
>You die, AMDrone survives as he is at home trying to install Catalyst updates

Nah, this is /mu/



/pol/ train goes here


Veeky Forums

Veeky Forums



never skip leg day

I remember this one, Grenada 1983. we had dirt bikes, too.


Allow me to present an alternative

top kek

Came here to post this

Corvette's are a great value my friend. I had a C6 for a while and it was the car in which I learned manual on.





Ah the Danish Army in all its glory. Truly a sight to behold.