Saw a brz sti in traffic today

Saw a brz sti in traffic today


>Saw a brz with an sti badge in traffic today


it was an sti had all the decals the spy one had and the facias a little different

Doubt it. No way he got personalized plates that quick.
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Probably a chink/gook boyracer who's family owns a couple of nail salons tbdesu. Would not believe it's a real STi/10

So I had this thought, and buzz me if it's already been sorted

Subaru and Toyota partner up and make a nifty little car with all the ingredients to make sports car stew except they didn't give it enough power, making it slower than vans. Subaru then confirms a hi po STi version will be released to potentially cure the anemia of the original car

My question is, will toyota continue to sell the dumpy normal GT86 or will they badge a hot model too? The STi will be presumably better in every way...

It's in the spirit of the ae86 and s chassis, for it's price I don't know any everyone expects it to be a monster. The car benchraces poorly from daily driver tier stock tires but even then it's on par with the miata.

Hello fellow Irvine fags

Hello fellow chink

Brz sti comes with TOMs tails huh? ok.jpg

I'm only half chink thank you very much

It's literally a BRZ with the Jap spec kit and spoiler, with an STi badge plastered on by the owner.

I was in monterey park takumi-ing not an irvine nigga

You can transfer tags plus when you get a car they usually come in a week but lazy people take a year to put them on

they'd probably just release a trd trim that has turbo even though the toyota facia is way uglier people still wanna be takumi to the bone

people want a car that costs nothing that does everything

but he had sti rims too,
I know you might get the impression that im just a gullible cuck but damn is it really that hard to believe? I guess I just dont think someone would go so far as to decal the shit out of their car with sti badges and decals it just seems retarded

did you guys take out loans, how much?

>I know you might get the impression that im just a gullible cuck but damn is it really that hard to believe? I guess I just dont think someone would go so far as to decal the shit out of their car with sti badges and decals it just seems retarded
And yet there are people in the United States who buy the Holden front clip, badges, and kit for their Pontiac GTOs and G8s.

Is it really so hard to believe that somebody is willing to go to that length to make an STi mockup?

like I said earlier its hard to picture someone doing something that retarded

Irvine sucks ass
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There is no such thing and there never will be a brz sti with more power than stock. What there will be is an sti version with a big spoiler and suspension upgrades, but no power.

Hello fellow half chink/Irvine drivers.

What are good roads to ride near irvine?

The spoiler is wrong. US STi has like a mini trunk-wing.

You can actually purchse the ground effects, and rims directly from a dealership. Its expensive, but easy.

It's Toyota's car, Subaru only developed and built it. They're contractually bound to badge 5 out of 6 cars as Toyotas. If they make an STi version, Toyota won't allow them to sell BRZs that are better than 86s, unless 5 out of 6 of the STis are badged as Toyotas. With a lot of WRX STi buyers switching to BRZs/86s because it's now the better sports car, Subaru would lose 5 out of 6 of the WRX buyers to Toyota.

Subaru only makes profit on the BRZs, the profit margin of the 86 goes to Toyota.

There are people in straya who get chevvy badges and lambo doors on their holdens...
There's always someone that stupid and willing to throw money around

Doesn't mean chit kek

So, i think that subaru could make an sti brz with turbo and AWD, couse thats what subaru does, meranwhile Toyota had the celica 4wd, an AWD and more strong version of the regular celica, why wouldnt they make an GT86 4WD, with subaru doing the brz sti ?

where's the proof for any of This?

Oh very much agree, I just haven't heard a peep out of the Toyobros regarding the subject as yet

I found it pretty fucking humorous that Subaru touted itself as "the only carmaker to have awd standard on every car we make" and then quietly flushed the notion and built the BRZ

Then Audi picked it up. Good for them though, they needed a win

IF they make an STi version of it, people will stop buying an actual STi.

Subaru would effectively kill their own sales. Why would they produce a car to compete with an existing model, unless they full-on wanted to kill it. Quite the economists here at Veeky Forums.

I don't carry a bag of proofs around with me just because you retards on this Polynesian hat knitting board are ignorant and uninformed.

The Impreza still has ground clearance, AWD, a real back seat, and they can bump up the engine in a BRZ without being a serious threat power-wise.

They should discontinue the old STI with the outdated ej and use the FA turbo BRZ STI as their real high end sports car.

A BRZ is the equivalent of a dad and step dad raising a successful child together. Like sure they did a great job, but they both equally take ownership of how it was raised.

A BRZ STI is the step-dad forcing the kid to play AAA baseball when the bio-father wants him to play Hockey.

TRD and STI have very distinguished performance styles. If subaru made the STI than toyota would have to make a TRD equivalent. And due to engineers wanting to meet different goals and styles, they would have to compete with different platforms after they just collabed to make the damn go-kart. The elephant in the room is whether they make the same performance platform again, or split paths and compete

>engineers wanting to meet different goals
No Toyota engineers worked on the 86. Subaru engineers made the car Toyota wanted. The BRZ already is lighyears from Subaru's "style". If Subaru made an STi version, Toyota wouldn't do shit, they'd have Subaru badge 5 out of 6 STis as 86 TRDs.

Sounds like quite an ignorant statement there, bud.

Both of those shits are not the real sti


I was astonished by how slow these things are despite how fast they look

not even once.

holy kek this is the most bullshit excuse I've ever heard