Car insurance

ask a licensed U.S. car insurance agent anything.
l will be up all night anyways.
1. can't help commit fraud
2. I don't have all answers.
fire away sluts.
FAQ colors are only a rate for replacement parts, red is a hard color to match for example.
2. nothing happens when you turn 25, all ages are rated on a year by year basis.
3. you're car insurance go up but not tickets or accidents? blame your zip code most likely. there's a few general rating factors that can reach out enough to be significant like that. all reported accidents in your zip code are measured and also other factors, population, zoning and infrastructure changes etc. any because your insurance company will simply charge more if they can.

Call your insurance company (mid day,not past 5pm EST or weekends,) and ask if you can do anything to get your rate lowered. if they say no their being honest 99%. The emoyees are monitored to make sire they aren't lying but there are also laws the step in the keep them from deliberately lying to consumers. in regards to premium amounts/fees, all you have to do is ask, you can threaten to cancel but don't be a faggot and hype it up to sound beleiveable. all you have to do is say the word and that allows the agents to use more tools.

ask away bitches.

Are you Indian

it's funny how the myth of turning 25 lovers your insurance rate. Well in Sweden it goes drastically lover when you've had a license for 7 years so 25 years was given in the 60s and 70s when everyone got licenses on their 18th birthday.

Why do insurance agents suggest fraud ie telling parents to put the kid as a secondary driver on the kids DD and pretend his Dd is a safe shitbox?

white musician male.
years licensed in the US is a rating dacot though. especially motorcycles. of you plan on getting one,get you license now and just hang onto it

Hey I'm a trucker who only drives my car one day a week. Sometimes I make a little road trip but on average I drive far less than 100 miles per week on my car. It is a sports car. My driving record is clean. Is there a way to get my insurance rate significantly lower since I basically have a very low mileage weekend car?

It was the same for me, had a car in high school and insurance was so damn expensive I had the car registred to my mom. Years later after college I decided to get a car again and now insurance was like €20/mo

well fraud is grey in certain areas. that's an example of quote messaging (laws for insurance companies to be protected from dirty emoloyees)
I've never seen someone PRO actively state who drives and then ask a question confirm ( now you drive the 201u z06 and the 1994 corolla and when little Timmy will maybe drive the corolla...right)that's pretty blatant and has grounds to be busted. not my job to just up people though.

desu just call up and ask and let them know of your mileage changes and ask if their rating you correctly, ask if you/how to, qualify for discounts your eligible for or any thing else you can do to find saving.

just make sure you having lied before. a lot of people forget about these smalls lies and when they once said they park their car in a garage and only drive 1k miles a year get snagged

A conservative/Republican's baby-- a completely private, free market industry that has set absolutely ridiculous prices in places such as Michigan where I live and it costs over 3 grand a year for the minimum required "crash 'n cry" insurance.

I'm 23 and have been on parent's insurance plan since 18. Clean record. Can I get a 4th gen Mustang GT without getting raped by insurance now?

same states are pretty retarded.
I get forcing insurance is kind of B.S. but atleast forcing liability is probably good for society.

you have to be fucking retarded to buy a new car with comp/Collision and bitch about payments.
most people in insurance willingly by a car they can afford to buy 2 of in the event of them crashing it.(not into another person buying a ditch/tree) and just towing it away and not getting insurance involved.

depends on state,edication,occupation.
if you do get one that you can afford to lose so you only need liability insurance.
don't buy a new depreciating vehicle that also murder you on insurance costs. general financial advice but see my other post about a lot of people in insurance by turd buckets for cars because they understand their better off having a car that can just break and disappear than involving an insurance company.

I got in a collision yesterday, a guy in a truck in front of me veered right at a T intersection then pulled around for a U-turn without signaling at all and stopped in the middle perpendicular to the road. I hit him on his rear quarter panel. How much at fault would I likely be found, and how much would my rates go up / points be added?

no one's asked but I'll answer and tips.
-my windshields broken!let me call my car insurance company!
NO!. now you're on the line for making a claim and using company resources. they'll make you lay for this. maybe not today but come renewal time you're getting bent for it.
-if I argue with the phone person is sound angry I'll get a different outcome
not even close m8. if you have fees, use the term "waive" that's the standard term to open the dialogue about actually removing them. insurance agents are neck deep in the stupidity and faults in the business, please don't ramble on and bitch about dumb it is. these bros literally bitch about the same thing to management every meeting they have.
-why is hold time always a bitch to get to someone on the phone?
mother fuckers don't read their emails. doing an outbound call to 100k customers everyone a problem occurs would be insane. you'll get emails/text with contact info you provided.

frequently asked time wasters

can I get another copy of my documents?
-shits in your email inbox/spam
what's my payments days?
-read you're fucking bitch we sent you multiple
late fee? but I'm a victim of fraud.
-fuck what happens on the outside. we made an agreement to provide a service and you made an agreement to pay us a certain amount on a certain day. regardless of what happens you stated you'd pay us an amount on a. certain day. you didnt....heres your fees

you can tell I get salty wasting my time

and don't ramble on about personal shit.I

he sounds pretty much at fault. as for rates probably nothing. it would be really hard for him to declare non liable of his vehicle was in a position in the intersection where it makes no sense for a vehicle to be. now if he's behind the stop line where you'd normally initiate s regular turn at a T intersection there's still a likely chance you'd be fine.
can't tbone someone when your behind them unless driver confront put themself in a dumb spot if driver behind hit them and then pulled behind and parked their car or something.
don't sweat it friendo.

sorry about spelling also, on my phone so yeah.

>3. you're car insurance go up but not tickets or accidents?

Ugh, this applies to me. I literally did nothing wrong and my insurance just went up from $73/mo to $79/mo after steadily dropping for years. Maybe it's all the illegals driving around without insurance.

Why are some insurances companies drastically different in prices than others? I'm talking like one company wants $250 a month, while another one wants $160.

why do agents do a shitty job of explaining they are a re-seller of insurance, and that when its claim time they have jack all to do with anything?

could totally be the case. there a lot of red zone markets where you absolutely lose money but you market their does advertising basically. people move out of those areas and stick with their company. goes for like NYC and shit.
funnily enough when it comes to border towns there's a lot of additional insurance companies that simply don't bother.
most policies have bundling covers that ear cheaply/freely available.

lawyers shit
identity theft
home owners/renters
land Lord shit
small business insurance

insurance is all numbers so it's cool to see people openly talking about concentrations of illegals making literally everything a fucking nightmare and wrecks all the citizens in the area

a lot of pricing stuff in insurance is actually a privilege in not available to all companys. Elephant auto insurance for example is about to get their Texas county mutual allowance. this opens up a truckload of new absolutes to more accurately rates and provide the service.

insurance in all forms is a good tier standard of watching something good be chocked to death by regulations.

Okay just be clear this is the situation as it happened, he stopped as believe his turn radius was too wide and he needed to back up to complete it. I honestly dont give much of a shit about my DD shitbox, there's no structural damage so I was considering not reporting it as the other driver hasn't either, and just having each of us take care of our own damage. I'm just worried that the insurance company would fuck me over and assess some fault for following too close or some shit.

desu dealing with independents who are just middle men are a pain in the ass.
they do some sketch things to get their customers lower rates and only disclose what you ask about most of the time. like the whole"click here to agree to all terms and agreements" people get wrecked. and when it's time and people switch to a big name company, they use previous insurance history as a rating factor and they barley have the resources the record this mimuch less deliver it in a reasonble time frame

I was picturing it happening differently but desu this is better. his move is clearly illegal and drivers aren't required to always anticipate someone doing something illegal and out of the oridnary.

if you can report it is say do it. don't pay for some one else fucking you up.
in terms of it getting to you and having to pay more, meh.

there is data the suggest when you get into one collision you're a little more likely to get into another but Istatistically you're well and above in the clear. don't spend your money because someone else was an idiot.

What is the one major determining factor on insurance pricing? Expensive car? Driving record? Age? I know it's a combination of all of these, but does one of them tend to stand out above the others?

I'd say it's 2 parts and all about the coverage you have.
all policies are liability so their on the hook if you fuck someone else up. liability is only payment that goes to other people.
but there's also comprehensive/Collision in the mix. that's coverage that goes to fixing you're vehicle.

you can extrapolate from 2 examples to really understand most of before you need consider age/driving history

16 year olds are more likely to break shit so if you put them in a big heavy vehicle it will be even worse.

a 45 year old man is driving a lightweight car, it can still crash and cause harm but less than an f350 in the exact same scenario.
This car is expensive as fuck to fix though.

so that's it. small car with liability where they only have to fix the other people vs big heavy car that can cause more dmaage, and is expensive to fix if you also have the coverage to do that.


My car is slow as hell (Ford Crown Vic), so insurance is a bit cheaper on it. I think they understand that it's harder to crash when you are driving a a car that is slow.

I don't think I'll ever figure out insurance rates. My friend drives a 2014 Prius and pays $100 monthly. I drive a 2016 Challenger Hellcat and pay $118. Both of us have full coverage and are with the same insurance company.

1, who do you recommend as far as big name companies go?

2, how railed am I currently;

>male, 26, licensed about 6 years
>one at fault claim almost 3 years ago, so minor no police report filed, was a sub-2mph collision, guy infront of me didn't hit his brakes and rolled off into another vehicle

I was paying $74 a month on a new-to-me vehicle (80's GM pickup) after this incident as my previous company, Allstate, raised my liability only from $95 a month to wanting $285 on renewal, so I switched companies and went to full coverage, for less money. Every 6 months my policy has gone up a few bucks a month, recently renewed policy is $94/mo

>$25k/$50k coverages
>$25k medical coverage
>$500 deductible

Basically only thing I don't have is roadside assistance, should I be able to get the same coverage cheaper or am I looking at about as good as I can be right now?

Further info, zero incidents besides that one claim, no speeding tickets or anything, only ever had a no seatbelt ticket.

not op but $94 a month is not bad

that's not bad. that's a lot of medical paymen coverage. you're in VS then?
if you still have an 80s truck desu I might sound repetitive but it's drop It to just liability. the vehicle doesn't hold enough value were even a smaller repair would already out spend the worth of the vehicle (already including all other maintenance costs)

and here's my crazy personal opinion. just install a roll cage in your car. there not too expensive and preventative protections are a billion times more important.

in terms of which company I couldn't have an opinion. I'd recommend tho it's easy to get multiple quotes at once but I've never used it myself.