I asked this question a few days ago in /dbt/ but the answers quickly digressed into off topic fighting

>I asked this question a few days ago in /dbt/ but the answers quickly digressed into off topic fighting

I am going Tuesday to buy a new motorcycle, it will be used 90% on road with minimal light trail riding (have a 300exc for that). I plan on riding around 1-1500 miles a month, I am torn between the 701 and the FE501 bikes. I live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains so all of my riding would be on back twisty roads. I am looking at each bike this way

>~60ish HP
>best to do oil changes every 500miles
>check valves every 1000 miles

>71ish HP
>oil change every 3000 miles
>check valves every 12,000 miles

The weight difference between the two cancels out the HP advantage of he 701 so at that point it's basically a matter of maintenance. I don't mind the *idea* of the maintenance schedule of the 501 however in practice it may be a different story. Should I just go with the bike I want? Or should I be more pragmatic in my choice and buy the 701?


Pretty sure the 501 is made with competitive dirt racing in mind, not regular road riding. That maintenance schedule would be a catastrophe for a road bike.

>it will be used 90% on road
>buys an enduro

I disagree my dad has a 500exc (same motor) and he has over 10,000km on it without a rebuild. And that includes dirt riding. If OP keeps it on road I imagine it will go a lot farther.

i would rather be no bike than do oil changes every 4 days and valve adjustments every 8 days.

Plate your 300 for dirt days, do a South Dakota non resident title and plate if your state is a nigger about plating dirt bikes.

Then get a 701sm.

My state is a nigger, I was actually going to drive to a friendly state that plates bikes and buy one of the new TPI 300s, but they aren't hitting the states until 2018 fall.

North Carolina is a nigger and a half when it comes to plating bikes.

Bikes are about having fun, so get the one you want. Otherwise you will always be wishing you had bought what you wanted.

There is a thread on Supermotojunkies.com on how to plate your 300 through SD, simple as hell and you'll be out less than $100. Then transfer a plated bike back into NC to get your state plate. I did this with my WR450 for California which is full double nigger for plating bikes.

Never gonna make it

Who the fuck buys a $10k dirt bike?

> go be poor somewhere else.

>go be dumb somewhere else

Btfo don't even reply

>it will be used 90% on road
Get the 701

Or a street bike


Why does every fucking squid on the planet think a street bike is the only thing you can buy to ride on the street? Enduros are way more fun on the street.

>implying I'm a streetbike squid
He has a dirt bike already that does the job miles better than either of those will. For 90% street work there is no reason to deal with the extra maintenance of an enduro bike over a street bike

Honda Africa Twin

Enduros are fun on the street, but not so much freeway.

If 90% of the riding was on thr street and he has a dirt bike already, why get an "almost" dirtbike at all? Just get street/adv bike.

Because it's 80 pounds heavier. Riding the pigfat 701 compared to something super nimble like the 501 will be a world different riding experience. Not to mention the 501 will have a more aggressive engine which will also be more fun, and from the way OP sounds he just wants something fun.

But I have to since it's free to REEEEEeeeeeeeeee

btfo sperg more

>I live in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains so all of my riding would be on back twisty roads.

Maybe you missed the " all " part about backroads.

He has no need for a freeway capable bike.

The 501 would be fun as hell, especially if he supermememotos it. Changing the oil twice a month is not that bad. Keep the air filter clean and adjusting the valves will almost never happen, you should still check them every once in a while but certainly not every other oil change.



80 pounds on the road is a good thing.

Get a naked bike.

80 pounds is a good thing. More resistance to windblast.

mine was 14,000 cuz I bought it new.
quite cheap desu



100% different bike. Engine and frame are new for this year. Plus I think BMW owned them in the days of the te511.

>why do you hate it?

Fuel pump failure, puking oil, strangled from factory, EVERY SINGLE THING STRIPS, No parts availability, almost zero aftermarket.

I've ridden both. The 501 is awesome, quick nimble and very peppy. Feels like riding a real dirt bike on the street.
Honestly with how much your riding I'd say go with the 701, if your not going to be riding off road since you've got the 300 just get the 701 SM of you can find it. 701 feels heavy and is a bit of pig but is better suited for daily driving.

You simultaneously made an argument for buying the 501 over the 701.

The 511 needs serious mods/fixes to be usable.

Not applicable, totally different bike. The 511s are old as dog piss

Have you considered buying 2 bikes? If your doing 90% on road is it worth getting downsides of a trail based bike for 10% of your time?

Don't forget the upside of getting a 501

>fun factor

501 will be double the fun of the 701 on the street. Although it'll be double the maintenance as well.

I was implying getting a gsxr750 for street and a cheap turd for trails

honestly bro i can already tell you're a moron because no sane person would even waste their time asking this question. the 701 is easily the current GOAT in its class. if you can afford it, there is literally no reason not to get it.

It's in a different class a true enduro bike compared to a high strung dirtbike that's barely legal.

So it's not made to be ridden as an enduro.

>not going with the tried and true japanese bikes

its like you want shit

If you had to ask yourself what bike would give you the most versatility and fun, what would you choose? I love my sumo. I've had a couple different dedicated street bikes, but I didn't have as much fun on them. The give and take is really just seat comfort and fuel mileage for goonshit. If that's not your thing, that's fine. I personally like being able to throw my bike off of drops and makeshift jumps. You never notice how fun your environment can be until you have a foot of suspension travel. To each their own seems to be such an alien idea in our society.

80 reasons to not get it

>320 pounds vs. 240

But street bikes are better in every way. So much more useable

>in every way
Fuel range, and seat comfort. Is there something I'm missing? Even highway is about the same with the right gearing. Maintenance is grossly over-exaggerated due to the manufacturer's assumption that it's always going to be going full throttle at all times being a race bike and all. Most people I've met even enjoy wrenching on their bikes every 1k miles or so.

>tfw cam chain tightener is busted after 10k km

Is this commonly a warranty issue?

>To each their own seems to be such an alien idea in our society.
*on Veeky Forums

>not being convinced that chainsaw manufacturers are inherently qualified to build enduro bikes

if i already had a trail bike why does it make sense to buy yet another trail bike but only ride it on the road
i think it is better to have a few bikes that really make the most of their strengths rather than compromise all that on one bike
but everyone weighs up that compromise differently so i'm not saying you're wrong
but i much prefer having two bikes, one for trail duty and fucking around with (it's road registered but not street suspension or tires) and a sport bike with far better tank range and comfort (like you say which really does make a difference, and in my opinion), and is way faster and keeps on good street tires

>not thinking a gun maker is qualified to make chainsaws

where at? I like in EKY

Is there a reliable Husky dealer near you? Dealer support can be a bitch with the less popular brands, also just because a dealer sells certain brands, doesn't mean they service them. it's retarded as hell, but it happens a lot.

Near Greensboro in NC. There is a place about 1.5 hours from here that specializes in husky. From what I can understand they are a pretty decent shop. I'm hoping since the engine is the same as a KTM 500 I could just take it to a KTM dealer if all else fails

Enduro bikes are gay as fuck.

post your bike pls

I couldn't deal with the maintenance schedule of the 501 for a road bike. I've got a DR650 which is heavier and less powerful than the 701 and it's still a blast in the twisties and handles unpaved fire / forest service roads pretty well.

My wr450 is on pilot powers and staying that way(or something better in the future) because it's total shit as a trail bike where I live. I bought it with zero intention of off-roading, actually. With an upgraded seat and tank, it's a very nice city bike. I probably should have mentioned the city part, which is where a sumo would thrive. For real, though, if you plan on being on the highway for more than an hour, it wouldn't be the best for the job, although doable. The speed part is negligible to me, personally. I don't need to go over 90 on it for any particular reason, but it does get there fairly quickly. If I planned on going cross country, I'd buy a different bike. For twisties, I've yet to have more fun on any other kind of bike, but that's purely personal preference. Try one out if you can so you can see if meme life fits you or not. Definitely not for everyone, but I do advocate it.

DR650 is great bike. I had some of the best times of my life on the DR 650. I wish they would come out with a lightly updated one. It's been 20 years.

Yeah, if they updated the DR650 with a lighter, aluminum frame and updated the motor a bit with fuel injection and more power I'd sell my current DR and buy the new one immediately.

Forgot to mention my happy spot is 3 bikes. Trail, daily and long distance have very different needs to me. If you had to stop at 2, I could understand the dual-sport/sumo wouldn't have much of a necessary place in the garage if you've already got a dirt bike. Maybe a second set of wheels for the dirt bike would be more up your alley? Even stock ones with street oriented dual-sport tires would be a blast. For the second, there's way too many great choices for me to offer a recommendation. Hope you find what you like. I want an fz-10, myself!

100% get the 701 Supermoto. Absolutely no reason to own a 501 if you have a 300EXC.
Only way I would have gotten the 501 is if I lived out in the rough country with plentiful trails and never planned on riding on the highway. I've done 1000 road miles in one day on my 701.

KTM dealer won't touch it for warranty shit unless they're also a Husky dealer and have a certified tech.

Does it make your ass hurt after a couple hours like a regular sumo? Can you jump it like one, too, or is it just a street bike dressed in drag like the hypermotard?

It's a DRZ400SM with an extra 20lbs and double the horsepower and a hydraulic clutch.
The seat is slightly wider tho, not very comfy but Seat Concepts sells an off the shelf seat which I have and is great.

how long did it take to get yours? did you walk into a dealer, sign papers for one there, or did you have to order? Any dealer markups?

I want to get one in maybe 1-2 years and the nearest offical Husq dealer is like 3 hrs away and their site is awful.

I was on a waiting lost for 6 months to get a new 2017 Supermoto. The 2017 has an updated anyone that is noticably better for the street.

Anyone here run their bikes on 94AKI?

Updated anyone? Not sure I follow. Also, SO seats are the business.

That sounds like a reasonable tradeoff. Thanks for the info. I might have to ride one sometime and see if it's worth giving up my wr450(FI).

I forgot 6 speed and EFI in there.

Updated engine*
Second balance shaft in the head, feels smooth like a twin now and revs 1k higher, so more power and torque.

>90% on road with minimal light trail riding
Just get a DRZ400. Both the huskies are overkill for what you want to do unless you hate yourself and like lots of maintenance (comparative to the DRZ anyway)

The 701 is a very reliable low maintenance machine. Maybe not quite as much as a DRZ, but people go around the world on them. 501 is a race bike.

>It's a DRZ400SM

Except that overheating amirite

Sounds sexy I like it

>Queue another 701 for sale on Craigslist at well under new cost with

I live in North Georgia and do the same type of riding. Right now I have a KTM 625 SMC, which is the older version of the KTM 690/Husky 701, and I know there is a noticable difference between the 2, and I am looking to sell the 625 and get a 500exc. The 625 is a fun bike, but it's not anywhere as nimble, and the engine is lazier. Its a strong engine, and make an was load of low end torque, but it seems to run out of steam up top. And parts are getting harder and harder to find.

enjoy rebuilding the engine every 1000 miles.

>Op specifically stated he would never see a highway on the bike

Also why would you want to do 1000 road miles on any bike in a day? Hell it would suck to do that in a car.

I sometimes get bored and just drive on the weekend and stop on a random hotel once exhausted and sleep. Drive back the next day. All highway.

this is literal autism.

Get the bike you lust after

>street bikes are the only thing you can ride on the street
No, they're not the only thing, but they're the best thing.
Why does every fucking squid on the planet think there's anything special about riding a dirt bike on the street?

I use 87 in my CBR and DRZ, and 91 in my EXC. 94 isn't even sold here.

Because they take advantage of the suspension travel and light weight to have a little more "fun" more easily than someone on a regular bike could

And by fun I mean wheelies, drifting into corners, curb hopping, and running from the cops.

>they take advantage of the suspension travel
lol no they don't. The softer suspension feels spongy as fuck and only makes them worse on the road.
>light weight
Doesn't really help with anything other than making the bike get blown around by the wind more.
Subjective. I have fun on both but a proper street bike is more fun on the street overall.
>wheelies, drifting into corners, curb hopping
I do all those on a supersport. Why would you need a dirt bike for that?
>running from cops
I don't do that but see above: Why would you need a dirt bike for that?

How about I like a dualsport to actually go off-road? I'd like to see you ride TAT on a sportbike.

Good for you. This guy was talking about putting street tires on whatever he gets and specifically said he will use it almost exclusively for street riding.

That's literal fun and a very old way to use a motorcycle to get away from hassles. Just pick a road and go, and today you have Waze, Google Maps, offline maps for where you've no signal, and other options so you won't get lost.

>his way of having fun is wrong compared to my way.

where did I say that?

Help me decide