I'm in a market for a small awd suv that won't break my bank and i was thinking about either Mazda Tribute or 2nd gen...

I'm in a market for a small awd suv that won't break my bank and i was thinking about either Mazda Tribute or 2nd gen Subaru Forester. Which one would Veeky Forums prefer?

pls resbond

men do not drive SUVs in 2017

2nd gen forester xt with manual, take your time to find a nice clean one with low miles

If you can find a forester for a decent price with the head redone they're awesome and nearly bullet proof. There's also a huge offroading scene rising for them right now so there's tons of aftermarket everything being made

OP, i'm very disappointed that this thread went on 4 hours without a simple response. i apologize for our autistic shitposters

i need one because my city has terrible road conditions and i need a lot of cargo space because hauling shit back and forth plus when i visit my hometown when off uni i have to climb some hills, often covered in fresh snow, so awd is a good bonus

3rd gen outbacks are good options too if you prefer a more car style. I take mine to job sites everyday and am amazed by how well it handles off road. Trucks normally get stuck before I start having issues with mud or ice. There's pretty good cargo space too, but if you mostly move tall stuff go with the forester. I also really recommend fabing up a heat shield for the front passenger CV boot though, because they went full retard and put a cat right under it

Budget? Post your local craigslist/kjiji/ etc...

yurop, 5k euro

yeah, i've driven my brother's 2.5 outback and it was a lot of fun, but i'm affraid of the headgasket meme and i propably won't be able to afford tarbo/H6 versions of it

Get a 3rd Gen 4runner you nigger

fiat panda.

my gf had a forester for 10 years

250k miles on it with regular fluid changes

never did a timing belt change

only significant repairs were snapped ujoint because lol awd driveshafts and of course a new radiator because oem plastic cracked.

i didnt think anything much of subaru before seeing this shit but it really is a bulletproof car.

i straight dogged the shit out of it too, pulling the handbrake and powersliding around until the tires slipped off the wheels and everything. boxer engines arent that great but they seem reliable enough to now worry about even if you hoon it a bit

to not worry*

but yeah i understand why ppl trust subaru now and their goofy ass gimmick engines

Suburban and fuck off

>$10000 for some fag's 200k mi shitcan
no thanks

yeah wtf is up with that, worse then that they are all rusted here.

dream car tho :(

subaru, my friend has one that has no problems and i love it
our v6 tribute cant even shift into reverse

>Trucks normally get stuck before I start having issues with mud or ice
Why do subaru tards think that because some 2wd truck gets stuck before them that that's impressive?

go back to your containment thread

>2wd truck

OP here, any input on Mazda Tribute / Ferd Maverick?

>implying the brain dead construction worker over-sensitively masculine crowd would consider owning a 2wd

There's no way a Subaru can be more capable than a real 4x4 vehicle with good tires in snow and mud with their zero ground clearance.

I've helped more full size 4x4 trucks and jeeps out in my forester than i can count on fingers and toes. Only ever gotten my foz stuck once in my 7 years of owning one. Just know your limits and you wont end up looking like an idiot in a grocery getter getting stuck.

Get a 1st Gen Dodge Durango.
Mid size SUV with either a V6 or V8

>Not posting the one with the guys head being an empty fuel gauge
And I'm not a darkie.