Daily reminder

daily reminder
american cars are superior to overpriced yuroshit in every way

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Report submitted!

but that is an european car Prezo


it's also slower than the ford gt. lol

Wow, if this is OC you're a fucking weirdo Alphonse

the ford gt is American
therefore American cars are still superior to yuroshit


Stop ban evading you dumb nigger

im not ban evading?????

Daily reminder that that's an Elise ruined by an american company.

>changed his name to A. After getting BTFO

>this is what gm fangirls actually believe

Wow awesome thread OP

That's exactly what Alphonse would say, enjoy the ban and another name change you jackass

inb4 easily triggered alphonse

>muh sperg more
>mug projecting
>muh fangirls

Get new vocabulary, its getting old Alphonse.

im not Alphonse tho?????

>implying inb4 discounts valid observations
sperg more

lel they are spazzing out hard

yes pushcucks are mad that the ford gt is faster than the venom gt (modified lotus).

There he is again. The butthurt amerifag who lost all his races to euro performance cars.
>the eternal amerifat

pretty sure it's just prezo trying to get back at soviet.

I don't even like european cars lmao

lmao I don't even like cars aside from a couple of japanese cars and some fords

>americans have to literally import and tune european cars to beat world records

Why do they love to sperg?

they didn't even broke the record to begin with kek

because they are mad as fuck and obsessed with me :D

>LSX isn't american


you are very stupid lol!

Daily reminder, Ford is eternally cucked by a GM V6


>cucked by GM's V6
>cucked by GM's V8
How can ford ever possibly recover?

is that a v6 camaro putting down faster lap times than a v8 mustang???

LOL!!!! This can't be real, is it?

>gm is eternally cucked by a ford v6


it's real lmao

GT500 btfo by a GM V6 oh man it keeps getting better and better.

the image clearly shows the gt500 is faster.

>gm fangirls actually this retarded

fucking LOL!!!

At least the raptor still has a v8, right?


>Gt500 Faster
>Same Lap time as a rental tier Camaro

Why are ferd shills brain damaged and cant comprehend numbers?

No, it has a v6. LOL

>still ahead of the v6 camaro on the list
why are gm. fangirls so brain damaged?

>gm fangirls actually ragequit

List goes from slowest to fastest, #19 is the fastest.

>Making shit up

>go offroading
>ecoshart runs out of gas because turbos don't actually help with fuel economy
>based diesel chebby never runs out of fuel
the best part is the retards at ford actually made the raptor wider! lmao

why is the Mustang faster then?
>cheby breaks down because of the heat

lmfao sperg more

>thread aimed to bait europeans
>americans end up baiting one another

Ho could Prezo mess it up so bad???

But Chevy is always faster.

Even the 5th gen older 2015 Camaro is faster than the New GT350. Sad, new fords cant even beat a chevy from last gen.

>chebby truck
>breaking down
lol no

choose one(1) roflmao

>lap times between different drivers
pic related. gm fangirls actually this desperate.

Probably because Ford is using a shitty boat anchor of an engine. There's a reason why GM and Dodge pushrod engines dominate drag racing and most other V8 motorsports.

it's just ford fangirls getting asspained and sperging because ford isn't the best

>I don't even like cars aside from a couple of japanese cars and some fords
and even then it's only because of the immense amounts of assrage they cause

>comparing truck reliability to a sports car
You're actually retarded aren't you?

>dominating motorsports


>drag racing
yep that's right. sperg more

Subjective opinion here, but I hate the way the Coyote looks. Too much plastic, the metal is too dull, and the heads look far to big. It's ugly

>most other V8 motorsports
>v8 cucks are so unable to compete they need a special class all of their own

I will say that American cars of the 1940s-1965 were superior to any comparable Europeean car you care to name.

If pushrods are such shit then why does Bentley continue to use them???

because VAG a shit
literally the gm of europe

because Bentley is shit aswell?

if pushrods are so horrible why does Cummins continue to use them??

Face it shitposters, pushrods push gods

cummins uses DOHC in relevant and high quality applications


>Nissan Titan
>High Quality

Pick one.

Congratulations, you can cherry pick lap times....

Doesn't hide the fact the ZL1 still assblasts the GT350r

the only racing serioes where pushcucks dominates are the ones where OHC is banned kek

it is a Nissan, high quality by default

>it is a Nissan, high quality by default
*dies in a crash*
It's great that Nissan is killing off their retarded followers lmao

>I want pigfat bloated cars because muh safety

Do you wear one of these in the play ground aswell you sperg?

agree with op desu

i'm british, and generally most affordable european and gook cars are faggy as fuck. i'm pleb when it comes to cars, so I'm sure people know about this and the reason american cars have such a distinctive look and feel to them. Maybe it's the wide open roads. Cities and homes that aren't as cramped as Europe. Much lower fuel costs or whatever. And of course an inherent cultural influence American designers have. The have a recognisable American character. And when I think Japanese cars I picture little anime futuristic looking chinkbots that reflect the weak and skinny bodies of Asians. European cars are generally small and effeminate.

I think I recall hearing something that might have been bullshit about how environmental policies by certain governments restricted how powerful car manufacturers could make their engines or some shit. And in turn this forced them to make their cars as aerodynamic as possible. And of course here in Europe since we're all marxist faggots, we shop for cars based on fuel efficiency rather than how manly mcmanly and powerful it is.

What a shit tier post.

I don't know a fucking thing about cars, all I know is that in general I love the body shape of American Muscle cars. I'd look like a cunt driving one here in the UK, but my ideal car would be some old beater 2nd rate muscle car from the 70's or some shit. Pretend i'm steve mcqueen when i pop down to the paki shops for some milk and fags innit m8

>I don't know a fucking thing about cars
>and I like American cars

go figure

Get yourself a European mini-Camaro. Similar looks, but 3/4 the size so it'll actually fit on the roads.

>what is my W220
yea, sure pal, european cars are small. keep sucking shit pushrod-cuck

>mfw I live in the capital of the confederacy
>mfw fuck american cars

bmw and mercedez are like the only two car manufacturers in europe that make cars that are relatively large.
besides only pakis drive them so they're forever tainted

and even then they're small compared to a typical shit tier common american saloon

pic related is a car park where i live.
ur mum m8

That's cool and all, but can you make it to 1 000 000 miles?

Fucking hell that looks depressing. I can see why you people stay inside all day and shitpost. I like the shart mart in the pic too. It's a little ironic when british people call Americans fat...

are you implying american praking lots look any better???

yurocucks deserve no sympathy, they willingly gave up their freedoms and have no one to blame but themselves

they also really should be removed from this board but that's a matter for another thread


t. 60%

You mean our 'freedom' to be shot by the police?
Our 'freedom' to be ruined financially by getting sick?
Our 'freedom' to have piss-weak labour laws?
Our 'freedom' to be spied on constantly by the NSA?

America is less free than fucking france.

Uhhh yes. Not a bunch of generic clownboxes is nice...

inb4 triggered amerifats

>literally nothing but shitboxes in that pic

holy shit amerifats are delusional


>posts a lot full of shitboxes and generic trukks

Nah. Japan cars rules. Only they have cvts

Don't be a nigger, don't get AIDS by being a fag, show up to work on time, and realize that privacy is a myth and you should be fine.

Those are the student cars which are still out of reach for literally 99% of European citizens. A normal freedom lot looks more like this. I don't want to show you a higher end parking lot because that might hurt your feelings.

So basically slightly newer shitboxes and more generic trukks?

200hp shitboxes which are basically supercars in most of Europe and trucks faster than most sports cars in Europe.

>posts another parking lot full of shitboxes


>this is what amerifats actually belive

North American parking lot
5l and 350hp average

European parking lot
0.7l and 60hp average

Really makes you think.

Why can't americans afford cars?


Sure, if you only want to go straight or in a slight counter-clockwise circle

North American parking lot

European parking lot
not endebted



Faster than the Radical R.

>Posted from my $2000 a month 90sq.ft flat