I dare you to name a better DD than pic related

I dare you to name a better DD than pic related.

You can't Muhammad!!

Literally cant argue. GT3 a best

Yeah that's great and all but an NA Miata is cheaper and you can park it without worrying about it. Plus that's not a convertible.

Dailying a gt3 is dumb. Dailying a lower spec 911 is not.

>sports car as DD
>track car as DD
This post is retarded even by Veeky Forumstistic standards.

>tfw a 911 with AWD is the perfect only-car in all other regards but it hasn't got a tow rating

What kinda car do alpha males DD? Something that when women see instantly gets them wet. A GT4?


3k civic

94 eg hatch

-can haul your kids and their kids
-looks good and subtle
-will go just about anywhere

>suspension stiffer than the cock in your mouth
>every curb and bump is an impassable obstacle

>running curbs with your car
What the fuck are you even doing? Also ground clearance isn't that much of a problem on a non-GT, and the well tuned suspension takes care of bumps because it's not a crude bucket of amerishit.

Not a fucking 6 cylinder beetle with a bodykit that's for fucking sure. A Corvette or Truck.

>ground clearance isn't that much of a problem
It is though. Even on a mild slope the overhang tends to scratch. That's why they offer a lift system for front axle.

>Daily driver

no thanks, that's a track car

No it's not kek

Skid plate breh.

there is a differenece between a GT3 and GT3 RS

the GT3 is actually DDable

the GT3 RS is not.

Everything is a dildo if you're brave enough. That certainly doesn't make it the best DD.

This, or at least something with a real engine. No faggy turbo fours or sissy sixes, just 8 in a V like God intended.

>the GT3 RS is not.

Like fuck it isn't. I see plenty of guys driving them to work and getting groceries. aww boo hoo it rides rough like a cheap shitbox but who cares?

Im aware. Thats why i said "GT3 a best" and not "GT3 RS a best."

Why would you want to DD a track focused car? When I think of the perfect DD it's something like an m6 gran coupe. Looks great, roomy, nice interior, and fast enough for normal driving

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911 Turbo

pickup truck is the only thing that comes close to that

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Looks divine, horrible to own

cuckold, the last post

>4 door saloon

this need to stop germany

Kek this is what u look like driving this

Faster than a GT86 and you can tow with it.

does it come with vibrator and anal beads?

the TRD version does.

sick burn m80

>Faster than a GT86
but it's not

>2 seater track toy as a DD

If you're an autistic neet I can understand that it could be your dream. The trip from your basement to the shopping mall to stalk girls and later shitpost on 4 chan that all women are whores would be short enough that your obese ass doesn't suffer.

I'd like to argue that the turbo is a better DD.


2+2 so there's space for the dog in the back. Who the fuck has children anyway?

pedos and pedo enablers, that's who

For a daily, the 911 turbo is better

>rear seats
Porsche deletes them from the factory on all 911s nowadays if you want. Nobody, literally nobody, keeps them in a GT3. If it even comes with the option to have rear seats, I'm not even sure, I only know the GT3 RS comes with a cage instead.

>stiff as dongs suspension

pic related was literally designed to be a dailyable GT3.

Golf GTI. Have fun with no space as a daily you dumbfuck

Do you live in Dubai where you see GT3 RSs at every other corner?

God you're an idiot. The car has minimal sound deadening. No stereo. No AC. no rear seats. Basically no storage to speak of. Does that sound like a DD to you? It's meant to be a pure sports car.

>get convertible
>open top
>can bring space elevator home no prob
eat shit roofhavers

what makes it more dailyable than a GT3?

Naw. Just a oil rich part of north America. I see a few a month.

I bet it still rides better than my shitbox.

a DD is a car you drive daily, that's all, you daft cunt. it doesn't need to carry the fucking duggars around.
>b-but i once had to go to home depot five years ago and
fuck off

The meme is that you posted a pic of the RS

>this level of contrarian autism
seek help my man

I've not depreciated over the course of adding over ten thousand miles and have no issues. Purchased the car with a later production revision of engine that has a reinforced block and cranked it up to 440hp/460tq at flywheel. Loads of fun in the hills and can pull away on stock mustang gt while getting the family around. Ford focus rs 2017.

Im not OP im


fuck off back to /v/ my brother

It really doesn't. %he damn thing is a rattle can with plastic windows

No one gives a shit

So wait, why would anyone bitch about dailying an ACR if you really don't care about any of that stuff.


Close by no cigar

what makes the 911R more dailyable than a GT3?

The auto gt86 is slow as fuck because the gears are too tall.

- can't turn
- can't park
- can't access some underground parking spots
- it's natural habitat is the petrol station

This car may be great, but it's simply far too big for the european city.

Pic related : The best car to drive on a daily basis...in the world ! ( probably except for the fuel consumption )

>This car may be great, but it's simply far too big for the european city.

nigger the RS6 is actually longer and wider.