Why did Ford discontinue one of their best cars?

Why did Ford discontinue one of their best cars?

Do you think a revision could ever be possible in the future?

theyre old outdated garbage

Factory was so worn out it couldn't be made anymore. CAFE standards. Etc. Rest in peace, the best police car the world has ever had and ever will have.


I have a Crown Vic which I love despite it being exceedingly slow.

Don't they have the same engine as the mustangs?

those Mustangs are slow
these weigh even more

yes theyre slow as fuck

Who cares about them being fast or not? They are great cars.

yeah great cars 30 years ago if youre a geriatric

American engines arent all made the same. Different cams, heads, etc from model to model for different reasons. Theyve got the block but that's about it.

Who cares about the age? That doesn't make them bad.


them being shit makes them bad

only thing they have going for them is reliability/sturdiness both of which you can find more of in a truck

>responding to the guy who posts nothing but bait
Inb4 "its not bait tho"
He's not wrong, they're not fast, but they're definitely not shit either. Excellent land barges and extremely durable.

I have a question. Can you really hop curbs like it's nothing with these things, or is that a meme? I have never really hit any curbs in my Crown Vic, so I don't know.

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uhh you can do that in pretty much every car with the ground clearance

if you hit it fast youre going to have a bad time tho

I guess my question is whether or not Panthers have a particularly robust front suspension. I hear so many Panther owners say this, but I don't know if it is actually true.

its a highly overrated platform

it doesnt do anything special

>best police car
It was good and Ford pumped them out for a over decade, but officers jumped to drive these over the vics for a reason.

>Theyve got the block but that's about it.
Later Panthers did get the Mustang's Performance Improved (PI) heads, so they're still nearly identical for the 2-valve engines. However the Panthers never got the 3-valve engine the Mustang GT switched to in the mid 2000's, and there's also the fact they weigh almost half a ton more than a Mustang does.

honestly the new caprice is nicer to drive. by caprice i mean the ss bodystyle

Go find the archive of p71interceptor.com he had a bunch of great pictures of panther under bodies and pay attention the gigantic LCAs in the front and massive suspension sub frames. Between that and a live rear end the panther platform was perfect for curb surfing at 50 and such. I've gone offroading several times in my grand marquis to absolutely no ill effect. Pickup-esque durability in a large comfy sedan that's aerodynamically superior at high speeds.

Can second this user, it's completely anecdotal evidence but I've done a bunch of bombing around on back roads and seasonals with pot holes big enough to put a wheel in sideways, and despite constantly both bottoming out and catching air, it hasn't even screwed up my alignment never mind actually breaking something.

But they weigh like twice as much and have different gear ratios

Can I get a hand here? 03 Grand Marquis, I'm trying to get the axle bearings out and they're frozen hard. Any tips? I slipped on the one and knocked all the bearings out of the race, so I can't just keep rolling on them anymore.

Rent a bearing removal tool

03+ you need the removal tool slide hammer thing. Worse come to it rear ends for our cars are like 40-100$ in most scrap yards

Got the slide hammer, but the race feels like it's frozen good.

might try a bit of propane heating, worse come to it use a very small cutoff wheel to cut a groove in the race then smash it with a chisel to crack it and release tension.

Also worth checking out crownvic.net they have some great details and maybe a better idea then me lol.