Have you ever been in an accident, Veeky Forums?

Have you ever been in an accident, Veeky Forums?

I have. Around a year ago I was rear ended at 30-40mph. Pic related, it's my car.

And the car of the person who hit me

That's rich.




weird, thanks

>sitting at red light in work truck
>fuzz behind me
>fuzz not paying attention to the gap that just opened between us from traffic rolling up after some dude turned right
>paki tries to back out of his driveway between my truck and the police cruiser and get across to the lane in the other direction
>backs into my wheel lift / giant fucking solid steel cross bar in front of the cop
>waste 40 minutes of my day because pakiloo was trying to claim it was my fault even though the cop saw it all
>mfw not even a scratch on my cross bar
>mfw pakiloo pretty much totaled his back bumper
>mfw pakiloo had no insurance and the wrong type of license

also pic of the part of me he backed into


>lady in her 40's turned left in front of me, I was going straight
>she blamed it on me, asked if I just wanted to pay for her car out of pocket so my insurance doesnt go up
>exchange info
>I drive off with a cracked bumper cover and headlight (ford focus)
>she gets towed away, her back wheel where I hit with new stancefaggery levels of camber (new ford explorer)
>she's found to be at fault, her insurance will cover everything
>her insurance broker informed me that she would like to speak with me before its fixed, presumably to offer to fix it out of pocket
>lolnope, she can get get fucked. They don't pass on my phone #.
>her insurance covers the 2k bill

I would have let her pay out of pocket if she wasnt either trying to con me into fixing her car, or too dumb to know how traffic laws work.

End of April.

That's life. That's what all the people say.
You're riding high in April, shot down in May.

more like end of that blazer heheh

I just barely tapped a cab at a stoplight because it turned yellow and he slammed on the brakes. Was following too close.
We got out to look, and not even any paint was transferred between our cars. He just said I need to watch out and I said sorry. Only accident I was ever in with another person on the road.
I was involved in a rollover due to my own stupidity as a new driver pretending I was Colin McRae in a Honda kei car on a gravel backroad though. Never got put on insurance, and I don't even have any pics.

Only crash I had thus far since getting my wings in August '16.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to press on the throttle instead on the brakes and run through a red light while hidden behind two lanes.

Insurance is currently trying to settle the claim
use google maps if you have to so it makes sense

>going sb on i-635 (4 lanes)
>in the far left lane to get onto 70 east
>notice a few cars in the far right lane heading for 70 west
>just as i'm about to pass the cars an suv charges out from the other side
>completely 90 degrees from me on the freeway
>t bone her at 70mph
>pretty sure i was airborne and rolled off onto the grass
>other suv is thrown back into the far right lane

i have 2 witness claims on my side and the other driver is clearly at fault. i'm not mad at her desu, rather disappointed in myself for not avoiding the collision

only slow fucks get rear ended, period

Had to stop because the eight cars in front of me also stopped, guy behind me decided to stop using my rear end.

What does that have to do with how slow I was going?

t. bus rider

My wife just got t boned a few days ago, heres her car

This shit terrifies me because I'm a poorfuck who's still in school. Last week there was a bad looking wreck in my boring suburban neighborhood with two crunched cars a fire hydrant (FUCKING HOW??).
I hate driving because I always think someone is going to destroy me. But I've never been in a wreck. Anybody know how chebby suburbans handle in an accident? Hopefully just the other person will die and I won't have more than a bent bumper.

>in school
>drives Burb

Are you me?

>tfw belt tensioner explodes and you're now out another $240

I might be if mine was blue.

You posted yesterday I think your intake manifold gasket was giving you a check engine light. I did that in mine too. Not too hard and the new oem gasket was like 70$. YouTube tutorials show it quite well.
Waiting for my new rotors to do the rear brakes.

Close. Upstream O2 sensor is throwing the CEL. The transmission is slipping and my intake gasket needs repaired to fix the vacuum leak that's affecting braking / idle. It still "runs" with the leak but it's not nice and I'm sure I'm paying for it in MPG or engine wear.

I have an uncle who is a decent mechanic who I believe I can mooch off of and split the labor for the manifold repair but the transmission is another matter. No idea where to get one that's not $2500 and I can't afford to have this thing just stop working. Ideas in my head are junk yards, fresh salvages, contacts through my grandpa? Not much coming to mind.

Plus these dents are hideous and don't come out easily

>Driving alongside escalade
>Escalade tries to pull a u-turn infront of me from the outside lane

He ran away. He didn't have insurance.

I don't have proof but I think my neighbor hit my car a few months ago
I was parked out on the side of the road as the driveway was full
I was in the dining room and looked out and see my neighbor driving his pickup just as he was passing my house. Then I see him put it in reverse and back up next to my car
He looks at it for a few seconds before speeding away
I thought huh that was weird and decided to go out and look
Sure enough there were some new scratches that weren't there before on my rear quarter panel and driver's side mirror, and the plastidip on my rim (inb4 faggot) was ripped, looked like someone sanded down a part of it
Never asked about it because I dont have actual evidence he did anything, but in the 2 years Ive had my license that's it so far

Ouch. Did they ever catch him? I hope that this at least has enough mass behind it to "mad max" style chase the piece of shit long enough to get his info and get the police on him if it ever were to happen to me.

My previous barge was taken out by a GMT800 Tahoe pulling out of an exercise complex without looking in the rain.

>woman in her late 20s
>yoga pants, nylon shirt, bright colors
>off duty cop is exiting the gym at the perfect time to witness a 40 mph offset collision accident 15 feet from him
>calls it in, puts us in our respective places and takes our testimony
>$4000 later it's gone for good

I never saw a cent of that money because it went to my dad and he kept it for himself.

>180k+ miles
>comfy leather bench seat
>that leather smell when the car is hot
>the graininess of the roughly worn steering wheel
>the tape deck / CD combo radio

feels bad man

Kansasfag? That area is shady as fuck, lots of wrecks over there. Especially on 635 north coming from OP because people fly down that huge hill.

They eventually got him after about 20 minutes or so. They gave him some fatty tickets but didn't arrest him or anything. His license got suspended atleast. Why did your dad get all the money? Was it under his name or something? I hate how someones complete negligence can completely fuck you up.

Yup, under his name and the wreck happened half a month before he filed for divorce from my mom, money didn't get sent out until the chance to intercept it was long gone. At least I wasn't at fault and the car wasn't worth too much

Damn yours sounds all fucked up. Mine needed minimal work and it looks really good. Belonged to some guy's fat wife do I think it was driven pretty gently. 175000 miles and runs and shifts very smooth.

Thats shitty. Yeah true at least you weren't at fault but that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Some bs man.

Mine was a "fresh kill" - some guy's wife died in 2007 and we picked it up with 30k miles. It got the short end of the stick in every maintenance bill and it's accumulated into this mess when I really need it to be reliable - also when I have zero money. I can't get rid of it because it's only worth $2k in its current state. The answer I guess is backyard mechanic sweat labor and elbow grease until finances come around.

I know that feel. He was hidden by only one lane, but going much faster. I guess at least 50 mph.

Is she okay?

After the front impact, I spun fast enough for my right side to strike his rear. Mine was a 3 ton Expedition, he did all that damage with a 2 ton Envoy. This was a month ago.

Damn. Mine has maintenance records as far back as about 20000 miles and it seems to have been pretty well taken care of. I felt wary that the maintwnanve work was all done by jiffy lube, but it seems good for it's mileage.

Been rear ended 3 times in recent memory. Twice while stopped at an intersection/traffic and once at 60 mph when there was a car stopped in the road and I had to brake hard.

All female drivers.

A cheap old burb is probably the safest thing in its price range, just due to mass. Might not fare well against a brick wall or getting t-boned though.

wyandotte county is a shithole, but it's my shithole i guess

the main reason for wrecks down that hill is because bitch ass faggots like to ride their brakes.

i used to fly down that hill too, until a cop was sat on a ramp one day, stopped flying at least until i got past the ramp

>an illegal immigrant with no insurance/license side swiped me
>the police let him go because they can't do shit about it
>he was driving a 72 rustang
I fucking hate California.

>driving on free way
>guys tires blow out 5 cars in front me
>cars drive off freeway into ramp to avoid
>car in front of me stops in underpass
>not enough time to stop
>nowhere to swerve off into
>rear end her
>totalled my car
>tickled hers
This was back in high school so my car was a piece of shit but still, fuck

Yeah sure I have 3,

#1 - 2 months after getting my license
>be driving down a road and notice something flash in the sky, robot up ahead was green.
>look at the flash and can't make out what it was so look harder and eventually guess must be sunlight glancing off a plane
>look ahead and see The motorbike ahead was stopped at the now orange light
>pull hand break
>skid for a while and just tab the back of the bike
>enough of a tab to damage my front fender and bounce the bike rider a few paces forward
>he was fine, parents were furious

#2 - be driving my bosses car in the countryside
>be a cocky fucker
>drifting around corners in the dirt is fun
>feel invincible
>over a blind rise going 60 km
>immediate 90 degree right hand turn
>try make the turn
>fail badly and hit the curb, rolled the car a few times before landing on the side
>some drunk locals got me out of it, totalled the car, boss was not happy.

#3 - Be driving my brand new bike
>feels good
>looks good
>real good
>be driving down the road, learned from previous crashes and going the speed limit and being as responsible and aware as I can be
>lady skips her red light in a T junction
>could not avoid amd smack into her hard
>flipped in the air a few times before hitting a Traffic light with my legs
>amputated right leg below the knee and almost all the bones in my left leg is shattered
>still bed ridden and wheelchair bound
>Not really happy

Jesus Christ what the fuck.
Firstly, you're fucking idiot for numbers 1 and 2 (ice sorta done number 1 and still regret it).

3 is the reason I'll never ride a motorcycle. Women cat drive, yet they always have the biggest fucking SUVs and shit.

Holes the recovery?

Well as to be expected, Can't use a prosthetic because my left leg is so fuckes up, Contemplating suicide but shall deny myself this unless the suffering becomes too great to the extent where my life is very dismall with no hope for recovery.

Right now my focus is on being as kind and patient with my friends and family so as to not hurt them emotionally, If I showed how I really felt no doubt this would disturb them therefore I find it acceptable to maintain face with them for their best interest.l since I care for their well being.

ON the other hand I cannot sleep, Cry from complete and soul shattering despair pretty much every week, Recovery is very painfull, hopes of ever walking normally again are extremelly rare since my left legs knee, tibia, fibia, ankle and heel were collectively shattered as a result restricting range of movement and motion considerably.

Every time I hear the pipe of a bike revving on the roads outside my house the feels hit me, I can't even use crutches like a normal amputee or leg break victim because Of my unique injuries, Every day Iam in my room alone with no stimulation except from my own mind.

Hell is real anons, Im living in it.

Pic related.

i am an accident

Move. USA is shit in general, but Commiefornia is the worst.

Jesus, dude. This is real, right? I'm never getting that bike I was thinking of buying... that just seems too unfair, too much of a punishment. I bet that woman will never understand what she's done.

Wait it out user.
Prosthetics will have come very far in 10-20 years

This is the doggo of strength and healing. He's a scrappy little bastard and likes to have fun. He chases away bad feels and eats demons. He will hang with you till you get better. But be ready, when your up and moving, he's a hard charging task master! He'll have you pushing till you walk straight as an arrow. Take care of this dog. He's good.

Just gotta wait it out bruh
If you end up doing physical therapy you gotta stick with it no matter the pain
Got a brother in law who got in an accident and needed metal inserts in his thigh of about a 10 inches worth of metal running up
Leg but he was in crazy pain while doing g physical therapy
He was prescribed morphine for a good while
Just glad he never got addicted to any pain killers
But is managing to walk
Although not much but hes mobile
Get into something man
Emulators and play games on phone
Snes Super Nintendo long ass games
Get into YouTube vids
Best thing you can do is get distracted and wait it out when your in bed