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fucking yurocuck wannabes

They will help reduce emissions and the spotlight will come off people like me who run straight pipes on all their vehicles.

who gives a shit

I think NYC has more to worry about than emissions.

Can't wait till these get vandalized

I have my own bicycle that works better.
Those things shit up good cycle routes and good roads.
Plague on the streets, desu.

If you don't buy Citi once it breaks $62 on high volume you're a fool

I use a similar system in my city and it's pretty good.

Thanks to those bikes and Uber I have almost stopped using my car completely on the weekdays.

Went on a trip to NYC saw an angry guy in a suit throw one of these at a car that almost hit him.

Citibikes are fun

what do you do if some asses plot to make one point completely empty and one point completely full

why not just get your own bike that doesn't have fart or semen from random dudes

I live in a shitty Midwest suburb this stuff doesn't exist and would never take off.

citibikes are terrible

0/10 won't ride

These things are always riden by chink tourists that weave these one gear bikes all over the place

Sadly Manhattan is more or less the only place in the US where biking works, the rest of the cities is completely motordependent.

I bet some of those us cities are so motor dependant that if someone does ride a bike, everyone else would think it was some sort of alien creation


There are men in vans that move the bikes back.

What is, Portland?

Really good for raising the profile of cycling in urban areas. They won't replace the bikes that existing commuters already own, but they're very convenient for people who take public transport to work. Of course numpties will ride them, but the good outweighs the bad.

Sometimes bikes (without engines) can outrun public transportation if take into account walking to the bus stop, waiting, stoping at other stops, traffic, a passenger trying to ride for free and if you're an asshole the fact that traffic law don't apply to you because muh the environment.

Naw, we just think they're fags.
Who the hell didn't own, or at least see someone on a bike as a kid?

Can confirm. I outran the bus everyday

When I see people riding a bike its usually a 40 year old man with a dui. I can see biking in cities though

Those bikes are actually just tourist traps and expensive as fuck

buy your own bike and save money in the long run because you aren't riding something shit

Yeah until too many people own bikes, and NYc looks like 1985 in Beijing with bike people bumping into each other constantly in giant bike traffic jams.

Bikes cannot be allowed to overwhelm the current, limited bike routes.

Public transport is a scam. I've never had a commute that was faster by bus/train than by car/walking.

t. American


UK, public transport is shit. It takes 15-20 minutes to drive to work or 2 hours 45 minutes on the bus.

That would be a good thing though? Beijing's air quality is in the shit because muh car now.

"Pollution" is a liberal globalist lie

This is what autists unironically belive

I drive around in my 5l V8 super heavy-duty truck all day, the air still is great and it snows in the winter

Yeah, sure, just look at all this clean air

And water

That's China being China.

No, it's because of their factories. Dingus

The commie mayor took campaign donations from a bicyclist advocate group that wants cars banned from NYC, city bike is just another favor he's doing for them, along with lowering the speed limit. It's all about bullying people out of their cars.

But idfag because I'm moving out of this shit city in a few months

Fish die naturally all the time

I'd vote for comfy 30 km/h (18 mph) speed limits in cities
People are way too stressed out

That feel when riding down a bicycle road where cars are only tolerated. Sadly most cyclists are fucking retarded.

That's how fast the average bus goes, on a good fucking day

Most cyclists in my area speed around at 30mph

I drive a car and often go 30 km/h in populated areas voluntarily. The added bonus is to witness ragefags foaming behind me :^)

You yourself could probably never pollute enough to have an impact. 1 million peole running straight pipe v8 woukd have an impact.

I lived in San Francisco for a year and didn't have a car. I just used CalTrain and a bike

you have to go back

Do hills only go down where you live?

fuck are you doing here then

go back to