Driving High

Anyone ever done it? Post thoughts & experiences driving High

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Dude I have smoke ounces while driving hell once I drove so drunk when I woke up my truck was parked in the middle of the street in front of my house blocking all traffic And throwup out the left side of the drivers door

Extremely easy but doesn't mean you should do it.


I took my driving test on 8 dabs. The instructor said it was the best parallel job and driving he'd seen in years.

Don't go hotboxing your shit and blasting down the highway. That's just fucking stupid. Don't fuck it up for everybody else.

When I had an auto and was younger I did it but now that I drive stick, a car that can actually do some damage, and am an adult, I don't. Plus it makes driving stick a bit more frustrating

This. It might be possible to be somewhat more distracted than normal but for the most part you get paranoid and are way more cautious than for normal. Now driving on acid is a real experience. You can focus like a fucking laser on your actual driving skills but if you do you will have literally zero idea where you're going or especially what route you need to use to get there. I advise having a navigator but if he's also on acid be ready for him to be terrified the whole time since focusing on the abstract concept of your route will have him thinking cars are uncontrollable deadly smoke belching hell machines. Note that this is a fantastic experience overall for the driver.

The very first time I got high and got behind the wheel, I was behind a parked car for five minutes thinking it was going to move.

Every single day for 6 years

probably not a good idea but I do it anyway, never been caught

I usually drive slower and more carefully when high. No drug comes even close to alcohol in terms of danger.

Yes. About 15 years ago.
I do not recommend it

It's super easy. I've driven high a few times and I shift smoother and have never had any problems driving manual.
I also drive much more cautiously, but that's because I'm so scared of fucking up.

I hate smoking weed now, but I had many fun times back in the day.

I used to drive high all the time. One night on the national holiday I took some mushrooms with friends and planned to stay overnight. Long story short the guy got mad as shit and we had to run in a small forest near his house and hides for an hour or so because he was searching for us with a knife.

Eventually we dashed for my car and I btfo as fast as my mk3 jetta could accelerate all the way to the highway. Once at the merging to get on it there is a stop that I blasted through only to see a police car incoming. This is 4 am on the day after a national holiday so they are on the prowl to get people riding dirty.

I play it cool and set my wolfsburg on the cruise control slightly over speed limit and the copper pulls an hard uturn and floored the crown vic to catch up.

The policeman proceeds to follow me for about two miles. The longest two miles ever as my vision was balancing between the distinctive look of the crown victoria headlights and the alien's pupil dilatation of my eyes.
Eventually I was blessed as right there right now as I was on the cruise control followed by the police I was saved.

There he was. Jesus rode along in a turd gen camaro at an incredible excessive rate of speed in the incoming lane. The copper wasted no time to pull a uturn again while popping the cherries to chase jesus.

For me I ran to the field and hid between two tractor and slept for a few hours before hitting the road back to the coin op car wash to clean my car while the clouds were still dancing.

10 years later I still thanks jesus in the turd gen camaro for saving me from the copper and turning my life around. Kids don't do drugs

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>watching 'Rush'
>see James Hunt smoke a joint before climbing into his Lotus 49

If Formula drivers can do it, so can I

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Take particular note of the vocative comma:

>Dude I have smoke ounces while driving hell once I drove so drunk when I woke up my truck was parked in the middle of the street in front of my
>house blocking all traffic And throwup out the left side of the drivers door

How you doing today Tiger Woods?

People that "need" to smoke daily will drive way calmer if they smoke before getting behind the wheel

have seen people not know their limits and drive 15mph on the highway because they rarely smoke and decided the blast a blunt kek

I've driven many times high and/or drunk.

I personally don't like driving high because then I'm acutely aware that I'm high and it makes me nervous as fuck. I know not to drive too slow at least, but my vision is a little dizzy from it and that can be tricky, especially at night when it feels like playing Pole Position. It's not as bad driving to the neighborhood store or something, but much worse on the highway and in heavy traffic. Never had an accident while high, although I once spent 5 minutes sitting at a 4-way stop waiting for the single red traffic light to change.

Whereas with alcohol...you just don't give a shit. Your vision, balance, and coordination are all wacky, but you don't care how you're steering or how fast you're going. That's the joy of driving drunk. I've had multiple fender benders and totaled a car while drunk.

I only smoke weed now, but I don't drive if I don't have to.

Back when I first got my license, it wasn't uncommon for us to to have road beers going on in the car as we traveled from party to party...

Most people who can "drive high just fine" are seasoned tokers with high tolerance for THC. So they're not really high-high. But if you put a newbie smoker behind the wheel, they're as good as drunk.

hell yeah worked at jimmy johns
back then we had a shortage of drivers so we would always be out of the shop delivering stuff. Getting stoned more and more every trip, stoned with the chicks that worked there, we would go on rides together and toke or my friends would pick me up for a run in their car when i went on deliveries..... fun times
but anyway driving on ecstasy well thats a whole different story lol

No, they're not because they're still far more aware of their surroundings.

I used to do it all the time in high school. I tended to stop at green lights for whatever reason. Don't do it anymore because weed now gets me too high to functions.

All day, every day.

>Note that this is a fantastic experience overall for the drivers of all the other cars on the road with you.


I didn't even feel super focused on acid. When I drove on acid in the city, I felt like I was in some steampunk fantasy and started having weird thoughts such as machinery needs consciousness to work. My body was doing all the driving for me while I was spaced out.

i deliver pizzas in an ef hatch and smoke weed throughout the day while driving around

im high more often than not

It's fucking terrible and awesome at the same time, I always get extremely paranoid when I drive and any car behind me makes me feel like it's a cop but I always drive super duper safe and when I'm alone it feels amazing with the windows down

Driving after I shot up heroin was not fun. I was usually irritated at the other drivers, or trying not to fall asleep. I crashed my car multiple times while on heroin, thankfully never caught. Doing that shit is a huge risk, even with weed. If you hit a pedestrian or have part in a fatal accident, your screwed. Even if it was unavoidable. Unless your going to the corner store its just not a good idea.

hell ye i love smoking and then driving, listening to music and having windows down

>until i see a cop and get nervous

I pretty much only drive high

I hope you drug users all OD, crash, and then choke on your own vomit which you wouldn't have done if you didn't OD but you did anyway because you're a drug user

>b-but muh intelligence
>I do things btter on them!

if you need them to do stuff, you aren't any good at anything


OD on weed?

My asian buddy sucks cock at driving but when he's high he drives better.
>Legalize it

Alcohol is better all of you guys should it

This post is a good post

Well yeah obviously, driving while on any drug is better than having your head buried in a dude's crotch. At least you can see out

I started smoking a blunt while driving one time on the way to work and I started getting really paranoid and scared. 0/10 would not do again.

A million times high off heroin, coke, meth. But its just like driving sober.
A few times drunk, high off weed.

That's why I said you CAN focus like a laser. You were in hell beast mode and probably a danger to others. You should be like pic related, assuming your navigator tells you it's what must be done.

Just got stopped at dui check yesterday, don't do it guys

It was like everything was going around me.

Drove to some look out point where I live, about 10 at night, proceed to light up 2 fat joints and get ready to leave, put on my techno music station.

Be driving a shit box double cab Utility.

> Pull out onto the road, initially a heavy incline
> Proceed to stall twice, thankfully no other cars on road to witness my high induced stupidity
> Start to get into it and after hill there is simply constant downhills in a forested valley
> get it up to past 120 km and adrenalin is going
> start doimg mad drifts almost shitting myself a few times when other cars appeared, mostly with their brights on
> all over the road at this point and screaming like a mad man
> Crank up the music
> drifting getting increasingly more dangerous
> finally get home amd have myself a fat laugh
> fall asleep in the car.

I've done it twice so far. First time was terrifying. May have had something to do with it being one of the first times I've ever smoked.

Did it again a few days ago. Pretty nice, I like feeling all the forces around the car. I usually try and find some YouTube videos of people cruising around and listen to the sounds of the car.

One of these days I want to get high and cruise around town at 3 or 4 am.

Stop being degenerate