Car music

Post car music. Not driving music, but music with lyrics that refer to cars, driving or whatever else related. Any genre is fine.

Here's a bunch to start.

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>no BTO

It's a Charger with a block heater.

I think the windmills and "GREEN charger" license plate are supposed to imply otherwise

its Alberta there are windmills and the car is green silly
>the late 60's and early 70's (prior to gas crisis) will never return
Feels bad mayne.

I disagree
Since it's canada and always cold one must employ other methods of starting cars that lack fuel injection.

Don't feed the troll

Rev. Horton Heat is pretty good. His tour bus caught fire on the freeway near where I live last year, or maybe two years ago.


the definitive

nothin wrong with either of those friend. what music do you like? (@ 2:01)

YWN drive in the hot summer night with the top down and prime Jennifer Connelly next to you.