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I want to see KKK's sister get blacked edition

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who the fuck reads this shit and why even post it?
post you are videos here
some good reads


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First for
finally blanco

just a cbr passing by

any az anons here?

how old is your current helmet dbt?

>tfw slight oil leak from the fucking valve cover of all things

reaching 4 years of ownership and 3 years of use (sat in closet for a year because i wanted a different helmet) smells like my dog and i wish i knew how to wash the pads

my bike leaks from the cam chain tensioner.

Been in use for 2.5 years, but I think it was made 5 years ago

Pretty old, I dropped it a couple time but internet said it was fine because my head wasn't in it. I'll buy a nice (and light) one eventually.

Hey DBT, wtf did you do today?

Today I:
>Fixed the turn signal switch
upon opening it was packed with dried grease/crud
>Adjusted rear brake switch
>Went for a ride
I got it to 90mph. Yes, I am actually proud of that.
>Went for another ride
Figured out how to transport fried chicken and mashed potatoes home with an old floppy backpack.
>Fixed sticky throttle
PO had over adjusted the cables to the point that they were overpowering the return spring.

Worked for 13 hours

Worked overtime, watched some esportâ„¢ and went to the dealership.

i-is working long hours on a saturday normal for ou all?

I'm free to do as much overtime as I want and I need monies. It's not like I have anything better to do.

>not like I have anything better to do.
weather not good for riding in your parts?E

I just rode from detroit to kentucky and back today.
Good. Fucking. Night.
I need some godamn sleep now.

Fresh rubber, fuck yeah, hitting the twisties tomorrow!

I don't know what's happening, it never stops.

have you considered buying a boat?

>fresh rubber
You have a death wish?

I ordered rearsets and a new tank pad today.

New tires are the best on twisties.
Seriously they arent covered is shit like they used to be.

I get sea sick. Next week looks alright.

why did you go to kentucky?

What's wrong with your current tank pad?

I didn't even know they made rearsets for a CBR2050r. What did those run you?

was faded and had a cut in it that showed.

80 miles before you get full traction.


Took the ferd to a muscle car cruise and smoked a bunch of Cubans and hit golf balls at the driving range.

Was p comfy. Saw this chopper too. Was neat.

No? I have to ride 45km to get to the twisties... and already rode like 25km on the tires to go ride an XSR900 at the Yamaha Demo Days.

That being said, XSR900 is sweet, I want one. I wish we had the XSR700 though, I love the sound of that parallel twin.

For a funeral. Old friend of mine passed away, they wanted bikes to lead the hearse to the cemetery because he rode. I got to see the 21 salute and all that though cause veterans.
>KY has some amazing roads.
Makes riding around detroit boring.

If you never lean does that mean the sides never have traction?

Oh yah also
>sold grom
>put ornage spoke covers on ktm
>changed all fluids in all bikes

pads are just fabric and foam, wash with some dish soap and rinse well. You don't even have to pull them out if you don't want to.

More like once they're up to temperature...

[citation needed]

All the pads in my helmet are removable
>i throw them all in the washer

Those lights just do jive with it.

Yah even my cheapo helmet can do that.

The thing was cool. Dude was an old-school railroad man, so he made the forward controls out of some real railway spikes that he had plated.

Carried from previous, lopping off the bullshit:

Speaking of money, though, anybody have tips for budget touring?
If I can collect a little extra, I was thinking of heading east, seeing some old friends from a previous life.
Shelter solutions? Cheap food between Seattle, Bend, OK city, Atlanta, somewhere in Vermont, Rochester, then Montreal and home?
I've actually never been on a ride for longer than 15 hours... A little nervous.

Couchsurfing.com is clutch as fuck.

Bring a sleeping bag, ride somewhere in farm country and sleep on a tarp.

Canned foods and a isopropyl alcohol ministove work excellently.

What of the Japanese sport bikes are better suited for shorter riders?

Where did you ride to today /dbt/?

Rode from my barn to my house to change the oil and wash my XR.

I'm going to live near the mountains in Taiwan for a year and feel like getting something with which to explore them in my free time, but I've seen how insane they are when it comes to driving and as depressive as I am I'm not enthusiastic about coming home in a casket.

Since when did you have a grom

>Hey DBT, wtf did you do today?

Woke up

Absolute bike noob here.... is a xr650l a good beginner bike in general? I enjoy trail riding in my jeep so a trail capable bike sounds good.

Got it from co worker just fixed it up and sold it.

same but add to that
>remember you have an other day of wage cuck tedium
>cry a little, cry a lot
it's not even that bad of a job its just I can see the end and it can't come soon enough.

I got a pigfat DR
You should fly over to the mainland to come to SAM

Once im 21 I guess cause can rent bike and stuff.


When is that? SAM this year is at the end of july


What day
I'm August 6th

Thanks user, I was worried a bit about the whole "Start low CC's" Thing but I was doubtful it really applied to single bangers.

11th here bb

Mfw you've still got me beat in the tendie department.

I have two bikes here in NC if you want to take one to SAM

>most my riding is commuting
Step up your lean game bro and that would be neat of I got the money together for ticket from hawaii.

I only commute on baiku as well.
I don't know how excited you would be to ride the DR on touge, but the option is there if you want to.
Maybe I'll get a third bike by then too, dunno

Ill ride he shit out of dr woo.

ask literally any tire manufacturer

got a good job. thinking about buying a new bike. was pretty set on the zx6r but the 2017 cbr is fucking sexy

wat do?

I have a hardon for early gen 636s, so i'd go with that
The Honda looks melty

*levitates in your path*


That's just the afterburner.

Going in to the shop after a year of me pussying around about Schrödinger head bearings next week, alongside R1 damper swap. Wish me luck.

>Driving miat on my daily commute
>Cunting XR650 overtakes me on the bitch of a 35 degree incline road that is my 10 minute shortcut
>Pops a mono with just roll-on

Holy fuck I miss my bike.

Any recs for a ~750cc sport or naked bike?

My new daily commute is in the middle of the night so there's no cars around and I can go fast, but my DR feels like it doesn't like to be pushed over 90

That feel when I've probably still leaned a scooter over further than a bike

What's weird is I had the confidence to chuck that thing into a kid's bike training course size figure 8 until the center stand dragged while sitting nearly upright because fuck if I could find anything to lean off from while on a motorcycle I'm shitting my pants doing far bigger circles at presumably much higher (ie theoretically more stable) speeds.

My 125 was lean-limited to the header on righters and fairing for lefts. I'd take a pic but it's too dark. Had to blast it with exhaust cement and heat wrap it with some stainless sheets hose clamped over it.

It's only like 5 degrees at static but my bike definitely has more clearance. Trick is the scooter usually would drag because of the soft suspension hitting bumps (I think the center stand would bounce downwards too), so even on smooth ground it might have been compressing quite a bit and had significantly less real world clearance.

But I don't know I think one of the things that makes them really easy to chuck over is that with a 2 stroke and CVT you have a nice combo of it coasting in really smoothly yet always have power to stand it up..


>tfw no cool nip bike



-everything is restricted
-speed limit everywhere
+awesome premium 2-smoke models
+customizing has no limits
+police does jack shit if you just run away

such a mixed bag

Meh, I had fun on it.
Until a piston punched through the sleeve and practically pretzel'd my valves.

Wasn't bad for a 4 stroke 125.

>Incorrect, they waste money and get mad at people who have more skills and get paid more
If you don't have money you can't waste it.
Having to prioritize what to spend your money on makes you realize that buying beginner bikes new is a waste of money. I don't get mad at anyone and it's your decision, I'm just pointing out it would be a bad decision.

>A brand new bike for a learner isn't that expensive.
It's more expensive than a used bike, and seeing as you're likely going to drop and/or crash it within 6 months there's absolutely no benefit gained from buying a new bike as your first.

>If your envious of someone being able to afford one you should start saving more money, upskill, get a better job.
I actually have a reserve of a couple thousand at any time, I have a higher education and a well-paying job. I am not envious. I could afford to buy a new bike as my first if I only got into motorcycling now. But would I do it? No, it'd be a waste. Get a shitbike (or at least a used bike) as your first, then upgrade. I didn't get to this point by wasting money, I got there by making the right calls when I had to decide between two expensive things to buy, and by not buying the newest, latest, most expensive stuff I could find.

>What is insurance?
Full coverage is about 6 times more expensive than basic (at least where I live). When I started I'd have had to pay around 1.2k per year for full coverage. If you buy a new bike, you pay like 6k, plus that premium. If you rek yourself after a year your bike's value will have dropped to like 4k even if you didn't ride it. You get 4k. You lose around 3k. If you drop it, the value drops even further. If you don't rek yourself and sell it for a bigger bike, you take the full depreciation hit meaning that again, you paid several k. With a used bike, you pay 3k up front, lose it if you crash, or get almost all of it back when you sell it. Which is more economical?


>Without people buying brand new there wouldn't even be motorcycle companies..
Talking about beginner bikes here, not about bikes in general. I can fully understand getting your third bike new if you plan to keep it forever and ever, that's totally fine.

>feel free to waste your money on energy drinks and alcohol
Nice assumption there, I don't consume energy drinks at all and only rarely drink alcohol in moderation; I don't go to bars, clubs or other places where alcohol is stupidly expensive either.


R6 is def the best 600 on the market not counting the meme 675


>VTEC is a meme in Japan as well

i never would have imagined

>Step up your lean game bro


>all those 250s so tiny that even nips look big on them


Track doesn't count.

No bike poorfag here. Is there a torrent link for Twist of the wrist vol.2 ? Or do I have to purchase it off of Amazon?

I mean the book. I torrented the book off Rutorrents but it's in Russian..

Advice? That's an interesting question. A cheapskate can hear all sorts of advice about how to torrent twist of the wrist. Here, start with this youtube link, watch it for about a week, then return it when you're done.


3 months

Who has admin rights to the map / how often do yall meet up for rides?

Some fuck who never updates it is in charge.

Theres SAM happening, but its the east coast this year. I kinda want to plan a seperate one in the rockies or west coast, but too lazy for that shit.

Yurop or burger?
There's SEM and SAM
SAM is now
SEM is in a month

>AM happening, but its


>Who has admin rights to the map
I mailed austrianktmguy like 2 months ago or something and I'm still waiting

they still make the 600rr? i think i remember reading something about honda killing it

nvm they just dont sell it in europe anymore

>tfw cam chain tightener is busted after 10k km

Is this commonly a warranty issue?