What's the car that you always dreamed of but you know you will never be able to afford it? For me...

What's the car that you always dreamed of but you know you will never be able to afford it? For me, it's the obvious F40.

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I guess you can take peace in knowing that 99.99% of others wont drive it either, retaining its sacred nature


For me it's the F40PH


Or this;

mfw (my f40ph when)

this and lamborgini diablo , both because playing vidya while being a child (nfs 1 and lotus challenge)

>have an F40
>wont drive it because of muh value
literally why

Ive hear that those arent really worth millions.

a celica in this condition


the world looks a bit different when you live in poland.

The curse of the collector car

Such a painful one

I'm just halfway to $100k savings and I need at least $500000 until I can stop living frugally. Until then, I will drive used econoboxes.

A clean one of these with a 5 speed and under 50k miles. Dont exist

why not the next best thing

I, too, know that feel...

S15 Silvia.

Will be insanely expensive to import a clean one when it is legal.

...maybe if I start saving now I'll have the money in 9 years but lol fuck that I'll just keep my ratrod S13 moneypit for now.

Okay let's be real...

the unaffordable dream car for 99% of the active posters here is ANY car because they all waste their fucking money on videogames and bus passes.

I met a dude two years ago who bought one of these as an "Investment" after paying top dollar for it. Couldn't fucking stop reading me the brochure. I asked him, "How fast have you gone in it?"

"Oh, I just drove it for the first time to this car meet."

I fucking hate rich people. I fucking hate them so much.


did usdm not get the s15 200sx? its pretty easy to convert to silvia spec (and silvia spec is pretty slow so you'd be saving money if you intend to build one anyway).

just did some research; get cucked amerilards. Aus, NZ and Jap only got the s15.

I'll be able to get an S52 one, sure.

but i dont think i'll ever get an S54, phoenix yellow one as they go for upwards of 65k. And that's just ridiculous.

I'd shoot a man for one of these.



New Yellowbird

Shit taste

Future classic

Shit taste

>not driving your F40 in the rain and putting it away dirty

Might be easier to just get a job and buy one



Sexiest ferrari evar made imo

Changes proportions a bit, add some curves, and this beauty will literally look like any modern car manufactured nowadays. Crazy how thing aged so well.

Black pre-facelift BMW 750 E38 in mint condition and low mileage.


i want one. i just want one so fucking bad
its been my dream since 16 making me get my first shitty normie job
>tfw i had a chance to buy it all fucked up but i didnt care it was the right model i would have gladly worked on it
>tfw listened to family about the hassle and let them decide my cash
>tfw now i have all the cash but the specific turbo model i want hasnt popped up in years
>tfw if it does pop up its either so fucked up or a boomer tryna swear its one of a kind asking 20k for it
life is suffering

>I fucking hate rich people
I'm sure they hate you, too.
I bought a collector's sports car as well, but I've already put 5,000 miles on it since February when I got it.
Sounds like it really doesn't have anything to do with being "rich".

I'm nowhere near rich, but if I had something like Audi V8 (it is a model) in great condition, I'd rarely take it out on the streets too. Even though the car itself you can get for 3k euros.

My dream car is any of the group b lancias. Not for street driving obviously, but a drit would be loads of fun I think.

Dirt track would be fun even

It seems all turbo Buicks are escaping me now with skyrocketing prices...

Also this.

they're 50k for now. Gonna get one asap after I get my post uni job

where do you live? I saw a shiro go up for sale for 6500

fucking florida man its all rusted facelifted models by me


better get to flying, cause this is a fucking deal

a clean CRX with 3 rotor swap

Anything that cost >100k. Hell, I'd be hard pressed on spending more than 50 grand for a car

Funny, back when I'm still at high school, I always dream on buying a GTR when it was first launched in 2007. 10 years later, when I could afford one (a used one anyway) and had couple of test drives, I didn't feel like buying one at all.

>I can't afford a GTR so let me go on Veeky Forums and post trivial statements for attention

Why are you here anyway?

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HNNNG This and the p1 GTR