BTC: After Plank Party

Let it SINK in.

At least the ocean is blue coiners.

In theory you can stay bluepilled forever.

Like a heaven of some sorts.

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Some of you that refused to listen let me throw you a life jacket:

Maybe you'll make it home?

OP as far as I am or any other clued up user on this board is concerned, no coiners and coiners are both on the same boat, equally ignorant and blinded by their own delusion.

This is not to say crypts serve no purpose, but a direct remark at the individuals who hide behind them, and the ones who wished they bought BTC earlier (no coiners).

What a lazy pitch.

Weak bait.

Cope harder.

Yours scincerely,

KoinKing, the Veeky Forums goto expert on all things bitcoin


King of the cucks

wether BTC goes up or down, all the smart people are buying TRUMPS, so it doesnt affect them

Lambos for TRUMP smart money

I'm surprised administrators haven't dealt with these posts. I've seen you in three other threads calling people cucks and spewing your metal retailer.
"Note: Veeky Forums is NOT a place for ADVERTISING or SOLICITING. "

>all the smart people are buying TRUMPS

All the small micro aggresion bluepilled people are buying meme coins.

One last ditch effort to meme harder than ever before.

You better hope they didn't tie a concrete boulder to her.

You get a splash when you walk the plank.

I'm not in the business of caring if you want to accept that.

None of you are Olympic divers are you?

It will be interesting to see how many of you can swim in the salty ocean.

Let the altcoin drowing begin as you feverishly grab on to each other drowning one coin at a time.

Take the life jacket or watch the sharks circle you.

Once the first alt suffers a big blow the blood will be in the cryptic ocean.

Things you can expect to see in the sea

btc soon returns to 2016 trend line what will happen?

If you are lucky it doesn't go under the trend line.

Will most likely penetrate through it.

After that it depends on how good folks can swim.

Double decker couches only get you not killed.

It doesn't take you to the moon.

Do you even SPLASH?

Textbook funduhmental in trading

>the Bitcoin bear is a retarded silvercuck and is attempting to spread FUD to incite holders to buy meme metals with their coins

Pretty funny how you talk shit about Bitcoin yet accept it as payment, you stupid faggot

you technical analysis faggots!
why didn't you draw this "trend line"? that's because it doesn't fit your narrative.

Do you even trendline?

Or do you just pop bluepills by the dozen?

Silver and gold are the ultimate bluepill

advertising the fact that you're a cuck?

i think you're doing that all by yourself :^)

>Silver and gold are the ultimate bluepill

.....yup you pop them by the dozen.

Don't worry the ocean is only the deepest and darkest most undiscovered portion of the Earth.

I'm sure you will survive without a life jacket or life boat.

Precious metals are nothing more than an attractive short term play in a period of negative real rates and even then you play the miners for their leveraged exposure.

As a long term investment you're lucky to beat inflation, bluepilled cuck

Thank you for pointing that out. Selective charting can literally "prove" anything anyone wants.

I don't know about that. Gold is up almost 300% over the past 15 years or so. Silver also up, even more than that. That's even at these depressed prices. Big banks have been charged with manipulating prices downward. Metals can be a store of value, a way to hold non-digital money outside of banking system. But agreed, putting all money into gold and burying it in the backyard is definitely blue-pilled. Does anyone else get sick of saying "blue-pill"?

>nocoiners COPING hard

can't wait for the next plunge to short at 5x leverage. bitches, lambos, moon etc

A bluepilled cryptocuck would say that.

I never heard anyone complaining about "redpilled"

Probably cause the truth feels so good.

Can't help it that you are on the wrong side of history.

what site do u reccomend for leveraged trading