Learning manual

>learning manual
>keep seeing people mention using the handbrake at stops
What am I supposed to be doing? I just put it in neutrel and leave my foot on the brake.

handbrake at stops is a euro thing

just do whatever your comfortable with, not like you're wearing out the brakes or anything

From experience, OP, I can say that it helps you not stall the car when you do the whole process of launching up, and if anything happens, your car won't go backwards and hit whatever's behind it.

And because at first having the physical coordination to quickly remove your feet off the brake to the accelerator to a point you will accelerate just enough while you let go of the clutch can be hard for someone driving manual.

>the whole process of launching up
What's this?

Trying to get up a hill when you're stopped.

I kinda let the clutch pedal up a little then move my foot from brake to gas and go before I roll back.
Is that bad for clutch? Should I use hand brake?

>handbrake at stops is a euro thing
It's not. It's just some retardation.

Basically when the vehicle is halted and you move. Includes getting up a hill.

People will say it's bad for the clutch because yes it is slipping slightly, but it is nothing to be worried about desu, just don't rev the shit out of your engine while the clutch is being slipped

in the UK and Ireland they teach people to pull the handbrake at every stop

glad my car has hill start brake hold
one of the best modern features

>just don't rev the shit out of your engine while the clutch is being slipped

>apply handbrake
>rev up to 4k
>lift clutch to bite
>drop handbrake
>blast off up even the steepest of hills without rolling back an inch

If you're on a slight hill or flat it's not really necessary but still useful especially if you're at the front of the queue waiting for lights to change and want to get away sanic fast

I hate it. I've been driving manual for years I dont fucking need it anymore. Yeah my manual says I can turn it off by doing some turning on the steering wheel but that shit doesn't work. i don't want a fucking Mustang that still has to baby me on a 5 degree incline if it has over 440 horsepower

when you live in the hills, sometimes you don't want to light up the tires at an intersection next to a cop.

That's the thing, I know where my clutch grabs, I don't skid my tires. And I have 305's I'm not gonna break them on a hill that easily. I never understood why so many people have trouble with hills I just don't get it.

>Come to a stop
>Apply the control which ensures you will remain at a stop
>lamo what a retard
End yourself.

At this point, i feel more comfortable on a steep hill in a car without brake hold. It just gets in the way now I hate it

I thought you only need to do this on hills, and an alternative is to do some heel and toe magic or something

Idk I've never driven manual in my life lul

true, 305s are a lot better for that sort of thing. I only have widdle babby miata 195s

lol fucking seriously?

Overly cautious pussies, is the real answer

But i'm a retard.
I need the security of the handbrake so I won't sperg out when the traffic light comes on and hit the accelerator too hard because of the rush to move as quickly as possible.

The handbrake keeps the car from moving without using the regular brake. Want to stop the car from moving without using the regular brake? Then use the handbrake.

Simple stuff.

im not gonna read this thread sorry

also phone posting

but handbrake at stops is for when you're facing uphill at a redlight

also to park. some old school ppl put it in 1st gear to park AFTER the car is already off. some argue against it. some do both because why not lol.

Years ago I had this shit happen to me

>learning to drive in Utah
>hills goddamn everywhere
>only had my learning permit for about 3 weeks at this point
>dad teaching me manual in his Mustang GT
>about a week in he has me drive him to the store
>steep ass hill on the way out of wal mart
>of course get to the hill when the light turns red
>first in line at the light
>"you've got this son"
>cop pulls up beside me in the left turn lane
>light turns green
>accidentally give more gas than I meant to while slipping the clutch
>accidentally drop the clutch because I'm startled and a bit freaked out
>cop doesn't miss a beat, cherries and berries on instantly
>pull over into a nearby parking lot
>dad explains to the officer that I'm learning manual
>cop straight up says this is an irresponsible thing to do and says I'm endangering others "if that's how you're teaching him to drive"
>writes me up for exhibition of speed
>can't get out of ticket, have to pay it

Even USAA dicked me hard for insurance for YEARS just because the cop felt like being a fucking dickwad that day.

Are you driving a bike? Even an NSX (the queen of no low RPM torque and tall gearing) doesn't need more than 2500 if you aren't trying to drag race.

>getting a ticket because you basically launched wrong with a manual

What did the cop want, you failing to launch and the car rolling backwards possibly causing an accident, while he will have to go through the process of the no-victim car accident?

Sounds i'll never go to Utah. Ought to be the mormonism around that makes the cops be assholes.

You should have fought it.

I tried. I showed up to the court date and explained my side as best as I could, but the judge wouldn't have it and I just had to pay it. Being so young at the time probably didn't help my cause much, I guess it just looks worse when a learning driver burns rubber even by accident.

Probably wasn't good to learn in a fucking Mustang though.

>keep seeing people mention using the handbrake at stops

That's bullshit told to kids trying to learn something to sabotage them. Handbrake is for hill starts, but not necessary.
They don't. t. European.

Learn to balance clutch catch point and throttle to prevent any rolling and move off the line faster

>Want to stop the car from moving without using the regular brake? Then
Is the regular brake bad or something?

Its meant to be because of the glare from your brake lights at night
If you're gonna be stopped for longer than a few seconds, use the handbrake

It's worse than the handbrake for keeping the car at a stop because it requires constant operator input. It's also a lot less comfortable to keep the foot brake depressed instead of simply applying the handbrake.

How long are your lights?

if its a long light why not just pull the break and wait? This seems to be a very natural thing to do..

i am American btw

Not that user but depending on what junction, up to a minute and a half ish

>the glare from your brake lights at night
What a non-existent problem.

The handbrake is good practice because you need it for hill starts. Of course, most people now just clutch in, shift gear, half let out the clutch, switch from brake to throttle and floor it hoping they don't roll back.

This is my method, but I also live in a city that is nearly flat so it almost never comes up

>neutral and hand brake
>dumb fuck soccer mom in the Escalade that her financial advisor coke head husband bought her behind you
>3 kids, only 2 of them legitimate, with her
>she's distracted and not very smart to begin with
>your brake lights turn off because you just put your hand brake on
>she's fucking stupid so she starts going because the last time she thought about anything she did was during the Bush administration
>she rear ends you
>she's mad at you for driving THOSE UNSAFE MANUAL TRANSMISSION CARS

>Jamal driving a 1999 Toyota Echo
>has never been serviced
>doesn't have insurance
>fuckstick in front of you is trying to turn left
>you put your hand brake on because muh brake light glare
>Jamal doesn't see brake lights and assumes you're still moving because he has the intellect of a lobotomized orangutan
>he rear ends you going 40

>you need the hand brake for hill starts
No you don't.

Why do I get super nervous and anxious to drive my first stick car?

I've had plenty of fine days driving it to work but I still avoid it. I feel like my ADHD n getting high are messing with me. Some dude also flipped out the first day I was learning when I stalled on the way home from some big parking lot and I guess that has scared me also.

>Drive Subaru
>Pull handbrake at almost every stop because holding the brake pedal down somehow warps the rotors
>have had to have my rotors turned twice so far this year


That's fucking retarded and dangerous. What if you forget you have it activated and stall.

Why am I getting angry at this?

No you retard. It has nothing to do with comfort. Automatics keep the brake depressed simply to prevent torque converter creep. The point of using the parking brake is to eliminate the half a second gap moving you foot from the brake to the throttle in case you aren't good enough at driving to prevent the car from rolling back in the time it takes to move your foot. No one actually does that because only retards have that problem at all.

If you forget that you pulled the handbrake then you're probably not competent enough to drive a motor vehicle.
It's not dangerous.

Wat? Is this a thing? Hasn't happened to my WRX, and I never use the handbrake at stops.

>be still learning how to launch with a manual
>fwd (even worse on hill launches)

>pull up to intersection (4 way stop)
>cop to my right
>cop audibly laughs
>mildly peel out
>cop laughs even harder

I only use the handbrake when I know I'll be stopped for a longer while. No mention of it in driving school so I just do what feels right.

T. Eurocuck

Long enough.

>Car remains stopped
>omfg muh chillunz

Newer Subarus have a hill break assist, basicly if you push the break pedal in enough it will hold the car till your clutch engages.

I just learned to quickly switch pedals in my first two manual beater cars.

>Put foot on clutch
>Put into neutral
>Put foot on break if your car is going forwards or backwards
>The end

>>keep seeing people mention using the handbrake at stops

captcha: Drive frei

lol no
put in the 1st or 2nd

Only thing I can think of is that you put pressure on the break lines, especially on the rubber parts that will theoretically widen/ wear out. Other than that, I only use it for longer stops and never had problems in the last 9 years

Put it in fifth

epic jk my friendo

if you can start in fifth go and do that
I rather start in 1st or 2nd

I lol'd

Just don't give a fuck and take your time. People will get angry but who cares, you decide what's best for your safety. I kept strictly to speed limits and started like a granny at first.

I use the handbrake at stops, for 3 reasons.

First, the highway code in the UK says that you should only use your brake light when coming to a stop and then switch it off (ie take your foot off the brake) in a line of traffic.

Secondly, it gives your feet a rest, not having to be on the clutch or brake, meaning you can stretch them out and not get tired.

Thirdly, as I was taught when learning to drive; imagine you're waiting at a busy intersection or waiting for pedestrians to cross at a crossing. Some woman with kids in the back doesn't see you're stopped and rear ends you at speed (actually happened to me). Your foot comes off the brake and you either go into the intersection and get t-boned or go straight into a woman crossing the road while pushing a pram or buggy or something.

Use your handbrake. It takes less than half a second to put the clutch down, get into gear and release the handbrake when the lights turn.

It's what my driving instructor told me to do. He also told me not to cross hands or break the speed limit.
Fuck all that shit

just drive your fucking car. there is no correct way to drive a manual car that isnt gonna piss someone off

only if your on a hill, or in the UK

Why the fuck would you start in second? And why would you leave the car in gear while waiting at a stop?

>First, the highway code in the UK says that you should only use your brake light when coming to a stop and then switch it off (ie take your foot off the brake) in a line of traffic.
Wow, that might be the dumbest thing I've ever read.

i'm in the UK and only use it on hills (inclines, not declines)

use any lights in a way which would dazzle or cause discomfort to other road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders
use front or rear fog lights unless visibility is seriously reduced.

You MUST switch them off when visibility improves to avoid dazzling other road users (see Rule 226).

In stationary queues of traffic, drivers should apply the parking brake and, once the following traffic has stopped, take their foot off the footbrake to deactivate the vehicle brake lights. This will minimise glare to road users behind until the traffic moves again.

Law RVLR reg 27

Not the other guy but dam that is stupid is it because you guys have fog at all times or other than fucked up teeth your eyes are horrible as well

If you have fog you turn your dipped headlights and front/rear fog lights on as necessary.

>Secondly, it gives your feet a rest, not having to be on the clutch or brake, meaning you can stretch them out and not get tired.
How fat are you?

Times I've been hit by people rolling backwards at traffic lights: 2.

2 times that would be avoided had they just popped into neutral and pulled the handbrake.

> handbrake
All my manual vehicles have a pedal operated E-brake.

I have 7 different vehicles and the only one that has a "handbrake" is an automatic.

this is why brake hold is real nice

Who the fuck does that? I keep my foot on the clutch, and put it in 1st. That way I can quickly launch off when the light goes green.

I think keeping it in neutral and having your foot on the brake is alright as well.