How to start installing a bodykit

So im planning on installing an EVO 2 bodykit on a 190E merc
I have all the tools avalable from cutters and welders to lathes and mills

but where do I start as I dont want to fuck this up

please be joking, that is ugly


if you have to ask, have a professional do it or it will look like every other shitty bodykit install you have ever seen

the thing is, where im from there arent many people who do any sort of modding to cars

Ask a Turkish person, they'll know what to do

cant dude, the turks and us dont get along all that well

regardless it's a HUGE job and takes skill like all bodywork/painting

You can't just buy the tools and go at it and expect it not to look like shit

Painting is something I'll leave to a professional
I am a machinist so I know how to work with this kind of shit, I just want to know what to watch out for and where to start

>Reddit spacing
>shit taste
Like pottery.

>I just want to know what to watch out for and where to start

Start by getting help:

Watch out for inexperienced people fucking with your bodykit, don't let them.

You should assist with doing 2 or 3 before taking one on yourself.

Why are you doing a Turkish project car if you don't like the Turks? What are you Armenian?

Don't think you will be using a lathe or mill much on your body kit install OP

Im just saying that if need be I can make parts. Im new to this kind of shit, thats why im asking
>evo 2 is a turkish car

Evo 2 is a German car. A base 190e with a poorly executed Evo 2 body kit is a Turkish car.

the engine and all that shit comes later as I dont see myself finishing this project anytime soon

and about the poorly executed thing
Im taking this shit really really slowly, planning everything in advance to try to avoid that, dont want to make any wrong cuts. Thats the reason why im asking about this while the car sits inside the spare factory storage rooms waiting for the cut

everyone is telling you not to do it yourself for the first time, but you are going to do it anyway and it's going to look like shit

noted, scrapping the idea then

>I know how to work with this kind of shit
>how do I work with this kind of shit?

Enjoy your k jetronic. Cancer

Look, as much as anyone else I like doing it my self, but user, Body work, major body work that is, isn't something an amature should be doing, especially on a car they want to come out looking good.

Don't do it. This isn't banging out a dent or some shit, this will end in disaster. I'm not saying that to be a dick, and no one else is either, but you don't just dive into this with no prior experience and some light reading to guide the way and it coming out nice.

That's just not how shit works, it'd be a shame if you screwed up your 190 Evo clone because you just went balls out, find a bodyshop that'd do it that's within decent distance, set a day aside get a quote, take it and the parts in and have a mate drive you back and then pick it up while you can. It may cost more, but it'll be worth it when you car doesn't look like a mangled POS.

Kinda wanted it to be a learning experience, but that seems more reasonable, will have to go out of the country to actually get to a bodyshop though

Leaning experience is fine but buy a shit box and experiment on that, or see if there are autobody classes near you if you're interested in making a career out of it (and can afford do go obviously)

If you actually follow through, don't buy the duraflex kit. It's very poorly cast and moldws off an actual DTM car so nothing fits. If you want it to look decent buy your kit from Ake at hedgehog motorsports.

Also, make your car fast before ricing it please.

Nice car. The only part that's missing is the dedicated kebab grill on the passenger side.

I actually found some guys who make EVO kits using casts off of a proper EVO and they look pretty good
I was told to avoid duraflex kits like the plague
but reading is making me reconsider going trough with it, will probably just buy a corrado or something

Well seeing as taking it to a bodyshop is the best option acording to this thread
does anyone know a bodyshop somewhere in europe thats not in northern part of the continent or the UK

>tfw can never get one in my country
>bought a black 190e and paid for a kit to be colour coded and installed to the car

I am everything you hate
I also have a 2jz swapped into it

I mean finding one isnt that hard, paying for one is the problem