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sure, we can discuss.
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who else agrees?

What makes a sports car? How it looks, how it handles? Does sticking a powerful engine in a pig make it a sports car? Is EG Civic hatch with an LS swap a sports car if it makes 348 horsepower to the FRONT WHEELS because thats the only place the power should ever be?

a sports car has to be able to perform well in a motorsport for its class.

By the logic used in that picture, Semi trucks with 500hp and 1300lb-ft are super cars

What does the speaker system have to do with being a sports car?

>423000 Watt system
BMW needs it to make their "Tuned Sound"


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power/weight ratio. that's all I gotta say


killowatt yourself yuropoor

1101kw this is a sports car

I hate how common this is becoming

can't we just all agree that power to weight ratio is far more important than simply power output.

European here, we rarely use kW for cars. It's mostly those idiotic Aussies.

wat is the engine speed actually picking up? surely it's not actually changing engine speed/gears that quick? what's happening?

It's not that simple either. A 400 hp 2000 kg car will still not be as sporty as a 200 hp 1000 kg car. The real determinator is probably an exponential function between weight and power.

fuck off cunt, you should be using it and you know it.

By not using it you're being a traitor to the metric system you berate the Americans so much for not using.

some kind of test-mode I guess

European here too, kW is actually the official measurement here in Europe, but babbies like you get the BHP number as well because you don't understand that kW is superior.

I'd say chassis tuning is a bigger factor than just power or even power to weight.

its not my fault that mustang/camaro rapes europoor shits

euro here.
I prefer bhp to be honest.
Metric and celcius and 24h clock and whatever is best
but bhp is just better.
Idk why.
Most info is in bhp anyway and converting is pita

so gt86 is a sports car.
And so are the light civic hatches?

I think sports car is purpose built for the owner to use it as a car to take part of motorsports that are not drag racing (muscle car) or autocross (2 slow 2 low stakes)

>so gt86 is a sports car.

>I think sports car is purpose built for the owner to use it as a car to take part of motorsports that are not drag racing (muscle car) or autocross (2 slow 2 low stakes)

That's a race car.

Is for

No, it includes drag and autocross/tight tracks too.

The thing that ties them all together is the element of compromise. A car that is good for motorsport can not be good for everyday life unless you're not normal.

The seats are hard and bucket shaped. There's probably two of them, sometiems one. If there are four legroom is lacking because a short wheelbase is better for track. There's not much of an interior. AC might not be a standard option. Trunk space? More like rear strut brace. Easy to get in and out of and capable of clearing obstacles, like snow? Lol fugettabout, lower is more stable in corners. Gas mileage is only good enough to finish the usual number of laps or passes. Maintenance intervals will probably be frequent owing to a stressed engine. Parts like brakes will be expensive and premium. Light alloy wheels come standard.

The more a car compromises performance in motorsport for "daily driver" bullshit that SOME consumers MIGHT want (mass marketability), the less it is a sports car and the more it is a car.

kW makes much more sense than HP.
1 mechanical horsepower being 76.0402249068×9.80665 kg·m2/s3

I'm glad that we got the 80/181/EEC directive that makes HP only a supplementary unit.

Fuck. This sounds like Midtown Madness

If trolling then you got me. It's obviously the sound system playing engine noises... You know, the thing people have been whining over. The sound you hear in those cars is not really the engine it's the speakers playing engine noises.

Probably because people would flip out and run to a mechanic if they heard what engines actually sound like when freeds from firewalls and plastic/foam covers

If you've ever owned a 4cyl OHC/DOHC motorcycle, yeah. Friend got a brand new Honda CBR1000RR, finished break in properly, had the dealer baby it and everything, pulls up next to this guy in an SUV

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