Exactly what is the target market for AMG? What kind of person actually buys MB-AMG?

Exactly what is the target market for AMG? What kind of person actually buys MB-AMG?

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20-something year old Asian women.

>40 year old women
>60 year old men

I can see why people buy amgs, what really puzzles me is brabus
Yeah a brabus maybach shows you are rolling in money, but who the fuck buys a brabus smart fortwo

Boyracers with lot of money and people who want a mustang GT but happen to be rich and don't care about manual.

Yep I don't get it, I saw a brabus gla once and was perplexed for the rest of the week

50 year old jews who need to have the most expensive model to drive to work at the speed limit

Ah Muh Gerd

People who make low 6/high 5 figures and want a unique luxury car but can't really afford a Bentley or a RR.

Somebody who wants an Merecedes but with a bit more power. That's all.

AMG is basically just a trim level/sport package these days. No different than checking "EX" box when getting an Accord.

Pretty much this.
Company just hired some rich Chinese girl a week ago and yesterday she came to work with a new AMG C43.

They want the best interior, build quality, and comfiest ride while still being able to haul ass and have tremendous amount of power on tap.

Bmw - drivers choice
Audi - all arounder/best highest missile
Porsche - enthusiast/track choice

If you can spend can afford to spend $130k on a S63, you can afford to spend 70k more for a Continental GT

Flying Spur is also roughly the same price if you want a sedan

Something like 80% of AMG's, M's, etc are leased. Even on a lease $1500 oil changes and services are not unheard of. It's worse on a Bentley and most wealthy people are too cheap to fork out the extra.

>A 30k car is the same as an 100k car

If you can afford twice the median household income on a CAR, paying cash or short term payments, then $70k is not that much to you.

the same people who would buy porsche but don't really want a beetle or turbo miata

Arabs and Russians

Rich people don't get rich by wasting money, they can be extremely stingy

Pretty much, I have a low six figure salary and have driven pretty much nothing but fun used shitboxes. Buying a new fiesta st this summer and I barely feel justified buying it despite my income. Most people are retarded with money

my philosophy is you should never buy a car that costs more than what allows you to drive it like you stole it. obviously this doesn't apply to people who are struggling to afford shitboxes but for everyone else it's much more fun to drive a relatively cheap car and treat it like a disposable item.

If you make low six before the taxes, please don't act like you make good money. When You get to mid 6 and up we can talk like you have something going on

there are two people in my family making 7 figures and they both drive shitboxes although they buy their wives nicer cars

You're agreeing with me. $100,000 income doesn't mean anything if you are spending it on retarded shit like a $18,000 a year lease payment for some stupid luxury status symbol. I know I'm not rich which is why I spend most of my money on buying rental properties.

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A brabus smart is not even 10k more than a standard smart, and all it has is a bunch of brabus logos and 10hp more than the standard car
It makes no sense, any one can get one. You dont need to be rich to afford one

Insecure young junior VP's who have to have a Benz for status but want to be able to beat fuckbois with Mustangs off the line.

Man i live by this too
I make good money for my area (cheap cost of living here)
But i abuse this shit out of my 600cc bike and my miata.
Its a great feeling to drive it hard and not have to worry about tiresp or repairs.
Its literally whatever. Even if i wreck the mazda i could buy another one with cash tomorrow.
>people with loans wont know this feel

>t. bus rider
Interior and build quality are not different to standard models. Ride is much firmer.

t. NEET on welfare

NIce blog post faggot

Nobody gives a shit how you justify driving an econo box

Stockbrokers and bankers


People who want refined car with raw power

700hp with pulleys and fuel system easily achievable in a car that came out 15 years ago is pretty gud

A/CLA/GLA 45 AMGs sell almost exclusively to cashed-up boyracers here. They look just like your stereotypical WRX/STi driver only with a more expensive snapback.

Someone who wants to go from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds after they picked up a new couch.
Someone who wants to take his wife, 3 children and a dog on a track day and easily smoke American land barges

577 HP station wagon
0-60 in 3.4s

If you only make low 6/high 5 figures, you should be driving a used econobox.


I'm not buying a premium car until I have at least $500k in the bank.

forgot vid

The brabus smart cars aren't actually made by brabus. My gf has a """brabus""" smart roadster. It's also decorated with plenty of brabus logos, even the wheels, yet it's just the same engine with a slightly bigger turbo and shit.

Now, if it was the 1.4 biturbo V6 from a concept BRABUS smart roadster, that would be a whole other story

Asians , middle aged successful business men and retired people who can't really afford them but buy it anyway because they will be dead soon.

It can be if it's more than 10 years old.

why do people choose the s63 amg when the s550 exists?

10 years ago, rich people
now, poor people

here its

new russians (fags)
churkas (not white kek)
daddys money

My uncle bought a 2002 S55 because he "liked the phone jack in the center console"


Better question. What kind of person buys an RS Audi? Why does this even exist?

Decent article.

Back in the 80s and early 90's we would always get members of the old rich like Dupont family members and such coming into our cheese shop. It always struck me that even though these people were worth untold millions of dollars many of them just drove 8 year old buicks or whatever car was the best combo of cost and comfort. They spend their big dollars on things that dont depreciate.


Good for them, and there's also some joy to be gained from taking care of an old car. I earn above average as a software developer but honestly have more respect for manual labor than my own, so I'd much rather pay a decent self-taught mechanic for his honest work than making the CEOs of car companies even richer. He usually has good stories to tell, too.

In Australia it's mostly leased by young guys who are stupid with their money or drug dealers.

almost nobody buys RS cars they don't sell in comparison to M or AMG
S cars are popular though

AMG used to do allot of cool shit.

Hell all the way up into the 2000s even with engine's making so much torque they had to limit them.

My neighbour daily drives an SLR and he owns some software developing company

They used to be independent from MB until 1999.

Where I live in Orange County:
>Gulf Arabs (Mainly G wagons)

Other people used to drive them, but now Teslas are the new status symbol.

I never said it didn't you fucking inbred retard, learn how to read. Mercedes has the best quality interiors of the Germans

That much jealousy ITT :)

>interest earned YTD

That is a transactional balance.

>C43 AMG
Typical women.

The market is simple; people who actually enjoy German luxury cars who can actually afford them.
They don't run a lot of ads on the TV for M/AMG cars because they know a regular person wouldn't buy it.

Rich hipsters who want a high performance DD but don't want what everybody else has.

asian women in markham, ontario

t. Gold digger

>Be School Bus Driver Markham
>Luxury car drivers actually attempt to race me in my mini school bus.
>I actually win everytime.
>They don't even go above speed limit
>Most of these high end performance cars are just status symbols and barely go over 100 kmph

>Bmw - drivers choice

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somewhat related, gives you a general idea about who drives expensive Mercedes'

>live in LA, gf is visiting
>doing touristy stuff
>on Rodeo Dr
>see Maybach
>in his early 20's yo Chinese kid behind the wheel

putting that chinese factory owner slave labor money to work

I know.

That's when they were at their best, but like I said even into the 2000s they were still doing crazy shit for awhile.