I'm interested in switching over to manual gearboxes. What's the best car to learn on?

I'm interested in switching over to manual gearboxes. What's the best car to learn on?

driven tons of manuals, its all the same, learn on whatever. preferably something used so that you dont ruin a new clutch if youre terrible.

Anything with your standard 2017 mordern day manual paddle shifting gearbox, user.

Maybe Hondas because just a touch of a feather will give you 3000 RPMs

>I'm interested in switching over to manual gearboxes
Is this following the decision to let Tyrone please your wife on weekends?

Good job and late 90s to early 2000s Honda Civic.

I'll just leave this here

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>What's the best car to learn on?
Some 30 year old shitbox where it's easy to replace the clutch.


I'd say any car that isn't rough to drive. Miatas for example are a bit of a bitch with shifting as they lack power and comfort was not their prerogative. Mustangs have a nice clutch and have enough idle power where the car gets underway rather easy. My 325i also drives well and so does the 525i that I test drove a week ago. My cobalt was easy enough to learn on and was cheap to run. My Tiburon took getting used to so I don't really recommend those but I do advise you research proper sitting positions as sitting properly helps you learn how to drive.

get a diesel car, they're easier to drive and learn, and nothing too expensive you don't want a car that is too fast if you're just learning

Mazdas generally have pretty solid gearboxes. If you don't like Mazda for some reason, you could buy a Ford with a Mazda transmission.

mid 90's Ford Escort is the only one I can think of right now, but there are many other cars / brands.

Really any shitty sub $500 car that you can toss whenever and don't have to care about.

Learn on a fat girl. They will do anything for attention from a man. Ride her cowboy!


A rental.

doesn't matter as long as it isn't a literal race car


Anything with a good amount of torque. It's almost impossible to stall a mustang or a camaro. Can't talk for the chally since I haven't driven one.

How does learning to drive stick in a rotary work? when the car stalls, you have to wait so you don't flood the engine?
I learned on an mr2 turbo but the car I DD is a civic si.
The civic si is a good 6 speed to learn on because if you're in 5th and miss 6th gear and land in 4th(which has happened to me) you have plenty of RPMs left to spare but you shouldn't be revving high while you're still learning anyway.

Memes aside, a 3k Civic.

Honda's transmissions are referred to as "short throw." You can shift very easily and without too much distance between gears.
It's not as tiring as other transmissions.

What if it's a metaphorical race car ?

Something with a lot of torque on the low end. A muscle car. Anything diesel. Playing with the clutch is the hardest part of driving stick. A car with a lot of torque down low makes it easy mode.

Worst car would be something with a low power I3 or I4, that needs to be revved to put out any sort of power. But if you can drive one of those stick, you can drive anything stick.