How did this total shitter go from owning the greatest car ever made, to making electric cuck-mobiles?

How did this total shitter go from owning the greatest car ever made, to making electric cuck-mobiles?

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By developing and executing a plan to take over the entire car, space and isp industry all at once.

While automaker is good for gummint gimmedats automaker+green snake oil salesman is better.

Like other billionaires got lucky during the dot com boom I'll be stupid rich with the crypto boom soon

Oh you're serious


A crash.

his goal with the performance teslas was to create a car that could do 0-60 as fast as a McLaren F1. he has more than exceeded that goal. daily reminder 0-60 is the most important performance metric for 99% of people.

Yes, but the lack of gearing and the torque curve of the motors mean the cars acceleration is slower when at higher speeds.

>Yes, but the lack of gearing and the torque curve of the motors mean the cars acceleration is slower when at higher speeds.

It runs the full quarter mile in 10.8 seconds

it accelerates plenty fast near 100mph+

One time

Don't know what you mean

While other autistomobil producers spend tiny amounts for developing the cars of the future (electric) he did the right thing.

Musk didn't develop electric cars just to sell electric cars. He sold electric cars to offset the costs of engineering all-electrical all-terrain vehicles for missions to the moon and Mars.

Gasoline vehicles require our exact atmospheric composition to function correctly. The moon and Mars differ in atmospheric makeup, so gasoline vehicles aren't a viable option.

Musk is still a cuck for bitching about Trump leaving the bullshit Paris Accord

It gets slower and slower as the battery drains.

not really

and the batteries get better every year

Yes it most certainly does.

Yes, and? Do you think people don't fill up after every pass on the strip?

Yeah nigger by the end of the battery you are running 11second quarter miles like some kind of 500hp faggot

No they aren't lol
Filling takes 30 seconds, compared to a Tesla's 15 hours

Huh I didn't know he owned a Twingo.

>No they aren't lol
The new Teslas are 11 second quarter mile cars all day long user, it's not like that battery powered jeep you had when you were 6

Where can I see that?

"All day Long"
-> Implying that juice doesnt run out and car doesnt shut down into emergency mode after 2 mins.

>Destroy that car Now! Electrical sh*t is no good for racing.

>homo promo

>Sounds like my washing machine on a normal cycle..

>electric race cars are stupid shit no soung and no gears and they are heave

>Fast Vacuumcleaner. ... horribly boring :(

>YAY!? Without any engine sound what is the point? Good for you, you drove a life size RC toy around a track...

>It's heartbreaking to see an electric battery powered car set a record on the worlds greatest track. It's even more heartbreaking to see that people actually like the look and also the sound of these things.

>How can a slightly modified Prius win against the Porsche 918..

>Only mechanical engine + petrol, that electric toy sounds like my shaving machine... the beauty of motorsport, is in the engine sound,

>don't Like no sound...

>This cannot be true, petrol cars are faster

>But it sounds shit. Its a fact

>Chinese car with ripped off European technology typical Chinese .


>Electric is gay

>sound like a fuckin toy machine

>I'll never buy an electric car. sounds retarded

>what a joke it has a vaccuum cleaner sound worst game ever !

>Sounds like me taking a piss... . I hate electric cars...

>so fucking boring with this TOY sound. i wouldnt drive a electric car even if im paid 1M for it.

Delicious tears

>How did this total shitter go from owning the greatest car ever made

When did he have ab FR-S

How often do you do 0-60 on your daily commute?

ICE cuckholds are so pathetic

Your point? Its obviously not meant to be practical

Electric cars are so fucking dumb. You can't even kill yourself by running them in a closed garage.

As an oilcuck myself, the ability to kill myself is near the top of my list in a daily driver car. Maybe Tesla will come out with a model that spits out large amounts of poison gas?

Not happening. Tesla cares about all life.
Tesla cares about you.

I don't know what this is supposed to imply. anyone who lives near a major city would accelerate from a stop much more often than they would have an open freeway or a twisty backroad on their commute.

You can probably electrocute yourself if you mess with the battery
or override the safety and short a fully charged battery. It will explode and burn violently, emitting poison gas

Better carry 15 gallons of the most flammable shit imaginable around instead

Maybe I could put 800 pounds of steel in the frunk and hit something to cause it to be pushed into the cabin and crush me? That would probably do it.

1. Tie heavy duty rope around your neck
2. Fasten it to a tree
3. Accelerate in ludicrous mode
Instant, painless decapitation.

This has been done numerous times. decapitation rope

this would be true in many cases, but not here. At high vehicle speeds, the electric motor isn't any where near creating enough back-emf to significantly reduce torque. meanwhile, piston engines are nearing redline, which significantly affects performance.

gears aren't necessary when you design the proper motor.

Yes goy buy the phresh electro cars and don't question them.
Don't question how long the battery will last you until it holds as much charge as your laptop battery and how much the replacement costs. Don't question the materials used for your eco-vehicle© because that's not the point. Don't ask how many Nürnburgring laps a Tesla can take.

Good boy, keep buying those internal combustion engines. Don't forget to pick up Shell V-POWER NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline so we can buy your politici- I mean, donate to freedom PACs. And be sure to go to your local dealership to get a maintenance plan for all those belts, fluids, and gaskets!

The 30% efficiency is justified if you get to make the vroom noise too!

>I'll set sick speed records for suicide as well
How can combustion fags ever compete?

Of course Billions of dollars of free govt money had nothing to do with it