Trying to decide whether to put a blower on a 2014 GT Mustang for about $6-8k (parts + install) or to drop 15-20k on a...

Trying to decide whether to put a blower on a 2014 GT Mustang for about $6-8k (parts + install) or to drop 15-20k on a used Shelby GT500 with a trade-in.

The problem is that I don't want a sleeper. I want people to know I have over 600hp. What do?

Get an older Shelby. It's more special.

slower than a v6 camaro

dont buy a 12 gt500 you would be better buying a kennebelle for your 5.0

Nope. It's faster. Sperg more.

>v6 camaro

Slower than a 3k civic with a few simple mods.

Yeah, I know, I'd get the same power out of that. How about suspension and internals? I'd imagine the 5.4L engines are more reliable because they're basically engineered for the power.

coyotes love boost. Look at the roush 5.0s 575 hp with stock internals witha warranty

stop making these shitty threads. just go ahead and buy something. we don't give a shit.

really you should just get a 15+ gt or gt350.

>Buying that fusion-looking turd

tasteless faggot. the 15 looks infinitely better than the previous gen.

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Dude just buy that fucking Shelby already its fucking sick

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>gt500 is literally ahead of the v6 in the photo
gm fangirls actually this retarded

You said this in the last thread, if you wernt an assmad Ferd shill you would know the list goes from slowest to fastest with #19 being the fastest.

13 gt500 is ahead. even the 11 is faster too. LMAO.

sperg more

You want to be even more mad? here is another lap time


I can do this all day. Stop shilling for the inferior car and maybe you wont feel so assmad every time you turn on your computer.

>s-stop it! let me win!
LMAO. sperg more. reminder gm has no answer to the gt.

>Projecting this much
>Giving up on the mustang to an unrelated comparison

It's ok, at least you know the Mustang in every configuration is btfo by its Camaro counterpart and you admit defeat so we are going to compare a Ford Halo car that 10 people will buy versus a widely available Corvette that makes more HP and isn't a gay I6 with a turbo.

Try again Alphonse.

Alphonse about to have a meltdown

Stay btfo

Get vanity plates that say 600WHP for your 3k civic.

These pissing matches between Ford and GM are just embarrassing. It's like "my dad can beat up your dad!". Who gives a fuck. They are both mullet mobiles.

Get a fox or an early 2000s and build a supercharged 5.0
>all this shit posting

>different drivers
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>ford halo car
literally a tuned f150 lmao. gm's halo car can't outperform a f150 lmao. sperg more .

'14 GT500SS owner here

Either get a 13/14 Shelby or slap a KB on a 5.0 Coyote.

The 5.4 GT500s are decent but the Coyote engine platform is much better than the 5.4, in all honesty.

I have the 5.8 Trinity which is still based on the mod engine platform. I also have a 5.0 Coyote.

If you want the best all-around DD-worthy insanely fast car, KB a 5.0.

The GT500s are great but they have more of a race car feel. You can DD them for sure, but a production GT is going to be friendlier to you in the long run