Why hasn't gm responded to this?

why hasn't gm responded to this?

Just wanna make sure I'm on the same page here,

Are we memeing GM or Ford this time?

Why did Ford respond to cuck racing regulations is what i want to know.

why did gm lose to a v6 is what i want to know

Why is it slower around le mans than a C5R is what i ponder.

yes the corvette is.



fuck off alphonse

>$500,000 Ford GT being compared with $50,000 hickmobile

Ford already lost

No, it simply means people would actually spend 500k on a Ford, whereas 50k is the max amount of money someone would pay for a GM cuckbox

the U.S. government lost $11 billion on the GM bailout. GM = God Machine

Because ford wants to stop being the definition of the american meme
Whereas I think GM wants to inherit the title

gm fangirls on suicide watch

GM sells more of these in 2 weeks at $100,000 each than Ford will sell of the GT ever

i think you mean rents. LMAO.

only poorfags think there is a difference between leasing and eating depreciation

>t. gm's marketing team on damage control

>t. poorfag who thinks financing his 3k civic makes him better off financially than a nigger leasing a $100k escalade

>t. gm's marketing team on marketing team on damage control

buy GM cars

i don't buy trash

we will give you a brand new Corvette Z06 if you delete this


saging another shitnigger thread

>this mad


Why would you even consider either of these when a WRX STI exists?

Come on

Subaru is trash