Great debate

great debate

centenario because it isnt a bugatti

>paying $2 million for an aventador with a body kit

No thanks

chiron because it isnt an audi

>Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is a French high-performance luxury automobiles manufacturer and a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG
chiron is just a rebadged passat


>chiron is just a rebadged passat


really though the cent looks like a riced out aventador and the chiron looks like its own car. plus I think it's cool when cars are engineered for top speed. they only get a bad rap because they are bought by so many shitskins.

>700hp riced out aventador vs. 1000+hp riced out veyron

great thread op

>literally the same L355 V12 found in the Aventador LP700-4, with different carbon panels

Why does Lamborghini keep doing this?

because people will buy them

>parts bin doorhandles on a $2 million dollar car
what did VAG mean by this

Just noticed the trackwidth and wheelbase are the same. Its the exact same car. I had hoped the chassis dimensions were different.

because performance is secondary to exclusivity

You know what i never like the looks of the veyron but the chiron catches my eye it looks amazing

c5z w/toasty cam is better

same. that C design element on the side is legit

Literally this because you can have all the fun in the world without millions at risk.

You would just be restricted to elderly biker bitches and blood donations for gas.

if I owned a bugatti it would probably mean I don't care about risking millions

Usually the opposite is true. In most cases richfag are the cheapest penny-pinching mother fuckers you'll ever meet in your life. It's that mindset that got them there.

Yea good point, but what kind of poser ass nigger millionaire buys a bugatti? White people mclarens, porsches and koenigseggs.

The Lamborghini Egoista.


old rich, yeah. nouveau riche cunts who suddenly made billions from oil or whatever, not so much.

New money is worst money

"you idiots will buy anything with an expensive badge on it and a price tag to match"

thb the looks expensive, the lamb doesn't

the bugatti*

Debate what they are both horrible cars that don't do anything great.


the bugatti has a way higher top speed than almost every other supercar and is actually luxurious and quiet at low speeds thanks to how pigfat it is.

But for real though, who the fuck would not pick the Chiron here?

>they are both horrible cars that don't do anything great
t. $3k Honda Civic driver

The Bugatti is sexier and classier
>t. italfag

Tbh I'd rather have a Bugatti because every lazy-eyed pudgy faggot and their closeted dad has a Lambo

>Volkswagen supercar
Bugatti are ugly and only schmucks drive then.

would you trade your face and voice with his for $1,000,000?