Fell for the oil change meme

Is it alright to leave your engine dry overnight as long as you don't drive the car? Tonight I started my first oil change with this car since I bought it and I found that the drain bolt was overtightened and rounded and the damn oil filter was on too tight to twist off by hand, especially with greasy hands. I'm going to the hardware store tomorrow to pick up an oil filter wrench. Since I had already drained the oil motor oil before discovering that I couldn't get the oil filter off, is it alright to leave my car to sit dry overnight as long as I don't start the engine?

Yeah it's fine

Its fine.

Also get the loop style filter wrench.

wtf is up with these "I fell for the X meme" is this an advanced form of shitposting

Stab a screwdriver in filter and twist off, next oil filter put oil on filter gasket and hand screw till snug then half turn in. Never needed a filter wrench on any cars I've ever changed oil on.

Because changing your own oil is a meme. There's literally no reason the average person should risk their life going under a car supported by Chinese-made jack stands just to save 40 bucks from the mechanic.


Forget this crap. The pliers OP posted are good for some applications, and I like this one for whenever I can. Much better then the old toy from the early 20th century.

A lot of us prefer not to go with the messier way of doing things.

Plastic bag over filter, no mess. Just trynna save you a couple of bucks and some time, go buy a filter man, no one's stopping you breh.

Just fucking get the socket adapter that fits your filter.
Oil filter wrenches don't fucking work, if you were a man anyway you'd use your hands.

works on my machine.jpg

also thanks based ford for putting a hole in the frame so you can access the filter ez

You could leave forever as long as the drain plug and oil filter are on to keep debris out.

Not him but this is a loop style one.
I never use it because I don't overtighten ny filters.

No, the oil would eventually settle and the internals would rust.
That's a reason why you don't let a car sit.

Crankcases are usually sealed with a pcv. Definitely not forever, but you could for weeks.

OP here. I'm going to get the wrench tomorrow to remove the filter. Hopefully it comes off without any trouble as I have work on monday. I definitely don't intend to keep the car sitting without oil for more than a day ideally.

all else fails, hammer a screw driver into the filter and use that as a lever.

I hammered a screwdriver through my oil filter last time.

Managed to snap the screwdriver trying to twist it off though

These never work in my experience. Sockets don't work well either since filters are so thin now.

Only thing that works is the filters that have a bolt head on them, filter wrenches, or a screwdriver.

Of course if you oil the gasket and hand tighten, you should never get stuck in the first place.

I'm in my 40's user. When I started doing oil changes, that was the only tool available. It's still crap. It's a good idea to have something in the tool box all the same. For some of us who tighten down our filters well by hand, and when you're working on a car that doesn't have a lot of room around the side of the filter. Which is why I bought the one size fits all claw. No more hunting for the cap that fits my filter.

I kind of agree, oil changes are so competitively priced it's not worth doing yourself unless you don't trust the local shops.

>got to parts store
>buy $35 in oil, filter, shop towels
>already had to buy jack, stands, funnel, filter wrench and drain pan
>spend 45 minutes busting knuckles and crawling around on the dirt. Get filthy.
>go back to parts store to dump used oil
>hope you remembered to lube your chassis

Yeah, totally worth saving $15

for my car I need to use fully synthetic so it costs me around 30$ for everything to buy myself and around 70-90 at actual lube shop so no thanks I'll do it myself, plus I enjoy working on my car

>Still no actually good tool that can remove the oil filter

The one OP posted is perfect

Maybe don't work on your car if an oil change gets you filthy and busts your knuckles.

You might be a gorilla

Try using something other than harbor freight junk ;)

yeah, competitively priced because they use no-name brand filters and multigrade conventional oil. Go to the dealer that uses the right oil and quality filter, and you're looking at $70+.

I can do it myself for cheaper, faster, and do a better job. I also take pride in my ability which makes me feel good. I would take a bet that most of us here feel the same as I do.

I don't understand oil filter tools or the people who use them. Every time I've needed to change mine, I just grab it and twist. It takes some effort yeah, but it's not impossible. If one hand doesn't work, two hands will. I've never used a tool. I tighten the new one on by hand also, and it never leaks afterwards. How fucking weak are you people? If you can't get a grip on it because it's slimy with fluids or something, use textured nitrile gloves or clean the fucker off first. Get some grip strength you women.

>open beer
>open hood
>reach down
>spin off filter
>slide under truck with bucket (no need for a jack because its 4x4 and has enough clearance)
>unscrew drain plug
>finish beer
>reinstall drain plug
>open another beer
>fill oil filter
>spin on new filter
>fill engine with oil

Stop buying eurotrash and chinkshit

Dude, Channel locks. Big Channel Locks.

Has worked perfectly on any stuck oil filter I've had. It compresses where it grabs flat so that it doesn't slip.

Some engines require the oil filter to be tightened down more than just hand tight. Only heard of Toyotas needing this, though.

>too much of a pussy to raise a car

shit son, i hope you never have to replace a shock

startup costs are negated with further oil changes
and you get to use good oil instead of literal bottom of the barrel shit from walmart that might not even meet spec

>eeew i'm getting dirty!
put on some gloves and some coveralls like every other mechanic on the fucking planet

This. It's not like you are going to reuse the filter so the flattened spots aren't an issue. Then when you put your new filter on just go finger tight and in 6 months you don't need the extra leverage.

I can replace a shock without lifting my vehicle.
>lrn2car dipwad

>go to jiffy lube idiot you don't save any money doing it you're self


enjoy your no name bulk conventional 10w30 idiots

Yeah, you'll be fine. Might want to disconnect the battery if you have a wife or kids that have keys to that car. So they don't try starting it.

Plus those oil change places are always fucking with other stuff on your car too. Cracking open the airbox to see if they can sell you a new air filter etc. What pissed me off the most though (and why I'll never go back to one unless I have to) is one of them pulled the cabin air filters and didn't replace them. And didn't tell me about it either. Found out months later when I went to check them myself. Never again. Nobody will care as much about your car as you.

Those places are fine if it's some commuter shitbox and you got better things to do, but if it's your baby, there's nothing like knowing everything that was done to it and that nobody fucked with anything that didn't need fucking with.