I'm getting a 2000 Regal gs what are the first mods I should do?

I'm getting a 2000 Regal gs what are the first mods I should do?

Realize that you're driving a Buick and trade it in

3k Civic

cry when the transmission starts slipping.

There are no worthwhile mods for that vehicle

except perhaps for swapping out the stereo or tinting the windows

Sell it and buy a miata dummy.

Weight reduction first off, that thing is fucking massive, then coilovers and wheels I guess


nitrous till it blows

head gaskets

3800's are supposedly bad at intake/head gaskets, so those.
>smaller pulley for boost until you blow shit up, then use a slightly larger pulley than that one


>That fucking timing belt length

That's an accessory belt

You mean the serpentine belt?

It has multiple names
>Timing belt
>Serpentine belt
>I think someone called it a water pump belt once

That belt has nothing to do with the timing.
Timing belt and serpentine belt are not interchangeable terms

Timing belt controls the cams, sometimes the water pump runs off the timing belt, sometimes a balance shaft runs off the timing belt.
A timing belt a serpentine belt in that it can be bent backwards, but it's not an accessory belt, which is what the belt in the OP is.

a timing belt is a serpentine belt* sorry been up for like 24 hours

Actually, OP pic has a serpentine belt and an accessory belt driving the AC compressor.

Timing does not run off that belt. So you can call it a timing belt.
Theres an internal timing chain, and its very short.

Oh, didn't spot that the A/C had a different belt.
It still appears to be a serpentine style belt driving the A/C compressor though.
Serpentine belt just means that it's able to bend backwards by design.

You know, youre right. I glanced at the pic and thougt the belt just drove the AC, but it goes a lot further and seems to also drive the alternator and power steering pump.
Serpentine it is.