Give me ONE good reason why i SHOULDNT buy a used fifth generation Maserati Quattroporte for 30k

Give me ONE good reason why i SHOULDNT buy a used fifth generation Maserati Quattroporte for 30k

It's out of warranty.

Why would i care about the warranty?

You think i want people asking me about my bumper to bumper warranty?

You are a huge faggot, go buy the car

Automatic only, said automatic is an automated manual and shifts like shit, 4.2 liters doesn't give much torque, LS2 and LS3 GMs have the same or better performance.

It's an unreliable piece of shit

>It's an unreliable piece of shit


Maserati might just be up there with Alfa Romeo when it comes to fuckugly badges. seriously, what is this Neptune's dick on the front of their cars?

you could buy a real one instead

It's flashy as fuck. Makes a bigger brand impression than some inoffensive asian badge.

It's the best symbol, worst cars.

because you're not the first retard to come up with this "brilliant" idea

most people selling them right now bought them for around that, something broke and it's going to cost that much to fix it.


maserati has the prettiest looking badge in the entire car industry

Because you should buy something timeless, like a Biturbo. And never drive it, because it's too valuable.

>but mostly because it's broken all the time

>fifth generation

What is the post trying to convey

Used luxury screams im poor... So who you trying to impress?

If you want a paper weight buy one. It still spend more time being repair than it will be driven.
Just buy a Chevy SS already.

>Chevy SS
I mean, sure, for once it's not built like garbage because it's not actually American, and it's a bit pricey, but that doesn't make it a luxury car.

It's nicer than the Italian trash OP posted, and you'll actually be able to drive it since the LS is infinitely more reliable than anything Maserati has ever built.

It's also faster.

And there's always the CTS-V if you want an actual luxury brand.

Ahahahahh I love Amerimongrels

Buy it op.
post pics when you do