Can Anyone please tell me what this is an if its worth anything. I can see its some sort of engine but idk its in my grandpas old firebird but its just been sitting away

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ebay.com/itm/1974-pontiac-400-TH400-complete-TURN-KEY-ENGINE-TRANSMISSION-TRANS-AM-GTO-GM-/192175605195?fits=Year:1968|Make:Pontiac|Model:Firebird|Submodel:400|Engine - Liter_Display:6.6L&hash=item2cbe8f05cb:g:IJ8AAOSwE0JY9msz&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=IDugNTmuFOoLArjkKzSlddfbxJM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
i39.photobucket.com/albums/e197/Pzary3233/1968 Firebird/FirebirdSignature.jpg

heres a few more pics

That is a 67-69 Pontiac iron block 400

it's worth a good bit if it runs

here is a few more pics

Here is a running example that just sold

ebay.com/itm/1974-pontiac-400-TH400-complete-TURN-KEY-ENGINE-TRANSMISSION-TRANS-AM-GTO-GM-/192175605195?fits=Year:1968|Make:Pontiac|Model:Firebird|Submodel:400|Engine - Liter_Display:6.6L&hash=item2cbe8f05cb:g:IJ8AAOSwE0JY9msz&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=IDugNTmuFOoLArjkKzSlddfbxJM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557

Any way to see if its in running condition without hooking it up to a car?? that probably sounds stupid but the car isn't currently running but from what im told the engine and a few other parts are in really good condition

pic of car too please

Yes on an engine test stand, is it still physically in the car though?

I didn't take pic of the car, body is in really bad condition. I'm really just trying to sell the engine and anything else that might be worth some money

It is currently in the car, yes.

If it's in a 67-69 pontiac firebird and it's the original engine it will be worth more as a combo even if the car is not in what you would consider good condition

someone will restore it and it's worth more if it has the original motor, most of the motors from that era were blown up long ago and now the cars and engines don't match

check the VIN to see if it's a real 400 firebird/trans am first generation car and engine

even if it's all rusty it's probably worth 5-8grand

If anyone has any suggestion of online sites that would be geared towards automotive i could sell it or perhaps if any chain auto shops might purchase something like this

>It is currently in the car, yes.

Then taking it out to test if it's running would not be feasible, if it's the original engine and the car needs to be rebuilt the buyer won't care if the engine needs work, you could tow the car to a mechanic to get him to see if he can start it

if you can't verify the engine runs and you insist on separating it from the car it's probably worth like $1000 but you are going to have to get it out of the car to sell it

>If anyone has any suggestion of online sites that would be geared towards automotive i could sell it or perhaps if any chain auto shops might purchase something like this

List the car on craigslist and autotrader, someone will come buy it and tow it away for you as a project

that engine weighs hundreds of pounds nigger, how are you going to get it out and move it

can't tell what year the car is, if it's a first gen firebird it's worth a lot, if it's a 70s smog car it's worth exactly dick

does the car look more like this

i39.photobucket.com/albums/e197/Pzary3233/1968 Firebird/FirebirdSignature.jpg

or like this?:


My Grandfather has Everything i need to remove the engine??? Including a lift for the engine. it look more like the second picture

Balls, that means it's a 70s car

if it's a 1970 model it's still worth something

if it's a 73+ it's pretty much worthless, sell the car and engine on craigslist

it's not really going to be worth your time to sell it other than to get rid of it, just list it and someone will come take it off you, why do you want to pull the engine so bad ?

>worth anything

Tell your grandfather to go back in time and buy a 68 firebird instead of a 74 and you will be all set

WTF is happening itt?

OP, that's a late model small block chevy that has center-bolt heads and throttle body injection and it's in a Third Gen Camaro/Firebird. Given the above there's every chance it's a 305 and therefore just about worthless. Throw the whole car out there as-is for-parts at $300 and take the first cash offer from whoever actually shows up and be happy it's out of your hair. Otherwise you're going to be the one to have to figure out how to get rid of the fucking thing.

I'll give you about $3.50.

>That is a 67-69 Pontiac iron block 400
you have no idea what you are fucking talking about.

that's clearly a 90s 305 or 350 SBC
the center bolt valve covers and aluminum master brake cylinder are a dead give away.

user, I think everyone was fucking with him you know.

or Veeky Forums is just retarded.

That too but I'm hoping they were fucking with him.

Too much plastic for a first gen, it's a late 70s or 80s EPA car

pay someone to tow it off your land

>at least it has headers

so it's got that going for it....

headers on a 305 is like a 8 horsepower gain.

only way 2 get a 305 to make good power is flat top pistons, a good quench, aftermarket heads and a decent camshaft.

so basically a new engine

It's kind of a weird setup, the 80s cars had shit tons of tubing running everywhere under the hood, I also don't see a air conditioning. I am guessing one of those accessories is power steering and the other is a smog pump that's not hooked up?

not much going on under that hood though

It's a Third Gen that's been fubared. You can see the crappy block off plate for the HVAC box that's been welded in on the right side of the engine compartment at the firewall. That large pulley on the right front of the engine is an a/c compressor bypass pulley. The P/S pulley can be seen below the alternator.

The car's been in the hands of some mullet-headed redneck and is now even more worthless than a normal Third Gen. Hell, it's probably sitting on blocks in the yard between the double-wide and the above ground pool full of leaves too.

>a/c compressor bypass pulley

forgive me but why would this be needed, why not just use a shorter belt?

You need a pulley on that side if you're going to use a serpentine belt. No other reason.

Though I'm surprised they didn't use v-belts and fucking camel humps, double-pumper, four bolt maaain, blah, blah, more redneck chevy shtick, barf.

Pulling the a/c out of your 305 190hp muscle car (assuming to save weight and power loss) is a pretty desperate move

>it's slow AND sucks as transportation

its a 3rd gen f body 305, absolutely worthless motor. pull the bolt ons and scrap the rest, or if it runs beat the hell outa it

How the fuck does the pilot see where he's going?

Instrument Flight Rules


>Russian military jet
>posts us flight law

it's more a method for flying than a law

it's called IFR flight and it's an aviation thing not a US law thing

it's a method for flying with 0 visibility

That's a gunner's/bomber's/XO's seat. The pilot's seat is ahead of it.

Yeah, that was what I was thinking too. That engine has been fucked with - and who knows what's wrong with it.

Early turd gen
Guessing 83
edelbrock carb

Might have been rebuilt at least once but who knows

>edelbrock carb
Nope. That's a throttle body. You can tell by the TPS on the side and the IACV right behind it

no, it's not Pontiac engines are gargantuan.