Stancing is quite possibly one of the worst things a person can do to a car

Stancing is quite possibly one of the worst things a person can do to a car.

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ur just a h8er

>Spoiler, on a hatchback

I'm more mad about that. The stance is obviously gay, but holy shit, this is why hatchbacks suck ass. The only proper way to make one is to make it look like a sedan, or like a 90s Honda and embrace e the no spoiler life.

>Hatchbacks suck ass because some idiots put spoilers on them
Great logic right there, mate.


Why on earth would you spend all this money making a fucking Polo even uglier than it already was?

thats a lupo, and they are a cute!

that's a lupo shitlord

Downforce is always good, bro, unless you need to reduce drag and go really fast indeed. Though there's no front aero to compensate on this car, and it's very obviously decorative anyway, so your point still stands.

yeah only idiots would do that

>Spoinler on a hatchback are stupid
The WRC would like a word with you

What's the point of stancing anyway?

It doesn't even look remotely good.

>implying the car OP posted has anything in common with a WRC car

people who dont have shit taste like it

it also pisses off and confuses normies which is hilarious

>neighborhood stancefag rips the bumper off of his second car in a row

>stancefag thinks everyone else has shit taste
You're like an actual 12 year old

His argument was that spoilers on hatchbacks were stupid. There you have many exmples of them not being stupid.

Logic like that is what makes it hard to argue with stancefags

cool defense bro

your just another phil/o/stine

Can you even drive that fucking thing anymore?

There are many arguments against stancefags, but generalizing retarded shit isn't one.

Spoilers on a FWD hatchback are stupid. They have no purpose at all.

says the guy with no experience regurgitating bullshit he sees

Are you going to go against engineers?

It isn't?


You are fucking retarded, wings and spoilers work the same on both FWD and RWD


call it by its proper name

if it wasn't seen on racecars first, posers wouldn't think it looked cool and they wouldn't take it to dysfunctional, pointless extremes.


the camber came from people slamming cars back in the day well before racecars were doing it

Sure, sure.

Just useless weight, right?
Only retards use them, no place for them on a race car.

The thing is, the race cars do it for a purpose, to take turns faster, the stance morons takes it to the extreme where they gimp the cars for some stupid looks.

Just like giant steel wings, heavy body kits, and an extra 50+lbs in speakers and extra alternators to power all that underglow rice and booming hip hop.

Most civilian car manufacturers have a slight amount of camber usually between 0.1 and 0.5 degrees. This is to help with taking fast corners, uses the tires more efficiently and puts less wear on them. You can find this pretty evident on minicoopers.


yeah before that in the 40s at least

cherry picked example anyway

More recent corollas (04 onwards) have visible negative camper on the rear tires. Factory stance, bro.

A camper is always a negative

bon't mage fun of my dyslegias :DDDDD


Thats not FWD

It really doesn't matter. A spoiler or wing does the same thing regardless of your drive train and doesn't benefit either of them better over another

Yes because adding more force to the wheels that dont drive the car makes it handle better automatically. Quit comparing race spec cars to the rice rockets you see at the local store.

>lowering your car in the 1940s where 50% of the roads were dirt roads

You are fucking retarded.



this car describes perfectly why manufacturers dont build decent cars anymore. the youth doesnt deserves good cars.

>not having a slammed model t to pick up all the bad bitches at the speakeasy

It does matter if you going to post a rebuttal, choose a proper example. If I say fwd car you cant reply with a awd car.
And a rally spec race car Is not a 90 hp civic with a whale tail on it.

it's actually because decent cars are still in supply on the used market and people who want decent cars don't give a fuck about having 20 side air bags and probably want their car to be MORE dangerous to pedestrians

oh Im sorry

didnt know LA was some bumbfuck hick town

they made a law against them in the late 40s because they were scraping everywhere and fucking up roads kek

LA was the birthplace of car culture bruh

then who fucking cares

You cant agrue that. Thats why you resort to swearing. Its ok, I know im right. Now get back in your .7 ltr eurobox with a 200 pound rear spoiler on it and let the adults talk

>muh street cars
Then don't generalize.
Most of the wings on street cars are stupid because most of them are not going to reach speeds where the wing makes any difference

Race spec cars. Not street legal, whats to see. I cant post track only cars all day to.

Race spec?

That's just a humble Civic with a few simple mods.

Thats the point. You cant post up a wrc rally car as a cross agruement when the original post was talking about a vw polo.

You are incorrect

spoilers spoil the air to reduce drag and lift, why wouldn't that work on a FWD?

The original argument said that wings on hatchbacks were stupid, stop trying to move the goalposts now.

It genuinely doesn't matter, spoilers and wings do the same shit regardless of your drive train. Where do you magically think that a FWD car doesn't benefit from a wing or spoiler?

The reason it wont work is simple. The car with the spoiler must first be traveling at a high enough rate of speed for the spoiler to work. Most standard spoilers on most stock cars wont provide any down force, because the car wont be traveling fast enough.

>muh standard cars
That argument works for FWD, RWD, AWD, MR and RR cars.

They are. They serve no purpose. You wont be driving that fast. So they don't work.
On a average car it doesn't add any downforce, so no it doesnt do anything.

>the car with the spoiler
cars with spoilers do work at lower high-way speeds compared to racing speeds. By spoiling the air you reduce drag and lift which would cause you to get less gas mileage, etc. There was an issue if I remember right the Audi TT roadster or something used to come without a spoiler but was highly unstable at highway speeds of 60mph which caused a lot of accidents because the lift was so bad.

Sure, wings don't do much at 60mph but to say they don't work on FWD cars is retarded. That new BRZ coming with a wing? that wing also doesn't do fuck all because you'll probably not get enough speed anyway. Its a cosmetic gimmick at that point

I know, I never said any of them did.

No the original argument was "spoilers and wings are dumb on FWD" which doesn't make any sense and its a retarded myth because they don't understand physics.

>Hatchbacks never get in races
Here we go again.

daily reminder to stay butthurt senpai

Back to bringing up race cars again. The cycle reverts to its starting point.

Spoilers do work on civilian cars at highway speeds you retard.

Wings don't do shit for either RWD or FWD if you never get to the speeds to use them. Spoilers and wings don't magically benefit RWD better than FWD

good thing stance goes beyond hellaflush and has already outlived just about every auto trend tho


Veeky Forumstist posts picture of a research vehicle as a "race car" in defense of stance

You're the one who went to the original starting point anyway

>Wings and spoilers only work on RWD cars

I respect anyone who has this amount of passion even if it gives me aids

Nobody complains when women wear jewelry and makeup,
stance is an equivalent for men,
so why not let them have it?
Hate less.

i agree, but the sperglords that start these threads think hellaflush & oni camber = stance

because 9/10 times someone says stance they refer to hellaflush anyway

bombs are where it started back in the 40s and 50s

48 Chevy's have to be some of the best looking cars of their era.

yeah they have a beautiful shape

That doesn't really answer his question.

but the answer is obvious

"because you can"

that car was made to be ridiculous not look good

>"because you can"

Do whatever you want. Just not in front of me at a speed bump or ramp.

>hey guys look at all these race spec race cars that are engineered and designed for racing
>totally proves a spoiler works on a shitty commuter car

This board. Holy shit.

It's sad that, aside from certain groups they're overlooked compared to their contemporaries at least they seem so to me outside of the lowriding community.

>Spoilers in hatchbacks are stupid
Here some hatchbacks with spoilers and wings that aren't stupid
>But muh commuter cars
So you're saying that hatchbacks do not race?

>Spoilers on fwd cars is stupid
They look cool though

But they aren't

yeah those 5 seconds of your time are so valuable

those are functional too

shit was tested in a wind tunnel

they are beneficial on the track

They look cool though.

That's really what people care about when it comes to cars
>Does it look cool?

Spoilers do work on commuter cars you fucking retard. Spoilers spoil the air and reduces drag because of it

less drag = better mpg

It's functional and looks cool. I'm still unsure of what exactly you're mad about.

looks are probably among the most important things to most people

no one wants to drive some shit they think is ugly

A spoiler can reduce drag, but a wing, generally speaking, does not.

A wing won't do much for a civilian car that never gets above 75mph

>when even your number plate has 45 degrees of negative camber

Holy shit kill me already.

Obviously spoilers work on hatchbacks.
>only wheel that stayed in contact with the road is under the spoiler...

That isn't stance, faggot