What does Veeky Forums think about the infiniti g37?

>reasonably priced
>rwd or awd
>up to 348bhp
>decent daily

Veeky Forums hates all things Infiniti

Good cars.

I've had both a sedan and coupe, love them.

Few words of advise:
Grab S trim at all costs
>Akebono BBK
>better exhaust
>Better wheels
>Better creature comforts like adjustable seat bolstering

>Not very good mpg
>Coupe has larger Aftermarket for goodies because it shares 90% of parts with 370Z

Common issues :
>Throttle bodies get gummed up and cause idle issues. 30minutes and throttle body cleaner clears it up.
>Slave cylinder on 6MTs are a bit of an issue, doesn't cause problems, you just can't really slam shift it. Can be easily remedied by an Aftermarket kit.
>7ATs before 2011 start out a little retarded and hunt for gears a bit. A TSB for a reprogram makes it much smoother. A tune will also fix it.

Other than that, pretty reliable. They don't ask for much more than maintenance and gas.

Veeky Forums just hates them because they know nothing about them.
>inb4 "huuuuurrrr Nissan, burns oil Lololol"

Had a g35 coupe for many years. Interior is...weird, but totally Nissan. I really liked the car in general.

The one thing that got to me was the exhaust...that Nissan drone. I got really tired of it after a while.

The transmission finally took a crap - previous owner had abused the car (boy racer shit...) so it finally gave out.

I'd have another one, if the exhaust weren't so annoying...

Apply motorcyclist logic:

Pigfat and too fast for you. Buy a miata instead.

G37 is a YUGE improvement on the G35

It is a damn rebadged nissan shit

I just bought a G37X coupe. Have put 3k miles on it and it's a fun car for sure no STI or anything. Interiors super comfy. Seats are nice features are nice. I've got full navi packages and sunroof. Sometimes I wish I had the MT but the 7AT is fine. I live in a major city but drive to country roads and highway miles a lot and get about 18mpg. Any questions?

Kinda reminds me of a less expensive GTR

Yeah, it's much better all around, but that dash still weirds me out...that hump, and the deepset screen and dial on the top....


Just give me a flat dash with some damn buttons.

It has 3k total or you just put 3k more on it? How much $?

Lexus= rebadged Toyota

Acura = rebadged Honda

Audi (and some Porsche models...) = rebadged VW

If you don't want a rebadge, fine...buy a pure brand, or sit back and accept that most car makers platform their cars across multiple brands.

That blue is one of the best colors on that car...

Has 80K sorry, bought at 77K. I paid 12,500 plus 2000 for a 4 year 44K warranty. Other than that perfect. People bitch about the sound system I think it sounds find with the stock boss system but can't get my phone to Bluetooth audio connect. There's a USB port in the center console that always works and Bluetooth calling works fine.

My shit cycle that I despise.

Thanks. This is the worst part about buying a car - choosing which ones to look at. What year? Have fun.

The GTR prototype looked like a G35.


>Veeky Forums is one person

The exhaust is why so many people buy the vq35/37 lineup
Did you have aftermarket or a resonator delete?
I guess some exhausts aren't for everyone so just curious

It was straight stock.

I guess it just didn't appeal to me. Seemed kinda "one note" from inside the car.

I actually kinda prefer a car that doesn't make that much noise, or a car that sounds like an AMG GT. No inbetween...LoL

It's a 2010.
Between these I looked at the focus ST and Fiesta ST and an FR-S. They are all fun cars but the interior and features of the G just beat them all. Also AWD is a nice luxury since I live in New England and don't really have snow driving expieremce being from Atlanta.

Shoot for 2010+ G37S

They did a face lift that looks better on both the Sedan and Coupe. Also slightly better guage cluster.