What the fuck is the logic behind tailgating someone? Like what do tailgaters expect to happen...

What the fuck is the logic behind tailgating someone? Like what do tailgaters expect to happen? Some twinkle toes in a lifted pickup tailgated me for a good 15 mins on route 18

It's a signal for "please move out of the way, i do not want to waste any more of my finite life on this godforsaken line of pavement and would like to go faster than the speed the US government has approved as the safe maximum for basketball americans who learned to drive from their parents"

for you to get anxious and move over

and brake checking is the universal signal for "i am an eternal child and scream "NO" when people ask me to share".

No. It's just about power

Mostly about making you anxious. If you actually move over their fun ends though they do get a little satisfaction out of having bothered you enough to move over.


It's about wanting to go 5-10mph faster and being stuck behind a pickup truck in the left lane who doesn't understand why anyone would use their left blinker there.

>why caint yew just go the speed limit son leave earlier the laws the law
>unmarked cop car passes him on the right

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your wrong

i wanna go fast
and if you are in front of me with a lane to fuck off into
i WILL tailgate your shitbox while honking and blasting nigger rap

>move over
>they get in front of you and brake check you


I just brake check gradually up to a halt then run a red light when possible

>get brake checked
>literally do not even react until cars touch
>show insurance rep dashcam of illegal maneuver
>literally profit and they lose their license for a while

Which doesn't explain tailgating on multi-lane roads when other lanes are open or in other passing zones. And don't say that doesn't happen because it does all the time. All they want to do is fuck with other people and make themselves feel powerful when they get their way.

yeah if you drive a shitbox

why dont i have the courage to just fucking kill myself

i do not wish to live


>route 18


>Spend a fucking week with the car in the shop just out of spite.

I respect it, but I won't do it

I actually only mostly brake check buses , it's fucking hilarious to see them flipping you offand the rest of the passengers just kinda stare blankly


That you put your fucking foot down and pick up the pace to a reasonable speed, grandma.

I challenge tailgaters to hektik t00j battles. I heel-and-toe shift like Dagumi and make hektik skiddz around the turns, where I usually lose them.

>implying tailgating makes people speed up and not slow down

it can go many ways really. i've seen or had people respond to tailgating by speeding up, getting out of the way, brake checking or coasting to slow down. you cant really generalize what will happen

>What the fuck is the logic behind tailgating someone?

99% of the time, these tailgating idiots dont know they're tailgating you. When it happens to me i move over to the other lane then I tailgate the tailgater and see his or her eyes in their rearview mirror giving me that 'wtf his this asshole's problem' look.

>99% of the time, these tailgating idiots dont know they're tailgating you.
This, it's mostly the kind of people who completely space out when driving and unconsciously keep a certain distance from the car in front at all times.

>What the fuck is the logic behind tailgating someone
That you'll move over so I can pass you

This is true. Some people just follow the car in front of them super closely for no damn reason. It is annoying as all hell, even more so because I'm in a no-fault state, so if they hit me I will be shit out of luck with my liability insurance.

So just pass? Why would they need to move over?

Because usually there's other cars to the right. America has no lane discipline

But people also tailgate in civilised countries like Germany. Happened to me, he had all day to overtake, but chose to tailgate my shitbox with his fat SUV.

Because he wanted you to move over.

That being said if I have the opportunity to pass I take it

stop blocking the left lane you stupid fucking mong