$18K Budget - Wat Do

Can buy a car up to around 17.5k to 18k, want newer than or around 2011 and want 2 doors.

Want to as fast as the dollar can go but cant get anything with the V8 because the insurance meme where I live is too damn high.

>No V8
>Fast or has gud aftermarket
>Dont want a GayRZ or 86GayT


>c350 - c250 coupe
>2016 Camaro V6
>Mustang Ecoboost
>genesis coupe

Pic related is top of my last rn. Yea they are dropping under 19k.

Driven the 370z (felt slower than I thought also didnt like cramped interior)

Ecoboost Stang ( Had great low and mid range power and liked the interior, also has good aftermarket)

2016 Camaro V6 (Vis is livable, interior was nice and the exhaust note was beautiful. Felt like the fastest of the 4)

335i (Car felt slow without giving it over half throttle, interior was very bland, engine and exhaust note were non existent unless you punched it, 11 year old chassis)

Wat do?

Shop around for insurance, the difference between the 6 and 8 in a $18k car should not be that much

Sounds like you want the Camaro, user.

>visibility was liveable

Honestly not my impression of sitting in one, but if you can deal with it, you've overcome the only major problem it has (besides arguably the styling)

Don't get the Mustang, only because it's Veeky Forums's favorite car

Personally i wouldn't get the ecoboost, preferably the v6

The S550 V6 is a lil slower and doesn't take mods so easily but they are cheap.

Wat does o think about the 228i?

0-60 5.0 Secs
4cyl Turbo is easily tuneable
Looks good
13.6 1/4

Feel like this is the last BMW that isnt pigfat and goes back to e46 roots.

>wants to finance 18k
>cant afford a small difference in insurance
just get a civic for 3k. you can't afford anything else.

It's like $100/mo more for a V8 anything because of my Age and location.

Pointless waste of money to be .5 sec faster to 60. Full coverage, I mean I can get an old ass V8 cash like a 2002 corvette or an SN 95 4.6 and get bullshit insurance for peanuts but nah those old V8's are not even that much faster than modern 6's

Your finances need to be in better shape before you finance such an "important" purchase

Save another 10 buy NSX on Craigslist

>wants to go fast
>Avoiding the V8

Ebin thread OP

This. If $100 extra a month is breaking the bank then you need to get you're money right before you go spending it.

The current V6 Camaro can make 350hp/300lb-ft with a couple cheap bolt-ons and weighs under 3500lbs. Aside from the Terminator, that's faster than any 4th gen Mustang/Camaro (which are still considered fast) while being better built and handling ten times nicer.

But we ain't talking about new shit. OP is poor.

>this dumb nigger is unironically defending veesix """"""""muscle"""""""" cars

daily reminder pic related is the only muscle car with less than 8 cylinders that's acceptable
>try to prove me wrong

>tfw you own one

There are plenty of '16 V6 Maros in my budget. They are well under 20k

open diff

There is only one option.

Who cares desu, not like im going to constantly be doing burnouts or drifting. This is my daily not a race car, diffs and silly stuff like that dont concern me.

>buying a sports car
>not doing sporty shit with it

go buy a fucking corolla.

Buying a 1 year old car already depreciated over 20% isn't the brightest thing to do. Become more financially stable and buy a V8

I own one of your contenders and would buy it again over all of them.

Cant get over how retarded the front looks and silly the proportions are. Otherwise great car.

>Wants a sports car
>Doesn't want V8
>Doesn't care about doing sporty stuff

What kind of dumbass do you take us for?

>"Don't want that 'spensive insurance"
>2 door

You are either dumb or young. Both of which you shouldn't be buying a car.