What kind of mods would I have to make to my Corolla to tow a boat?

What kind of mods would I have to make to my Corolla to tow a boat?

How big of a boat?

>boat size
>is the boat on a trailer?


Get another car ready so that when your transmission dies you can still get to work. Also, brakes so that you can at least stop in time to not die when something inevitably goes wrong. Also, invite your mother to sit with you to weigh the car down. A light car pulling a heavy boat will be pushed around by the wind WAY more than you might anticipate.

Alright OP, easy as cake. Here's what you do.

>sell corolla
>buy truck or suv or van or etc.

You can even skip step 1 if you're not a broke as fuck poorfag.

multiple slave units


Buy something that isn't shorter than what you are trying to haul.

Are we talking Canoe, Johnboat, speed boat, what?

single axle unbraked trailer, under one ton, nose heavy? all you need's a tow hitch.

BUT you won't be able to go 'normal' freeway speeds without sending your trans and brakes into meltdown, and you won't have enough traction for slipway launches.

You see that type of vehicle right behind that Corolla? Just sayin...

>What kind of mods would I have to make to my Corolla to tow a boat?
You don't have the braking power! You can't just tow something. You must also be robust enough to STOP it. And you will have to slow way down for any turn or curve in the road. That's because your car is very light weight on the rear end. The weight of the boat will pull or push your rear end sideways and probably cause you to go out of control on a curve or when you stop. Are you familiar with a pit maneuver? Basically, on a curve, the boat is doing a slight pit maneuver on you. If your rear tires lose traction, then the pit maneuver is successful....

If you tow a boat with that corolla, the cops will pull you over.

And there is one other thing, if someone like Alphonse is driving in front of you, he'll do a brake check on you. You'll panic stop and the boat will break free of the hitch and ram your car. The tongue will then dig into the road and flip the boat to one side. If that side has another lane of traffic, you may cause a multi-car accident pile up. Do you have enough insurance to cover 4 cars plus your boat? Remember that you'll also have to pay highway cleanup fees (in my state) for something as large as a boat creating a debris field.

If your insurance coverage is small, you might get tapped out if 2 of those cars damaged are something expensive like a Tesla unibody.

>implying implifications
It's a matter of weight, not size, unless you live in Wyoming with permanent shoulder winds. And if you live in Wyoming I don't expect you to own a boat.

>You don't have the braking power!
That's why trailers usually come with their own brakes, Einstein.

>That's because your car is very light weight on the rear end.
Only if your trailer is incorrectly loaded. Normally a trailer will put more weight on your rear, not less.

LMFAO what retard seriously things this is a good idea?

Swap in a 392 hemi.

I bet that rig doesn't weigh 2000 lbs. Well within the limits of the vehicle.

I tow my 16' sailboat on the bumper of my Pinto power Ranger. I bet it weighs 800-1000lbs. No issues.

If it's in the 1000 lb range OP can slap on a bumper hitch, and a transmission cooler would probably be a good idea, and go for it.

If the boat/trailer combo is closer to 2000, then there's a problem.

What the fuck is that boat and trailer made of? Paper Mache? In NA our boats are over 3000lbs which is too much for a Corolla to safely tow.

I used my shitbox to tow my dads truck about 4 metres uphill when the transmission got fucked.
Afterwards the clutch engaged like 3cm later than it did before

That's not the biggest issue I see. Because the car can't handle the weight the wheels are placed near the middle of the trailer. This lack of tongue weight and precarious balancing of the boat means that it's much more likely to be unstable. American trailers and towing capacities are based on the vehicle supporting more of the weight of the trailer increasing stability if the trailer gets disturbed. That rig is an accident waiting to happen. I don't have the gif on me, but maybe another user has it, it's a demonstration using models and movable weights which shows exactly what I'm talking about.

Sure thing einstein.

You see the boat tipping towards the front of the car? You see the car tipping towards the front of the boat? It's CLEARLY too heavy/unstable for the setup they have.

By the way, the boat in the photo is a 30 foot boat, and you're right, it only weights about 250 pounds. That really only makes it easier to tip the whole right over when a 5mph gust of wind hits.

That config is how you learn to load trailers in europe. It works perfectly fine if you are not a complete retard who's either too incompetent to secure your load or totally need to travel way above the speed-limit (80 or 100km/h, depending on brakes, suspension and damping systems your trailer has).
You need a licence for trailers that size here to weed out those problems.
There's supposed to be something like 75kg or so on the hitch for stability as well.

It looks rather like the tipping is caused by the hitch on the car being generally a bit low for that trailer to remain straight. The car isn't going down much, and with the boat being that light and centred over the axle forces are bound to be limited. That may be deliberately even, to avoid the mast getting to high. Would be a shame if it hit a sign, tree or bridge.