Going to a Toyota dealership this week, going with a family auto shop owner...

Going to a Toyota dealership this week, going with a family auto shop owner. I am looking at a Toyota corolla used 2014 70k miles is this a good price for a 3 year old car for $18,000? I am new to cars and don't know much.

That's like $3-5k too much. Might as well buy a 2017 for that much.

Not with that many miles. Fucking toyota tax hard. You can get a kia or hyundai new for less than that and still have a warranty and not have to drive a CVT bland box

Thanks for your opinion, what would you suggest as a good vehicle? I own a Honda accord 07 but for some reason the vehicle shakes when I drive above 25 mph. I've taken it to a mechanic and they say no things wrong with it.

that's way too much for a '14, and with that many miles.

Is a Hyundai accent good?


Last car I bought with that many miles I paid like 3k.

Okay scratch that then. I'm going to go check out Hyundai and totyota. How do you guage milage to price?

Good enough for a commuter car. Long warranty, no turbo or cvt dct trans to fuck with if you go automatic

Probly tire problem brah

>Probly tire problem brah
Yeah I'm getting it checked out next week. It's been like that for a couple weeks.

Hyundai's warranty is a meme it is a standard 3 year/36k mile warranty with a 10 year/100k engine warranty that only covers parts that are internally lubricated

Nigga what? I've rented multiple Accents before, and they all had CVTs

In a Hyundai, the cooling system is not part of the engine.

kek OP the Corolla is a good choice but jesus those miles and for that price? nah look for a better deal, I got a CPO (probably a rental or some shit but it was super clean and well maintained) '15 Corolla S Plus with 33k miles for about 17k a few months ago

I'd stay away from dealerships if you can OP.

Fuck no. Buy private and save yourself $5k

Tires, hubs, bearings or brakes

OP you should be getting that Corolla for closer to 10, maybe 11 or 12 after fees and taxes and shit

I've decided to hold off on buying a brand new car, I've moved to looking for a used car until I have the cash to pay for a better car. What are your opinions on a reliable car?

Where should I look other than Craigslist and dealerships

Just get a civic for 3k. Why would spend that much money on an econobox?

Dealerships will never get you a "deal". Even if you manage you get a good price, the tax and registration plus the dealers document fees, will easily add 4k to 5k.

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How's this

Fuck no. In 2015 I payed $16k for a 2014 Corolla with 14k miles.

Its an 01 so it has the shittier mac suspension setup compared to the 2000 and earlier double wishbone.

That being said, if you're just looking for a boring shit box to DD, it'll do just fine.

I didn't list the miles my bad, it's around 156 k