1 month till the model 3 begins production and delivery

1 month till the model 3 begins production and delivery.

This kills the ICE

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There is literally nothing wrong with this interior
Literally not a single thing

I like, I did the > by accident

Hows long is it until the average $30k electric shitbox can outpace a 911 turbo s?

5 years at most
ICEs literally won't recover


Model 3 test drive

The Bolt is already out, does everything the model 3 promises.

What a shitty ass screen. At least make it OLED for God's sake.

can't compete

>There is literally nothing wrong with watching other men fuck my wife

>Ugly as fuck

>0-60 is everything
Teslas cannot run at a spirited pace for more than a few minutes. This is what dooms them as competition for ICE performance cars.

Anyone else hoping for a 2 door version?

I think it would be great if they extended the front doors, took out the b pillar(and strengthen roof) and make it so the rear windows could sitill go down?

Just as practical/spacious as the normal 4 door version apart from being harder to get apssengers in

cool projection

Telsas are gay and only appeal to people who are not car enthusiasts.

I call it how I see it. That is undoubetdly the most bland and uninspired interior I have ever seen. If you want Tesla to succeed then you must criticize the weak points or they will never be improved upon.

there is literally not a single flaw with that interior though

It's full of flaws. A shitty giant LCD eye cancer screen that doesn't turn off for starters.

I really like it desu apart from no drivers speedo.

Auto interiors are not made to look at, they facilitate the operation of the vehicle by the driver

this is a fair point. they should have at least have had sony make the lcd screen.

one simple touchscreen > massive amounts of ugly buttons everywhere
sperg more

>It took Tesla for major manufactures to get the EV shit together

Compressing every operation into a zero tactile touch screen situated in the center is neither functional or aesthetic.

>I don't like how it looks in pictures, that means it's not ergonomic or easy to use
Try driving the car, it's pointless to form an opinion otherwise

>It took government handouts to get the EV shit together

Fixed it for you. Without a bailout and continued tax rebates. Tesla wouldn't be around.

Then why are you giving an opinion?

What opinion might that be?

lcd is shit tho dumbass. only sony makes good lcds

That looks exactly like my Chrysler 200 other than the grill. Just saying.


daily reminder 99% of people never track their "performance cars" and don't care about lap times

That a LCD touchscreen might be remotely acceptable

I was skeptical til I used one. Maybe you should try one out instead of being upset by pictures on the internet.

ignoring the car aspect of the interior for a sec, one thing that is true is that solid state hardware is more reliable than actual switches and such. having one screen and a computer is much more robust than a computer, a billion physical knobs, dials, and buttons, and their relevant led lights and wiring

really though, it just saves money. For instance, there won't be an actual "roof" - you can either get a glass roof, or a metal sheet where the glass roof would be.


they say the've put a lottt of effort into stuff like cupholder location. every car company says that, but I think the 3 will be interesting in that regard (ergos and such)

What happens when it breaks? or cracks? or gets scratched?

saging the daily shitnigger thread

the dealership replaces the screen, obviously
ICE cucks this stupid

if it breaks you replace it. I've never heard of a tesla S/X center console screen cracking or breaking though. I know a guy with a 2012 S he doesn't baby at all- he keeps two dogs in the back all the time - and it was just a bit smudged. I see it along the same lines of "what if the steering wheel falls off"; yeah it might happen, but it probably won't

The build quality is going to be awful at that price point. Just look at the Model S and X to see what Tesla charges you for 6 figures

Problem is there's no instrument cluster, you have to look down and to the right to see any information

It's also supremely practical versus the Model 3's shitty little cubby hole of a trunk

No noise no fun



>supply can't meet demand
Shaking in my boots desu senpai.

I'll see you in another year, once they've fixed all the things that will be breaking on yours. If Tesla's still around as a going concern, that is...

yeah another self automated piece of shit for people who don't like driving.

I think it's great. However, apparently it might be illegal in Australia since they require the speedometer to be in front of the driver heheheh

I hope Trump takes away the $7500 credit so nobody buys this shitty car.

you can display the speed in the corner closest to the driver
not that you'd need to, AutoPilot is standard equipment on the Model 3

But I have?

>has to get to dealership to replace screen that controls everything
>can't drive car to dealership because screen that controls everything is broke
>has to pay for a tow or have insurance cover it since chances are the warranty won't
Compared to:
>oh look, my knob for AC control is broken
>buys replacement knob for $0.67
>replace it in 5 minutes from the comfort of my driveway

>being so poor you have to repair your car yourself

Once a certain amount of them gets sold the tax credit gets taken away.

>being so retarded you pay illegals to do work you can do at home

The hardware is standard

some states have state credit as well. Here in MA it's a thousand bucks

doesn't help when you pay less than 1k in taxes though...

O ya...ipad kills the desktop...
Mass transit kills the car...
Horseless carage kills the planet...

>buying a car you have to pay firmware updates for
>normies are loving this
>that interior

>horseless carage
What did he mean by this??

Literally have to pay for DLC. The hardware for the autopilot is on the car, but you have to pay for the software. They might even all come with the same battery but have to pay more to use more of it.

will it have a manual option?

>will it have an obsolete technology option
>in the actual car of the future

It's a one speed
>Loses torque after 50

>highest speed limit in the entire country is 85 on one single stretch of highway in the middle of nowhere
0-60mph is all that matters for a commuter

Then why would you get a car that loses 0-60 performance as the battery drains?

>0-60mph is all that matters for a commuter


You retards say this in every thread, and in every thread you get called a retard because this literally does not happen.

Post a goddamn source.

>spoon feed me mommy!

>being absolutely dependent on a dealership for any maintenance
Have fun at the Apple Store, er, I mean Tesla dealership.

Ls1 here I couldn't care less

Sounds great but

>unreliable autopilot with shaky reassurances about autopilot "2.0" by CEO Elon Musk
>expensive to maintain due to cost and availability of parts

Seems fun for a while but I don't see it being the ICE breaker yet.

The ICE breaker was the Chevy Bolt

but because it's not a tesla and not a "cool start up company with a hip young demographic" no one wants them despite that they're more practical and more affordable

expensive to maintain? what?

oh yeah, just gotta swap out that self contained brushless motor lubrication every three charges...

the one thing that is kinda doshy are the official tesla car checkups. Other than that it's pretty cheap to run with electricity prices and all

What sort of transmission is it? CVT? Would be nice to know if they used something stronger than a torque converter.

the bolt is fugly and poorly designed. Hard plastic interior? "stick" shifter? Crap fast charging capability? No thanks. Would rather get a used leaf and swap the battery when the replacements come out

Quiet, Musk.

>At least one national insurer, AAA, is raising rates on Tesla vehicles based on data showing that the Model S and Model X had abnormally high claim frequencies and high costs of insurance claims compared with other cars in the same classes.

Elon said he would start a tesla insurance thing if other insurance companies started gouging tesla owners.

Talk about a closed ecosystem, wew. I could se it working out for them - other car companies might do the same some day.

well if autopilot really makes it nearly impossible to have accidents and the fact they make all the replacement parts themselves, it's basically free money

My problem with touch screens in cars is that I can no longer blindly feel around on my dash to find a button by touch. I have to look at it.

what does trump think of tesla?

there's a hud on the windshield right guys?

yeah, plus they would have literally perfect data regarding the number and type of accidents, since every tesla has sensors up the wazoo.

thus the insurance cost could be as low as possible while still paying out what needs paying

AP2 is almost there... youtu.be/Qp7DDfBfXvk?t=2m18s
but still some kinks to be worked out. They're probably going to follow through on the promise of a trans-country AP only demo this year

where's the air con vents?

I'm sure they call it something silly like panoramic or HD air or some shit but the gap between the white and black on the dash has air vents

rumor is the steering wheel will have a weird buttons-screen-cusotmizable thing built into it. So everything you want to be at your fingertips will be at yer fingertips.


people who got to ride in the prototype at the reveal said that the ac was like no other ac they've seen in a car.

although. it's usually better to just drive with the windows down in an EV. AC eats up battery. I don't mind that much... after all you won't be smelling gasoline emissions lol

I've seen a few of the test vehicles tooling around the southern part of SF where I live/work. I think they run them down here b/c the roads here are beyond shit and they want to see if the car will rattle apart. They're pretty small, smaller than pics would lead you to believe.

So there is no instrument cluster? That sucks.

there is a cluster. it's on the screen.

I didn't think of it this way. They might as well cut out the middleman. Is there any value AAA and other insurance agencies provide that Tesla would not?

AAA offers travel discounts and towing services but then again Tesls really hasn't stated much in terms of what their insurance would cover or other services that would be bundled with it

Destroy that car Now! Electrical sh*t is no good for racing.

>homo promo

>Sounds like my washing machine on a normal cycle..

>electric race cars are stupid shit no soung and no gears and they are heave

>Fast Vacuumcleaner. ... horribly boring :(

>YAY!? Without any engine sound what is the point? Good for you, you drove a life size RC toy around a track...

>It's heartbreaking to see an electric battery powered car set a record on the worlds greatest track. It's even more heartbreaking to see that people actually like the look and also the sound of these things.

>How can a slightly modified Prius win against the Porsche 918..

>Only mechanical engine + petrol, that electric toy sounds like my shaving machine... the beauty of motorsport, is in the engine sound,

>don't Like no sound...

>This cannot be true, petrol cars are faster

>But it sounds shit. Its a fact

>Chinese car with ripped off European technology typical Chinese .


>Electric is gay

>sound like a fuckin toy machine

>I'll never buy an electric car. sounds retarded

>what a joke it has a vaccuum cleaner sound worst game ever !

>Sounds like me taking a piss... . I hate electric cars...

>so fucking boring with this TOY sound. i wouldnt drive a electric car even if im paid 1M for it.

hello youtube comment section

speaking of towing... youtube.com/watch?v=M0ANR-leiB8

Russian dudes getting towed, but using regen breaking the whole way. hah. free charging!

Might be the next prius

FUCK state that need front plates. seriously. the 3's with front plates look horrible. this looks nice

This isn't even about tracking and lap times. If you drive hard on the highway then the Tesla will go into limp mode.